1X2 Football Betting Explained – 3 Steps Guide with example

1X2 Football Betting Explained: Know What does 1X2 mean in Soccer Betting, See how to play in 3 Steps at W88 & Win a 100% Bonus up to RM150 in W88 Sportsbook.

1X2 Football Betting  W88 Sportsbook  W88 Bonus RM150

What is 1X2 Betting in Football?

Football Sports is the Most Popular Sport in the world to play, watch, and place bets on. Malaysian players prefer calling Soccer and millions of Online Malaysian players place their bets on ongoing or upcoming soccer tournaments and matches on online betting sites with affordable limits. There are multiple betting options to place bets on soccer matches but the most popular one is the 1X2 Betting option in Soccer. Know what each letter stands for in 1X2 Football betting.


  • 1‘ refers to the Home team Winning
  • X‘ presents Draw in the Match
  • 2‘ means the Away team Winning

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Understand the 1X2 Football Betting Options


#1. Half-time 1X2 Football Betting

Half-time in football indicates the first 45 minutes of the game and players are supposed to bet on the results of the match in the first half. If you believe that the home team, 1 will make more goals as compared to the away team in the first half of the soccer match, place your bets on 1 under the half-time 1X2 football betting.

If you believe that the away team, 2 will make more goals as compared to the home team in the first half of the soccer match, place your bets on 2 under the half-time 1X2 football betting option. And if you believe that both teams will end up scoring the same number of goals in the first 45 minutes, then place your bets on X under the half-time 1X2 football betting option.

#2. Full-time 1X2 Football Betting

Full-time in a soccer match indicates the whole match, that is, 90 minutes. In this betting option, you have to predict the winner of the match. If you predict right, you will win real money as per the odds otherwise lose the wagered amount placed in Full-time 1X2 Football betting at W88 Sportsbook.

If you believe that the home team will win the match by scoring more goals as compared to the away team, wager your money on 1. If you believe that the away team will win the match by scoring more goals as compared to the home team, then wager your money on 2. And if you predict that both the teams will end up scoring the same goals and the match will result in a draw, then place your bets on X.

Evaluate your Payouts using 1X2 Football Betting Odds

What if we tell you that there’s a simple and easy way to know how much you will win if you win the bet without going to the betting slip? One way to know your potential winning amount is to select the odds, go to the betting slip, and enter the betting amount to see the expected return. The way we are going to tell you is a simple mathematical formula with multiplication only. Here’s the formula to calculate the Expected Payout:


Potential Payout = Betting Odd X Betting Amount

  • Betting Odds: 2.46
  • Betting Stake: RM100
  • Expected Return: 2.46 X 100 = RM246

Presented above is an example to evaluate your winning amount on your own. Suppose you chose to bet RM100 on Everton with 2.46 betting odds, then all you need to do is multiply your betting amount by the football betting odds on that particular team, 2.46 X 100 = RM246 and that is your potential winning amount if you win the bet.

How to do 1X2 Football Betting – 3 Steps Guide

Learn how to do 1X2 Football Betting at W88 Sportsbook in 3 simple steps, there are two sports betting providers and we will be choosing W88 e-Sports betting provider to do 1X2 Football Betting with a minimum betting amount of RM0.1 and win triple what you wager.

Step 1: Access W88 & Select e-SPORTS (European) Betting

  • Visit the best online sportsbook in your town to place bets on 1X2 football betting and if you belong to any town of Malaysia, then you must access the best online sports betting platform of Malaysia, that is, W88 official Betting site to place bets on 1X2 football betting with just RM0.1 real money in Malaysia.
  • Once you reach the best online gambling site, register your account at the W88 Register betting site by clicking on Join from the top right corner of the homepage. If you are already aware of W88 and have an account, click on Login to enter your username, and password and access W88 Sports betting.


  • There are multiple products at W88 to play and earn real money, one among them is W88 Sportsbook to play 1X2 football betting. Select SPORTS, given in the W88 Menu bar under the W88 logo.
  • Various Sports betting providers are available at W88 Sports, a-SPORTS & e-SPORTS. We recommend selecting e-SPORTS to play 1X2 football betting with a minimum betting limit of RM0.1.

Step 2: Select Soccer Match to place a bet for RM0.1

  • Once you select the sportsbook you want to play in, you will be redirected to a new page where all the available sports, sports matches, and betting options are given for you to place a bet on and win.
  • Since, we are here to play 1X2 football betting, select Soccer which is also known as Football to see all the matches available under Soccer Sports in different countries.


  • English Premier League is the highest tier of Football/Soccer tournaments and that’s why we will also select the most popular football tournament to bet on. Select England > English Premier League.
  • Select the football match you want to place 1X2 bets on, it can either be an ongoing match or an upcoming match. Players can place bets on Live matches at W88 and can place bets on future matches too. We are selecting a football match between Tottenham vs Brentford to place a 1X2 bet.
  • Observe the odds, learn previous match results, and read sports forecasts, and the head-to-head performances of Tottenham and Brentford to predict the winner accurately, we are placing a bet on X with 3.66 odds. To Place a bet, you must click on the odds under the betting option you want to bet on.

Step 3: Enter the betting stake & confirm the bet

  • Once you select the betting odds on which you want to bet on, a betting slip will open on the right side of the screen and you have to fill in the following to place your bets at 1X2 football betting.


  • Enter the betting amount, the amount of money that you are winning to bet on a particular team for a particular betting option. We are choosing to place a bet of RM100 on X in Tottenham and Brentford.
  • You can check the total return you will get once you enter the betting stake, see how much you are getting, or calculate on your own, now that you know how. Click on Place Bets to confirm your bets.
  • If the soccer match between Tottenham and Brentford results in a draw, then we will earn RM366 by betting RM100 on X. And if the match doesn’t result in a draw, we will lose the wagered amount.

Suppose you chose to place a bet of RM100 on either of the three 1X2 Betting options at a time on a football match, there are three possibilities and all of them are mentioned below.

Case 1: Bet on 1 – TottenhamCase 2: Bet on x – Draw matchCase 3: Bet on 2 – Brentford
Odds: 2.09Odds: 3.66Odds: 3.39
Wager: RM100Wager: RM100Wager: RM100
Pay-out: RM209Pay-out: RM366Pay-out: RM339
If Tottenham wins: you get RM209If match draw: you get RM366If Brentford wins: you get RM339

Follow more football betting strategies to know the secrets of master betting players to place a 1X2 bet on a football match and earn loads of real money with fewer efforts and sheer luck. Read the four given below first and try out your skills.

4 Bonus tips to Earn More in 1X2 Betting Soccer

We present 4 additional bonus tips for you to follow and earn stable money, these are the 4 most common tips from every popular sports bettor in the world. These 4 bonus 1X2 Football Betting tips are more than enough for you to have a stable beginning in the online betting world. Follow and see the impacts of these tricks on your own.

  1. Read Sports Forecasts: Many betting experts who are living their life with money earned by successful betting share their strategies and predictions on who will going to win the next match. Read 4-5 such sports forecasts and select the one which wins the most number of times in the prediction.
  2. Place Small bets on 1X2: A beginner must always begin with the minimum betting limit to ensure less loss and more practice. You need to understand the game before you go on to spend a lot of money on it. Begin with placing bets on W88 Sportsbook with a minimum betting amount of RM0.1
  3. Take chance on Underdog: Underdog always surprises the audience and secretly, online betting sites support the underdogs too. You see the common idea is to bet on higher odds to win more, but when betting on smaller odds can increase the chances of your win as fewer players bet on it and hence, less loss to the house. Betting on the underdog increases your chances of winning the bet.
  4. Time & Money Management: Many online players lose sight of reality and end up losing a lot of time and money before they realize what has happened. That’s why, before starting to place a bet or play online gambling, we recommend committing yourself to a particular money and time limit to spend.


1X2 football betting is the most popular betting option in sportsbooks in Malaysia and the best sportsbook in Malaysia is the W88 Sports betting site. Place your bets on 1X2 Football Betting with just RM0.1 on every sports tournament at W88. Join W88 today, claim RM30 free credit on registering without any deposit, and win a 100% bonus of up to RM150 on your first deposit in the W88 a-SPORTS or e-SPORTS wallet.