7 Popular Football Betting Odds – Play at W88 & win real cash

In this article, you will acquire knowledge of popular Football Betting Odds at W88 to play online. Learn and earn up to RM2,000 on each football match daily!

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It is essential to state that football betting odds at W88 Malaysia estimate how probable or doubtful a football event could be to a Sportsbook. There are further forms to achieve the big money hand when it comes to football betting online. Check out the popular 7 football betting odds available to play at W88 online below.

1. Moneyline bet


  • This is a form of football betting odds wherein the gamblers require to determine which team they believe would win. So, when they make it proper, they would succeed in the wager. Otherwise, their stake is failed when their selection loses the match.
  • Keep in mind that when you gamble on a favored team, you would wish for a little payout. On the other hand, you will own a substantial win possibility if you stake on the underdog. Moneyline in football betting odds can be among the most prominent odds in football betting if it will be a tight matchup.
  • As the digits expand more extensively each way – the little numbers get smaller, or the positive odds get larger that demonstrating that those choices are more significant and bigger favorites or greater underdogs.
  • That’s notably suitable when you’re peeking at something like the odds to beat the Super Bowl. The teams with smaller numerals are considered as having a more promising possibility of winning, and then as the numbers extend more considerable, those teams are believed bigger and more significant longshots.

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2. Totals – Over/Under


  • When you’re glancing at over under football betting odds, what you must understand is that that’s the incorporated score of the 2 teams for a match. At this point, it doesn’t count who beats the match. All that counts is the conclusive score.
  • For instance: let’s say that Team A is playing Team B, and the total is 9.5. It doesn’t count who succeeds in the match but if the 2 teams combine for a complete score of 8 goals, say with a final score of Team B win is 5-3, then the match goes under.
  • If the 2 teams are incorporated for 10 goals no matter who succeeds then the match finishes. So when you’re glancing at the football betting odds, and you notice a to after to the Moneyline or point spread, that signifies you the over-under that is developed for the match, and you must determine whether it would go over that set portion or under.

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3. Correct score


  • A correct score of odds is one in which you predict the definitive score of a football match. Keep in mind that this would be the result after 90 minutes in cup ties that might run to additional time and/or penalties.
  • The costs for correct score football betting odds are usually appealing but, of course, forecasting the exact score is quite more challenging than easy. A correct score is a bet that mixes choosing a goalscorer and the proper score.
  • For instance, you can gamble on Team A to score and Team B to win 2-0. Furthermore, the football betting odds on such bets keep higher odds because you are gambling on the possibility of 2 results.
  • Some bookmakers would even let you decide the goalscorer in a correct score to be the foremost, final, or at any moment.

4. Half-time/full-time


  • You will be placing a bet on the outcome of the first half and/or the second half. You could bet on the home, or away team, or draw for one or both halves.
  • This stake is for the more progressive football betting odds lover who has prior proficiency to demonstrate the teams who begin or end matches intensely or weakly.
  • Understanding the starting line-ups and whether essential participants are skipping through injury or being relaxed could likewise be a benefit with this sort of bet.

5. Asian handicap bet


  • An Asian handicap football betting odds is one in which your preference has a “handicap” to overwhelm, and what drives the bet impressive is that it destroys the potential of a draw in betting phrases.
  • The bookmakers like W88 Malaysia offer each team a plus (+) or minus(-)  formation to indicate their handicap. This can be either a full-goal handicap like s +1 or -2 or a half-goal handicap (+0.3 or -3.5).
  • A whole-goal handicap football betting odds offers the security net of your bet being repaid. The digits next to every team name are applied to their payout during the football match.

6. Parlay bet


  • This is the combination of the wagers needed to win so that the overall parlay bet will win. This means that there are two factors affecting parlay odds, which include the number of legs added to the parlay bet and the odds on every individual leg.
  • A parlay bet calculator will be of great help to find out the overall winning potential. W88 sportsbooks will allow you to build a parlay bet and see the parlay before locking in the wager.

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7. Outright

The term in football betting odds, ‘outright betting’ covers a scope of various football odds markets. For fewer matches, top online bookmakers like W88 Malaysia typically only cost Outright Winner odds. However, extensive events such as Premier League, and Champions League betting can feature further choices. The most standard outright betting markets in football contain the below pointers:


  • Win Outright Without – doesn’t bring into account 1 or more squads. These are frequently valuable for matches with 1 or 2 very challenging favorites.
  • Betting against such teams is useless– endowing them is dull and meaningless. To maintain things fascinating or engaging, this market ignores those types of teams. The whole table modifies to adjust this. For instance, a team in 2nd  position would be assumed to be the “winners” if just the overlooked team ranks more promising.
  • Finish in Top 2/3/4 – fairly self-descriptive. The outright bet succeeds if the chosen team finishes up in one of the fixed standings.
  • Be Relegated – signifies that the team would be lowered at the end of the match event. Ensure you comprehend how relegation operates in the league in query. Most European leagues also highlight relegation play-offs.
  • Top Goalscorer – this outright bet is created on particular players rather than teams and clubs.
  • Team Finishing Standing – if you’re supposing gutsy, you may attempt to assume a team’s precise table rank at the season-ending.


Above is all information about the 7 most popular football betting odds available at the W88 bookmaker Malaysia. Hopefully, participants will comprehend more regarding the football betting platform at the A88 and push suitable decisions. Nowadays, the football platform of W88 includes many tempting promos, players do not fail to refer to experience in promotions and keep more betting possibilities. Good luck!