Football Handicap Betting Explained: Ultimate Beginners Guide

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Football betting online, in recent times, is not only an entertaining but also an interesting way to spend time online as the thrills of predicting who will win the game makes every better sit at the edge of their chairs. But this can get boring if there is a strong team playing against an underdog team, wouldn’t it? Don’t worry, with sites like W88 and the football handicap betting option, you can never get bored of playing football betting online!


Why Does the Football Handicap Betting Option Exist?

Before we understand how the aforementioned claim is possible and learn how you can play online football handicap betting at W88, let us understand why the handicap betting option exists in the first place. To do this, let us imagine a scenario of a sports match taking place at a local playground.

  • Here, one of the teams have trained with professions, while the other team has training in playing among friends.
  • It is most likely that the former team will win, so if you had to place bets, you’d place it on the former team and eventually win, good but boring.
  • To make things interesting, imagine that the underdog team have already been granted 2 goals in their scoreboard to even things out while the strong team has to start with a 0 score.
  • Now, things get interesting because the profession team will now have to score 3 goals to win, which can make betting on them risky and thus thrilling.

So, when a team with a high chance of winning plays against a team whose winning chances are low, then the stronger team will get a “handicap” in their scoring to make the betting and odds even and exciting to place bets on. In short, when the underdog team is given a chance by making the stronger team face certain conditions under only which certain bets placed will be valid, is called football handicap betting.

Important Handicap Betting Terms in Football

Now, let us look at some of the most common yet important handicap betting terms in football handicap betting online which you should know in order to come up with your own football betting strategy. Before this, it is important to note that the handicap betting options in football is determined with a + or a – sign, whose examples we will look into later.

Handicap Scorebox lets you bet on predictions based on various handicap winning margins
  • Positive Handicap Decimals: When you see a positive + sign besides a team’s odds then they are the underdog team where the odds are in their favor to even out the betting.
  • Negative Handicap Decimals: When you see a negative – sign besides a team’s odds, then they are the stronger team who has a handicap to even out the betting odds.
  • Zero Handicap Option: Sometimes, you will notice that the handicap given is just a plain zero with no sign, this means that the team will use the odds as they are without any handicap being applied to them.
  • 3-Way Handicap Option: To make things more interesting, sometimes the bookies provide you with a third handicap betting odd which is a tie bet. However, the 3-way handicap betting option is rarely seen.

NOTE: It is very important to note that the handicap betting advantages are given to the teams only in the sportsbook and not in the real-life game. This means that it is a betting option to make placing bets more interesting and it slightly bends the outcomes in the sportsbook in favor of the underdog team. So, if you place bets on the underdog team and they lose in the real-life game, there is still a chance that you will win the bet depending on the overall goal and the handicap conditions.

Learn How to play Football Handicap Betting Online in 3 Simple Steps

Now that you have learnt about the basics of the  football handicap betting online, let us take a look at how you can access and place your bets on one of the coolest sportsbook online, which is none other than W88.

Step 1: Join W88 and pick your preferred sportsbook

  • Firstly, you must go ahead and create an account in the W88 register online where you can access all the sports betting products available on this cool betting site.
  • To do this, you must click on ‘Join‘, once done, you must fill out the registration form with precision to create an account successfully.


  • Then you must go ahead and log into your newly created W88 account by clicking on ‘Login‘ on the homepage.
  • Once this is done, you can enter the W88 Sports domain and select your preferred sportsbook to play football handicap betting. Here, we have selected the W88 a-Sports sportsbook.

Step 2: Filter the options to choose a handicap betting option

  • Once you have entered the W88 sportsbook online, you will see that there are many ongoing matches you can place a bet on, and this something cool about the W88 sportsbook online, because you will get a chance to get live updates on exciting matches.
  • Since we want to play football handicap betting, we will filter out the options by selecting ‘Soccer‘.


  • Then what we need to do first is look for matches with the handicap betting options which is denoted by the alphabets HDP and when you find an interesting one, you must click on the team names.
  • Here, we have decided to place bets on the AFF Championship match between Vietnam vs Indonesia.
  • Doing so would let you enter the live match screen where you can place bets efficiently on the handicap betting options, and to do this, follow the next steps precisely.

Step 3: Use the minimum betting stake to place handicap bets online

  • When you have finally entered the domain containing all the betting options for the particular match, you must focus only on the handicap betting options.


  • Besides the handicap decimals, you will also notice that there are other odds available besides the handicap odds, and when you select any of the betting odds, you will notice a pop-up box.
  • In this pop-up box, you must enter your betting stake and then click on ‘Bet‘ to lock your bets in the betting slip.
  • Here, we have placed an RM5 bet on the Vietnam team with the odds of 2.33 and the handicap odds of -1.25, if we win this bet we would gain RM11.65 as the payout.

Learn How to Place Accurate Handicap Bets Based on Scenarios!

Now let us take a look at some betting scenarios of the same match event as mentioned above to interpret and know how you can use betting odds and the handicap decimals to win more.

  • Here, the Vietnam team is the stronger team with a handicap decimal of -1.25, and the Indonesian team is the underdog team with a 1.25. Which means that the Indonesian team has gained an advantage of 1.25 score point.

Bets Placed on the Vietnamese Team

Bets Placed on the Indonesian Team



Betting Odds: 2.33

Betting Odds: 1.59
Betting Stake: RM5

Betting Stake: RM5

Handicap Decimals: -1.25 (Needs at least 2 goals for bets to be valid)Handicap Decimals: 1.25 (Advantage of 1.25 goals)
Payout Received if Bet Wins: RM11.65Payout Received if Bet Wins: RM7.95
  • The Vietnamese team has an overall odd of 2.33 while the Indonesian team has the odds o of 1.25, which gives the Vietnamese team the upper hand in the game.
  • This means that if you place bets on the Vietnamese team then you will get the betting payout of RM11.65 and for the Indonesian team, you will get payout of RM7.95.
  • However, with the football handicap betting decimal, the Vietnamese team is given the handicap of -1.25, which the Indonesian team is given the advantage of 1.25 score point in the sportsbook.
  • This means that for the bets placed on the football betting odds of the Vietnamese team to be valid, they need to score at least 2 or more goals for the bets to be valid.

3 Important Handicap Football Betting Beginner Tips to Keep in Mind

Before we bid adieu, it is important that we let you in on some effective football handicap betting tips as well to help you place bets even more precisely to win wholesome payouts. The handicap betting option is something that would seem a little bit complicated to beginners but with these 3 tips, you can master the betting option in no time!


  • Make bets rationally to win more: Lastly and most importantly, if you want to win and avoid losing a lot of money, it is important that you go ahead and place bets rationally. This means that even if your favorite team has lower chances of winning based on the odds and handicap decimals, then you should avoid placing bets on them at least till the odds turn back in their favor. This will help you save money and if you want to get additional cashback prices without spending too much from your own pockets, then you can go ahead and claim the W88 promotion of up to RM150!
  • Handicap Decimals > Betting Odds: In most betting options, it is said that looking at the betting odds is very important as it helps you decide which bets to place based on the chance of the betting option winning. However, when it comes to handicap gameplays, knowing which team has a higher chance of winning is obvious, so it is important that you pay more attention to the handicap decimals which you can use to place bets with precision
  • Give the Half Time Handicap Bets a Try: Next tip is to make proper use of the other handicap betting options as well which is the half time handicap option. Here, you must predict the outcome of the betting option based on the half time score which makes placing handicap bets easier as you can observe the first round and place a mental bet and then for the second half place a real-money football handicap bet.


This was about the football handicap betting option that you should definitely try playing as a beginner online. Apart from this, you should also try the side football handicap betting options where you get the chance to place bets on half-time handicap scores and earn by winning bets precisely! Speaking of earning, you can just create a W88 account today to get up to RM150 cashback promotions on sportsbook online which you can use to play without spending too much from your own pockets.