Top 10 Football Betting Winning Strategies to win huge money

To win in football betting, you should know these 10 MUST-KNOW football betting winning strategies. Use W88 & these top tips to win football wagers consistently.

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Online football betting has become more and more popular, especially in light of the fantastic matches that the most recent World Cup event delivered to us. While many fans have signed up for online betting sites such as W88 official in order to wager on their preferred teams, very few of them are interested in making real money through online sports betting on football games. We believe that there is no better method to wager and realize this desire than to use winning football betting tactics. So, in order to make a big difference in your football betting, here are ten essential recommendations that you should know!


1. Pick a betting site with a respectable bonus

Choosing an online betting site that supports you is the first and most crucial step towards ensuring that your football wagers on the internet are successful! This is due to the fact that having the proper platform—which should provide you with precise betting odds and an intuitive user interface—is crucial when playing sports betting online.

  • In addition, the online betting platform you choose should offer a safe and efficient way for you to do online transactions.
  • Furthermore, it is usually a good idea to choose an online betting site that offers you a sizable welcome bonus in lieu of requiring you to make large deposits. This will enable you to place bets without having to spend a lot of money out of your own wallet.
  • One such website is W88, which makes it simple for you to put precise bets online by providing you with one of the greatest bonus offers in their W88 promotion area. Here, you can receive a bonus of up to RM600 on a sports sportsbook in addition to RM30 for simply authenticating your accounts.

2. Verify if your sportsbook offers live streaming

Next, as it will enable you to implement the majority of the winning football methods listed below, having an online bookmaker with a sportsbook that provides live streaming services is crucial! Furthermore, it’s always crucial to watch the live sport while putting an online wager for the following reasons:

  • Betting odds are something that every sportsbook has, and they aid online football bettors in placing precise wagers as they forecast certain results.
  • Relying just on the betting odds can be risky, though, as most football games are known to change at any minute. This is because these odds tend to shift as the real game begins.
  • This is the reason you should always make sure the sportsbook at the online sports betting site you choose allows you to watch the game live while you place bets. Once more, W88 is the greatest website that springs to mind for this kind of thing, so W88 register there right now to start wagering on football like never before!


3. Discover all of your football betting possibilities

The next football-winning tactic is apparent, but strangely, a lot of novice bettors miss it and wind up staking their money on a small number of wagers that might not provide them with the results they hope for or anticipate. For this reason, you should fully comprehend each betting choice before you even start putting bets online.

  • By doing this, you would be better able to determine which wagers to make depending on the football teams competing or the action.
  • In the event that one team is superior to the other, handicap betting points will be awarded to the underdog. Thus, at this point, you ought to employ the handicap betting feature to make wagers in accordance with your observations.
  • Furthermore, you can wager on teams whose odds rely on the total of the scores of both teams, such as total score goals, if you want to play football betting online but there are no teams that catch your attention or appear to be winning or losing.

4. Put small-stakes bets on odds that are higher

Many pros chose this next football-winning method as rookies because it would not only help them save money but also earn substantial bonuses. When betting on betting options with higher odds, using the minimum betting rates can help you balance out how you get paid when you bet on football online.

  • The odds of the betting option you choose to place a wager on have a significant impact on the payments you will get while playing football online.
  • Hence, total payouts = betting odds x betting options is the formula used to determine payouts.
  • Thus, there’s a potential your payoff will be smaller if you utilize the minimum betting rate in an attempt to save more money. However, you can win more money if you combine the minimal betting stake with better odds.

5. Use the handicap betting option to watch more games

As we’ve already discussed, placing bets and fully comprehending all of your betting alternatives depend on the betting odds. But, you should always choose games with the handicap betting option if there are no matches available for betting or if you want to wager but are unsure which football match to choose.


  • Sports handicapping alternatives are available to balance out a match between a strong team and an underdog side.
  • They accomplish this by imposing requirements on wagers placed on the more dominant teams that they must meet in order to be considered legitimate. On the other side, they award extra goals to the team that is the underdog, which is determined by adding the match’s overall outcomes.
  • As a result, betting on the side that is the underdog in the handicap betting choice increases your chances of winning, particularly if the handicap extra goals are 1.5 or higher. As handicap bets are a bit more complex than other types of bets, you should first research some 1X2 football betting tips in order to become proficient with this option.

6. Parley betting should be avoided as much as possible

The parley or mixed parley betting choice in the football betting sportsbook is one that you should strive to avoid as much as possible. We have discussed the bets you should put the most in the above football-winning technique.

  • Although many risk-takers and professional gamblers like this betting choice, it is not recommended for beginners to use.
  • This is so because multiple betting options are tied together by the parley betting option. This implies that you can place bets on several different things and combine them into a single betting choice, known as the parley betting option.
  • As exciting as this may sound, there is a catch: in order to win a parley bet, each bet that is linked to it must win in its own field. This makes it dangerous, but if you lose, you might lose a lot of money!


7. Establish a wagering cap for a certain game

The nicest thing about online sports betting, especially football betting, is that you may easily create a betting limit by only placing bets on one game each day. But you should also pick what your betting limit will be for the match you want to wager on.

  • As this is a football-winning method utilized by many pro gamblers to protect their bankroll, setting a daily betting limit to play single-match betting can aid you in many ways as well.
  • Having said that, you are able to split the betting limit into smaller chunks and wager on several different things during a single game.
  • In addition, if you want to make more money in a single day, you can split the betting limit and even wager on two different football games.

8. Utilise betting techniques to keep your cash stable

One of the most crucial football betting tactics you can pick up as a novice and eventually become an expert at is managing your bankroll. This is due to the fact that preserving the money you make from online sports betting is more crucial than winning the bets. Using betting systems to place bets is one of the greatest ways to use this effective football betting approach.

  • Progressive Betting System: In this betting method, you must start with a fixed stake, and, depending on whether you win or lose, you can increase or reduce it by doubling it or by one unit.
  • Non-Progressive Betting System: Regardless of whether you win or lose the betting round, you must keep your wager the same throughout the game while using this type of betting system.
  • When it comes to football betting, the progressive betting system is unquestionably the best choice because it will both double your money and recover any losses you may have had. However, you can continue betting online with the non-progressive betting system if you have a defined budget.


9. Observe first, wager later ought to be your credo

Depending on whether the live streaming option offered by the football betting sportsbook you choose is available, you should think about implementing the next profitable football betting method before you begin placing bets. Since it’s one of the most winning football betting tactics accessible, many professionals have taken to watching the game before placing their bets online.

  • As previously noted, betting on the odds can be beneficial, but most of these odds fluctuate based on how the real-life match is played, so it’s always a good idea to look for alternative sources of assurance.
  • Using the statistics provided by your online bookmaker is another method of accomplishing this, as it provides you with sufficient information to evaluate the players and teams according to strength.
  • However, experts have typically discovered that it is simpler to make wagers on the betting alternatives after first watching the game because it is always confirmed that the team you choose to wager on has the potential to increase your winnings or decrease your losses. Therefore, when it comes to online football betting, it’s also very important to believe what you see.

10. Never wager on your preferred team when the odds are bad

The final successful football betting strategy involves making a sacrifice whenever you wager on a football game in which your favorite side is playing. Here, you should refrain from betting on your favorite side if the chances are against them.

  • The majority of internet gamblers get into sports betting in order to wager on and support their preferred football team. Additionally, fans who are novices can end up betting on their favorite teams without even considering their chances of winning.
  • As a result, before placing a wager on your preferred team, make sure the odds provided by knowledgeable bookmakers are sufficient and accurate. However, you shouldn’t bet on them if their betting odds are poor or if they appear to be losing the game.
  • Recall that your objective should be to win more games than you lose. It’s always preferable to gain more and feel upset when your favorite team loses than to feel upset when they win nothing at all!



These were the top ten essential football betting techniques that, when applied correctly, will raise your winning percentage by 98%. If you carefully follow these guidelines, you will have the opportunity to win incredible prizes. In terms of incentives, W88 members can receive up to an RM600 bonus on the a-Sports sportsbook, along with an extra RM30, after their account has been verified. Finally, if you want to quickly rise to the status of a reputable professional gambler, it’s critical that you play properly online and abide by all applicable laws and regulations.