1X2 Football Betting Tips – 12 Pro Tricks to Win RM999 daily

1X2 Football Betting Tips crafted, tested & used by Professional Bettors to win up to RM999 Every day on Online Sportsbooks like W88. Master 12 bet 1X2 tips Now!

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Playing online football betting in today’s time is fun especially with sites like W88 and their amazing sports book rising in fame for giving accurate odds. However, the thing more fun than playing sports betting online is winning the bets you place. One way to keep winning football bets is to place bets on easy betting option like the 1X2 bet and the other way is to follow some pro tips to win. So, here are the top 12 1X2 football betting tips you can use to win like a pro!


1. Pick a good sportsbook to help you place accurate bets

The first thing that you should do to start placing accurate 1X2 football bets is to pick a good place where you can not only get accurate odds to place bets on but also additional cashback offers to use to place those bets.

  • Most importantly, it is important to pick an online betting site which gives you the legality and security you will require to play sports betting online in Malaysia as it is a form of gambling that can only operate in the country with a legal foreign license.
  • Additionally, the sports betting site you select should also contain a variety of sportsbooks you can choose from to play football betting on their site so that you do not get bored with placing 1X2 bets in the same way every time.
  • Luckily, making an account in the W88 register online betting site is the best site one you could go for as you can get access to accurate betting odds in 4 online sportsbook which you can choose from to play sports betting. This site is completely legal to pay sports betting online and it also offers one of the best sportsbook bonus deals in the betting world which we will look into further down the article.

2. Learn which option wins the most: 1, X, or 2

The 1X2 betting option is something you should begin with when it comes to learning how to play sports betting online since it is a beginner-friendly easy betting option you can use. However, this betting option is also considered to be one of the main betting options that pro players also tend to use more than other bets.

Before we get into knowing how you can figure out which betting option wins the most, let us quickly go throught what the 1X2 bet means:

  • 1 = refers to the home team or the team whose name appears first on the score board. If the home team wins then the bets placed on 1 wins.
  • X = refers to tie meaning that the outcome of the game resulted in both the teams scoring a the same points.
  • 2 = refers to the away team or the team whose name appears second on the score board. If the away team wins the bets places on 2 wins.

The end results of the entire game determines which bet from the 1X2 betting options will win so to know which bet will win you will have to analyze the history of the teams with respect to the betting options. As we go further down the article you will learn how to find out which team will win to place accurate bets on 1, X, or 2.


3. Understand all the 1X2 football betting variants

The next betting tip is that you should understand which 1X2 football betting variants is the best betting option to go with. This makes placing bets on even more accurate because you will not only be quick with placing the bets but also would know exactly which betting options to focus on the most without wasting too much time.

  • Full Time 1X2 Bets: The most famous of them all, the full time 1X2 betting option is used to determine the overall outcome of the game, so here, the end score matters the most.
  • 1st Half Time 1X2 Bets: To make things fun, there are 1st half time 1X2 betting options which is used to determine the outcome of only the first half of the game. Here, the scores of both the teams at the end of the 1st half matters the most.
  • 2nd Half 1X2 Bets: In continuation with the previous bets, there is the 2nd Half 1X2 bets, where you place bets to determine the outcome of the second half of the game and thus, the 2nd half time score, which is the total score minus the first half score, matters the most.
  • First to Score 1X2 Bets: Lastly, we have the first to score 1X2 betting option, where you place bets to determine the outcome of who will be the first team to score. This is the least famous betting option but regardless it is fun.

4. Always make use of football betting odds

One of the best football betting strategy you can carry out as a beginner is to make use of the football betting odds that your sportsbook provides you with which also makes it a necessity to pick a sportsbook that offers you with accurate betting odds.

  • Betting odds that sportsbooks offer for any match in any sports can help you place the most accurate bets as long as the bookmakers are good and professionally trained at coming up with them.
  • The odds basically helps you predict the outcome of a betting option with accuracy which is almost like giving you insights to the future of who will win the bet.
  • Additionally, the higher the betting odds the more chances are that you will win but also high betting odds is good to place bets on because they also determine the payout you will receive as it is multiplied by your betting stake.


5. Start slow by placing a bet with the minimum rate

Once you have learnt all the basics of betting in the football domain of the W88 sportsbook it is time for you to place your bets but as a beginner the best thing you can do is to be patient and start slow. This means that you must not make any impulsive bets, even if one of the options in the 1X2 bets has a higher odds.

  • To understand this strategy, let us first understand that the 1X2 betting option is exciting because of the fact that to get the outcome you have to wait for either the half time or the entire game to end.
  • Being an avid football fan, or someone who just enjoys any sports, you should know that the course of the game can alter at the beginning, in between, or even at the last minute.
  • So, when you find a betting option in the 1X2 bets with high odds then you must use the minimum betting rate available to place a wager but before that, you must sit back and observe the game as well as the team stats.

6. Observe the game and if the odds shift

This strategy can be considered as a continuation to the one above because here, we emphasize on how important it is to not only rely on the betting odds of the 1X2 betting options but also on your own observations of the game.

  • As mentioned, the betting odds is very helpful when it comes to predicting which help will win and can be relied on. However, that is only the basic level betting strategy so if you want to bet and win like a pro then you must learn the art of observations.
  • Additionally, since the course of the game can change at any time, so can the betting odds. This is when your observations come into play.
  • Thus, if you think the chances of winning lean more toward the underdog team because of your observations of their gameplay yet the odds aren’t high on their end in the sportsbook, then you can have fun and risk placing the 1X2 bet under them since the outcome depends on the end score anyway.


7. Make use of the game statistics in your sportsbook

The above mentioned football betting strategy can be something you can rely on and you can also rely on your observations. But if you are someone that trusts numbers more than your observations then you can just take the help of your sportsbook, but this time, you must look at the game stats of each team.

  • The game statistics in the sportsbook gives you detailed information of not only the ongoing match but also the previous matches of each team and how they fared in their gameplay.
  • If the underdog team with current low odds has a better game stats history than the team with higher odds, then you can enjoy the thrill of risky gambling and place bets on the underdog team.
  • However, if the game stats history of both the teams are almost similar then the X betting option from the 1X2 bets is something that would be more appealing to use.

8. Place 1X2 bets using the parlay betting option

The Parley betting system is something that is usually not recommended for beginners as it is somewhat of an advanced betting system, but being too rigid when it comes to placing bets on an easy betting option does not really help with enjoying the thrill of gambling online.

  • This is why we recommend that you place bets and learn how to use the Parley betting option from the beginning but beware, there are chances that you may lose the bet if not placed with thorough observations and analysis.
  • The Parley betting option basically ties bets placed on more than one match into one single bet. But to win this bet, all the betting option you placed bets on must win.
  • As risky as it sounds, this is the best way to practice observation and statistics reading for the football 1X2 betting options along with enjoying the thrills of gambling, because if you win here, the payout you receive here is always in huge amount!


9. Make mental bets for the first half of the game

So far we have given you football 1X2 winning strategies that mostly apply for the full-time 1X2 betting option in matches but as a beginner, using the half-time 1X2 betting options can be the best choice you can make but this does not mean that you must place bets on both the half-time bets.

  • Instead, you must use the first half of the match to just observe and analyze. To practice and see if your predictions are correct, then place a mental bet on any of the 1X2 betting options.
  • At the end of the 1st half, you can see how accurate your predictions were. If the mental bet you placed wins, then you can move on to placing real-money bets on the second half 1X2 betting option.
  • Practicing is the best way to learn most of the strategies mentioned here and placing mental bets is a good way to maintain your money well. This way you will have some practice and after a few mental bets, you will eventually place some accurate real-money winning bets.

10. Let go of your favorite team if the odds are against them

Here on we will be mostly talking about some strategies which does not really relate to the online betting site or sportsbook that you use but mostly relates to your own betting style. Most people who play sports betting online, join cool betting sites to place bets on their favorite teams but if you want to win then it is important to note that sometimes you have to let go of your favorite team.

  • It is emphasized in most tips above that you must place bets after looking thoroughly into the football betting odds, strategies, and your own observations.
  • Most often it happens that all of the above-mentioned requirements may not be in favour of your favorite team and this is when you must consider placing bets on the other team instead, if you want to win.
  • Of course, you can support your team in spirit, but losing your money after your favorite team loses would double up the sadness, and it is always better to be sad with money in your account than the other way around!


11. Make use of the sportsbook bonus cashback offers

Speaking of having money in your account, one of the best perks of joining a good online betting site like W88 is that you will get free and welcome cashback offers which you can use to place football 1X2 bets online without having to spend much from your own pockets.

  • Sites like W88 offer its customers with welcome bonuses on sportsbooks. This means that upon joining the site as a member, you can apply for the W88 promotion for their sportsbook which will give you a bonus of up to RM150 to play sports betting.
  • Additionally, upon verifying your W88 account, you can get a free credit of RM30 which you can use to place 1X2 bets on football matches as well.
  • So, the best way to earn, save, and also avoid spending too much from your own pockets, is to apply for the promotional bonuses that your online betting site offers you.

12. Set Betting Limits to Play Football Sports Betting

Lastly, most pros are able to earn money via sports betting not because they place accurate bets, although it helps, but because they are good at maintaining the money they win. They often do this by setting betting limits for themselves, and as a beginner this is the best habit you can pick up to maintain the balance in your wallet!

  • Placing 1X2 bets is fun and you will want to do this again and again but it is important to note that as much there are chances of you winning there are also chances of you losing the bets because in the end, luck plays a greater role for you and the players playing the match.
  • This is why you must maintain a daily betting limit to place bets which will help you maintain your wallet and also help you avoid getting addicted to gambling online and bet responsibly.
  • Additionally, you can also use progressive betting systems like the Martingale or D’Alembert betting systems to minimize loss and maximize profit.


This was all about 12 pro 1X2 football betting tips you can use to not only place accurate bets but also maintain the money in your wallet online. Additionally, if you use an online betting site like W88 today, you can get access to some of the greatest budget-friendly sportsbook bonuses you can apply for to be loaded with cash in your online casino wallet. Remember to practice these tips every time you place bets and eventually you will find yourself placing accurate bets and winning like a pro. With this, we wish you luck and bid adieu!