How to win in Basketball betting: 10 Strategies by W88malayu

10 Proven how to win in Basketball betting tips from W88malayu you must follow for correct predictions. Increase your win rate by 96% & earn up to RM2,500 daily.

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Since sports betting is becoming more and more  trendy lately, you will notice that many people are placing  high stakes on sports like Basketball matches on online betting sites like W88 and but only a small proportion of people end up winning higher payouts. If you want to be a part of this small proportion, then following what pros do is a must when it comes to basketball betting and to know how to win in Basketball betting, here are 10 expert tips from W88malayu that will help you win with accuracy.


1. Watch Basketball matches to enhance predictions

Basketball is a game that is not very popular as Soccer and Hockey are other popular matches. However, basketball matches are as fun to watch as any other sports match and so betting on the teams becomes even more fun. Hence, if you want to win basketball betting with accuracy then the first thing you should do is watch some basketball matches.

  • As a matter of fact, you cannot really win basketball betting online if you do not know the basics of the game played in real life and the best way to learn this is by watching basketball games on TV or online.
  • In fact, making correct predictions to place accurate bets requires you to analyze the game by watching the real-match. You can mentally place bets on the team at the start to predict the outcome of the game which is helpful when it comes to winning basketball bets.
  • Lastly, the more matches you watch, the more you will know about basketball games, teams, players, and trends online which will help you become a subject-matter expert in the long run when it comes to basketball betting online.

2. Keep track of popular teams with hot matches

This how to win in Basketball betting tip can be taken as a continuation to the previous one as watching basketball matches online is a great way to be introduced to teams and players in the basketball world. Not only this, but you also will be equipped with the knowledge of which teams are more popular and strong as well as would know more about the players and their gameplay.

  • Another important thing that you will learn when it comes to watching basketball matches is that you will be introduced to hot teams or matches that take place. To get instant updates or notifications on such matches, creating an account on online betting sites like the W88 Register becomes very helpful.
  • These hot team matches are basically matches played between 2 strong basketball teams or sometimes when there are 2 strong players playing against each other in their respective teams.
  • Here, the betting odds of the game are usually high which results in high payouts. And so, it is important that you keep track of such matches, teams, as well as players.


3. Set aside a bankroll for per match or bet

To proceed from placing mental bets online to real bets, you will need real money as the payout you will receive when your bets win would be real cash. However, to play basketball betting online and also to test out these Basketball Betting Strategies, it is important that you select an online betting site which does not require you to spend a lot of money on basketball betting online.

  • Another way to spend less on playing basketball betting online without it affecting your daily life is by setting aside a bankroll which is not huge specifically for playing basketball betting online.
  • Using this bankroll, you can set daily betting limits for yourself for each match or betting option that you choose to play.
  • In fact, you can even use betting systems like the D’Alembert method by increasing the betting stake whenever you experience a loss to get the money back when you eventually win.

4. Select an online betting site with sportsbook bonus

In continuation with the above point, what differentiates experts from newbies is their skills of maximizing profit and minimizing loss. One way of doing so is to  use your betting stakes wisely however, a short cut to earn more money instantly lies in the promotion offers of the online betting site you select.

  • This is why, selecting the proper online betting site is very important when it comes to basketball betting online as it should help you avoid unnecessary spending. Thus, finding an online betting site that gives a welcome bonus offer or more for sports betting is the trick.
  • As mentioned above, under the promotion section, your online betting site should have sportsbook bonuses that you can claim on a new account to play basketball betting with the bonus cash.
  • For instance, the W88 Promotion section offers you with 2 sportsbook bonuses that gives its new members cash up to RM600 and RM150, depending on the one you select. But what makes W88 different from other betting sites is that you can get a Free Credit of RM30 upon verifying your online betting account for security purposes.


5. Observe the match live and the betting odds in the sportsbook

Getting to the fun yet important part of the game, is to observe the match live as well as the betting odds together, and to do this you must select the proper sportsbook for basketball betting which allows you to do both at the same time.

  • No matter which sports match you decide to bet on, the betting odds will help you earn more money as it is multiplied with your betting stake to calculate the total payout you will receive.
  • Thus, placing bets on the higher betting odds is something you should go for but, once you place bet, the bets are locked.
  • This is why, to avoid a major shift in the betting odds, you should first see and decide for yourself whether the team with the higher betting odds has a chance to win or not by making full use of the live streaming option given in your sportsbook.

6. Look at the given team statistics in the sportsbook

With the above-mentioned how to win in basketball betting tip in consideration, it is wise to acknowledge that sometimes your observations may not be accurate and thus, your predictions could go wrong. So, to be very sure you could take the statistics of the previous matches into consideration as well.

  • Playing basketball betting is easy especially when you use a sportsbook like the W88 Sportsbook that gives you free access to the game statistics of the matches all in one place.
  • Using the previous statistical results of both the teams could help you decide which team is more likely to win the match and which of the two teams is the underdog.
  • Not only this, but these statistical charts can help you compare and identify which team is stronger than other teams, and doing so would give you a list of matches you could look out for.


7. Analyze results of previous matches between the teams

When you look for the statistical info on your online betting sportsbook you will be able to find different kinds of data that can help you place bets but since analyzing all the previous matches of both the teams can be time consuming, you can analyze only those played between the two teams in the past.

  • This can be called a direct comparison between both the teams where you analyze all the data of only the matches played between the two teams.
  • This is also another reason why you should research well to pick the best online betting sportsbook as all these important data should be at the tip of your fingers within minutes.
  • However, when you are analyzing such data, you are bound to find one team to win more matches than the other most of the time, and so you must be aware of the gambler’s fallacy which states that an outcome is unlikely to happen again because it has already happened many times in the past.

8. Place more bets on the second half of the match

To know how to win in Basketball Betting online it is also very helpful to understand that how you place bets in the sportsbooks matter too and as a beginner, the best strategy you can use is place bets on the second half of the match most of the times.

  • By now you know that observing the match, odds and statistical reports is the key to placing accurate bets but observing also takes time.
  • So, the best thing you can do as a beginner is observe what needs to be observed for the first half of the match and then start placing bets from the second half of the match.
  • Although you may want to bet with a higher betting stake on the second half, it is wise to always start with the minimum betting rate in the sportsbook when you start playing basketball betting online, Most sportsbooks offer basketball betting with the minimum betting rate between RM 2 to RM5.


9. Avoid making Parley bets in the sportsbook

Although there are many sports betting options under the basketball sports, one of the pro Betting Tips for Basketball games suggest that there are some kinds of betting options which must be avoided by beginners and the Parley betting system is one of them. The Parley betting system can give you  huge payout but to earn that much the risk is very high.

  • Parley betting options tie two or more bets under one single bet, and so you will have to use more money to place such bets.
  • Moreover, if one betting option does not win the bets you placed under the parley bet the entire bet is nulled out and thus, you will lose all the money you used for the bet.
  • If you use the data provided to you well then you may be able to win the parley bet with wholesome payouts but as a beginner, it is best to stick to single basketball bets in the sportsbook.

10. If your favourite team is not winning, do not bet

The final and most helpful how to win in Basketball betting tip is to place your bets strategically and this also applies to when your have a favourite team playing. If you want to win then using the odds and statistical data when placing bets is the best way to go with and if the team you like doesn’t have any of these in its favour then it is best to avoid placing bets on them.

  • If you are an avid basketball fan, then you would not have to worry much because with your knowledge you know which teams are strong and thus, your favourite team would be included in this list.
  • However, just like the players in the teams, it is important to acknowledge that there are some teams that may be stronger than your favourite team but this does not mean that you stop supporting them.
  • What it means is that when playing sports betting, you should avoid placing bets on your favourite team if you notice that the opposite team has a better chance of winning and thus, your observations should be unbiased when playing basketball betting online.



This was all about How to Win in Basketball Betting online using some of the best strategies provided by our W88malayu experts. Making the right choices, like picking a proper online betting site and sportsbook, and placing bets on strong teams matter the most when it comes to winning. However, to boost your online wallet, small choices like claiming sportsbook bonuses and setting a betting limit matters too. Thus, these 10 tips combine to give you ways in which you can win basketball betting as well as maximize the amount in your wallet.