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Asian handicap 2 meaning broken down with easy explanation & examples. Learn how to place bets on HDP 2 at W88 sports & grab RM30 free credit on a new register!

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Sports betting is fun to play but there are some betting options like the Asian Handicap betting option in football that is difficult to understand at first glance and so many people tend to avoid it. However, once you understand what the Asian Handicap betting option is with examples, you will also notice that it is in fact one of the easiest betting options you can play. So, to help you understand this betting option and receive more payouts we will take the help of W88 and an example of the Asian Handicap 2 meaning in this article.

Why do we need the Asian Handicap betting option?

Let us start by first addressing the question of what is the Asian handicap betting option in betting and why do we need this. Sports betting is growing as a major form of entertainment online and to keep things entertaining, the Asian handicap betting option was introduced. However, not all sports matches have the handicap betting option.


  • For instance, in football, when there is a strong and underdog team playing, the outcome of the match is pretty predictable and so many people will bet on the stronger team. This would take away the thrills of gambling as you already would know who would win the match.
  • So, in such cases, the Football Handicap Betting option was introduced where the stronger team is given a handicap disadvantages of minus (-) goals while the underdog team is given plus (+) goal advantages to even out the strength of the teams.
  • The number of goal advantages or head-start and disadvantages or handicap is given based on how much strength difference is there between the teams and thus, as shown in the image above, Asian handicap points vary for different matches.

Asian Handicap 2 meaning: How does it work?

To further explain what the Asian Handicap meaning betting option is and how it works in football matches, let us take an example of the Asian Handicap 2 meaning and 2.0 handicap goal difference for the France vs Norway match from the image above and zoom in closer on the -2 goals handicap and +2 goal head-start given to the teams respectively.


France – 2 goals handicap: Since France is given the handicap of -2 goals, this means that for the bets to be successful, France has to score 3 or more goals and win the game. If France manages to score exactly 2 goals and win the game then your betting stake is refunded. But if they lose the game or win the game by 1 goal, or the match ends in a draw, then the bets placed on France loses. So, if they scores 3 goals and won the match, then 3-2 = 1 goal in the sportsbook.

Norway +2 goals head-start: This means that Norway is given a +2 goals head-start, so for the bets placed on Norway to win, the team has to win the match, draw the match, or lose the match by 1 goal. If Norway loses the match by 2 goals, then the betting stake is refunded. However, if the opponent team manages to complete their handicap requirement and Norway loses the game by 3 or more goals, then the bet is lost. So, if Norway loses the match by scoring 0 goal, then 0+2 = 2 goals in the sportsbook.

Use W88 Malaysia to play HDP 2 betting in 3 quick steps

Now that you know what Asian Handicap 2 meaning in betting, you can go ahead and place your bets on sports matches with the HDP 2 football betting. However, it is always better and safer to use a good and legal online betting site and sportsbook like the ones offered by W88 as creating an account here would instantly give you a W88 Free Credit of RM30 on account verification.

Step 1: Login at W88 and pick any one of the top sportsbooks

  • The first thing that you must do to play the HDP 2 bet in football is log into your W88 accounts by clicking on ‘Login‘.
  • This will give you a pop-up box where you must fill in your W88 log in credentials to access your account and the sportsbook.


  • However, if you do not have an account in the W88 Register yet, then you must click on ‘Join‘ which will take you to the W88 registration form that you must fill out accurately.
  • Once done, you will be able to access the W88 homepage via your account and here you must click on or hover your mouse over ‘Sports‘ and then pick any one of the sportsbook of your choice. Here, we have picked the e-Sports European sportsbook as it is one of the easiest sportsbook to use.

Step 2: Filter and scroll down to find an HDP 2 soccer match

  • When you enter the sportsbook at W88, you will be introduced to all kinds of matches from different sports domain at one place. What else you can find here is the betting odds that keep updating depending on the outcomes of the ongoing matches.
  • However, since football offers you with HDP bets, you must filter out the sportsbook by clicking on ‘Soccer‘ to get all the soccer matches on one page.


  • Since we need to look for the HDP 2 betting option in the W88 Sportsbook, finding one can be difficult and so, to make things easier, you must filter out the betting options by clicking on the drop-down menu  and selecting FT HDP.
  • This will give you all the football matches with the handicap betting option and now you must scroll down to find a match with the handicap of 2 goals. Here we have found a match played between the Shan United FC and Ispe FC where, the former has the handicap of -2 goals and the latter has an advantage of +2 goals.

Step 3: Analyze the odds and HDP 2 condition to place bets

  • In the final step you must place your bets in the sportsbook with the help of the betting odds as they give you a chance to earn more money but since this is a handicap match, the conditions of the handicap bets matter too. But to get cash for placing bets on sports betting online, without spending much from your wallet, consider opting for the W88 Promotion on sportsbook.
  • To place bets, you must find the Handicap sub betting option under FT Asian Handicap which is the handicap score that depends on the full time match. Then click on your preferred HDP 2 sub-betting option from the two. Here, we have clicked on the Ispe FC team with an advantage head-start of 2 goals and betting odds of 1.93.


  • So, when you click on any of the sub-betting options, a betting slip will open up to the right hand side of your screen, with the handicap advantage or disadvantage and the betting odds.
  • Here you will also find a slot to place your betting stake of RM5 which will reveal the payout your will receive. Once done, you can click on ‘Place Bets‘ to lock your bets. Now you can sit back and enjoy the match in anticipation of the outcome.

Outcome of the bets placed based on Odds and HDP condition

In the final section of the Asian Handicap 2 meaning article, let us take a quick look into an example of the Asian Handicap 2 meaning with the given betting odds and how you can determine which bets to place to receive higher payouts. To learn how to place accurate bets most of the time, you can make use of some Football Betting Winning Strategies as well!

Handicap Disadvantage = -2 GoalsHandicap Advantage = +2 Goal
In the real-match, Shan United FC needs to score 3 or more than 3 goals for the bets to win. If they win by 2 goals then the betting stake is refunded. But if they win by 1 goal, draw the match, or lose, then the bet is lost.In the real-match, Ispe FC needs to win the match, lose the match by 1 goal or draw the match. If they lose the match by exactly 2 goals, then the betting stake is refunded. However, if they lose the match by 3 or more goals then the bet is lost.
Betting Odds = 1.87Betting Odds = 1.93
Betting Stake = RM5Betting Stake = RM5
Total Payout = RM9.35Total Payout = RM9.65

This is how the betting odds affect the betting stakes as higher betting odds give you higher betting stake, but since this is the handicap 2 betting option, the conditions matter the most. Here, for the bets on Shan United to win, the team needs to score 3 goals, but for Ispe FC bets to win, the team needs to lose by 1 goal or win the match, with an additional option of losing by 2 goals and getting their stakes refunded back. So, Ispe FC is the better betting option in this case scenario out of the two, and luckily the odds for this team is higher which will give us more payout if our predictions is accurate.


This was all about the Asian Handicap 2 Meaning with examples and how you can place bets on the teams by using the betting odds for higher payouts and also keeping the handicap conditions in mind. Lastly, it is important to use a good sportsbook and online betting site like W88, one that gives you new member sportsbook bonuses and free credit to play HDP 2 and other similar betting options for different sports matches online!