W88 Online Gaming – Play 10 Best Online W88 Games with RM0.5

Play at W88 Online Gaming Platform with a minimum of RM0.5 like Xoc Dia, Tai Xiu, Thai Hi-Lo, Fish Prawn Crab, etc. Join & Win bonus up to RM600 in Live Casino.

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Introduction to W88 Online Gaming

W88 Online Gaming Platform has a lot to offer you, sports events to bet on, online casino to play, slots machines to win, lottery to win and so much more, but we are focusing on one section of W88 in this article, that is, W88 Online Gaming Games with virtual dealers to conduct the game and online players to bet on the W88 games like Xoc Dia, Thai Hi-Lo, Punto Banco, Fish Prawn Crab, Octopus Game, etc.


Join W88 Online Gaming and register your 100% validated account to claim RM30 W88 free credit as New member. Make first deposit and begin playing W88 Games given under ‘Games’ section in the Menu Bar of the official website. All you need is RM0.5 in your W88 wallet to play any online game at W88 Malaysia. Keep reading this article to know more about W88 Gaming in depth.

7 Reasons to Play at W88 Online Gaming – Honest Reviews

W88 Betting company offers many options to bet on, sports matches to place a bet. live casino games, fishing games, P2P. lottery, etc. But here we are only talking about W88 Games, virtual video games. Hence, know why should you choose W88 Online Gaming to play and earn more real money in one bet.


  1. Legalised Online Gaming Platform: W88 Online Gaming platform offers legal online games under the license of PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) by Philippines First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation, based on Presidential Decree 1896.
  2. Easy & Simple User-friendly interface: W88 layout, structure, and gameplay is easy to read, understand and navigate. There’s always a search icon given on the top for players to type and search if they are unable to locate any W88 game. Hence, W88 is simple, easy, elegant to use.
  3. Diverse W88 Online Games Variants: There are 25+ W88 games available to play for online players and each online game is different from the other. Hence, read the rules thoroughly before playing the game and then begin the adventure of learning new games at one place.
  4. Quick & Safe transactions at W88: SSL certificate ensues the safe transaction and W88 payment services offer quick deposits and withdrawals. Deposit your money in W88 instantly via bank transfer and net banking. Withdraw your money within 15 minutes via Bank transfer from W88.
  5. W88 Games Mobile App availability: Players can engage in online gambling any time they want, without worrying about having a laptop. You can access W88 Lite on your mobile phone, be it Android or iOS device. W88 Mobile app is available for both the devices, Android & iOS.
  6. 24X7 Live Customer Care Support: Multiple ways to communicate to W88 Live agent to solve your problem within a minute. You can either connect to Live chat which is available 24X7, drop a mail to W88 CS, make a web call on number, connect in Telegram channel, etc.
  7. Promotions & Welcome Bonuses: W88 offers best promotional deals for online players and one of the best one is the free credit of RM30 without making any deposit at W88. Other welcome bonus is on Live Casino, 20% up to RM600 on first deposit. Hence, Join W88 & Claim bonuses now.

10 Best W88 Online Games for Malaysian Players

Given below are the 10 most played online games at W88 online gaming platform in Malaysia. Know the minimum and maximum betting limit and gameplay of the games in description to play and win real money.


1. Xoc Dia

Minimum betting limit of Xoc Dia is RM0.5 and maximum betting limit is RM5,000.

The gameplay of Xoc Dia consists of 4 coins with one side of red color and other side of white color. Virual dealer shakes the four coins under a bowl and players are supposed to calculate how many of them will have red on top and how many of them will have white on top. Players can even bet on Even/Odd or Big/Small betting option.


2. Thai Hi-Lo

Least amount of money you need to bet on Thai Hi-Lo is RM0.5 and maximum betting limit is RM2,500.

Three dice are shaken by the virtual dealer in as bowl and players have to predict that the total sum of the three dice numbers will be smaller, bigger, even, odd, triples, doubles, and players can even predict particular numbers occurring on the dice. total number 1-11 is low and 12-17 is high, place your bets accordingly to win more real money.


3. Fish Prawn Crab

Minimum betting amount is RM0.5 and maximum betting amount is RM5,000 at Fish Prawn Crab.

Fish Prawn Crab is one of the most popular online game in Malaysia with simple gameplay. There are three dice with different faces on each side and those faces are present in the betting options too. Players have to predict which face will appear on the dice after shaken by the virtual dealer. You can place multiple bets in Fish Prawn Crab W88 Game.


4. Octopus Game

Octopus game can be played with minimum wager limit of RM1 and maximum wager limit of RM2,500.

Alike Xoc Dia, Octopus game also have two symbols, pink diamond and green star. Virtual scary dealer will vibrate the coins in glass equipment and side shown above will determine the winner. You can select the possible circumstance in betting options, whether all coins will show green star, all coins will show pink diamond, or other options.


5. Two Eight War

Least betting stake one need to play two eight war is RM1 and maximum betting stake is RM1,250.

Two Eight War is popular game in Malaysia, played with 40 Mahjong tiles. In this W88 game, there are multiple players on the table and each player is dealt with 2 tiles, even the dealer. If 2 tiles of players are higher than dealer, then player wins the game. If dealer have higher tiles, then the dealer wins the game and you lose the wagered money.


6. Fan Tan

Minimum wagering limit at Fan Tan is RM01 and maximum wagering limit at Fan Tan is RM2,500.

Alike live dealer fan tan game online, fan tan game with virtual dealer is same. Random number of beads are selected from a large jar of beads and then they are placed in line of 4 beads each. Players have to bet on the numbers left in last line. Play this easy and simple game and grab a chance to earn more real cash.


7. Lucky Derby

Minimum betting stake you need to play is RM01 and maximum betting stake is RM2,500.

Lucky Derby is virtual horse race at W88 Games. There are 6 horses participating in the race and you have to predict the winner of the race. Place your bets on the horse you believe might win and earn loads of real money with shire luck. Play Lucky Derby virtual horse race at W88 and double your money in less than 15 seconds by predicting right.


8. Money Blast

Minimum amount of money you need to bet on Money Blast is RM0.5 and maximum is RM500.

Money Blast is a virtual race among 6 rockets in the space. This W88 game offers amazing background and wonderful soundtrack. Place your bets on any of the 6 rockets from RM0.5 to RM500 and wait for the race to begin and end to conclude the winner. Get result of the game in 10 seconds and yes, you can double your money in 10 seconds.


9. The Ladder

Minimum wagering stake limit you need to play The Ladder is RM01 and maximum is RM5,000.

In Ladder online game, players have to bet on the options, predicting whether the ladder will start from L left or R right, whether the ladder will end in O or E, and number of legs created by the ladder. Once players are done predicting the possible scenarios, ladder game begins by creating the ladder steps automatically and winner is determined.


10. Rooster Fight

Minimum wagering limit at Rooster fight is RM1 and maximum wagering at the game limit is RM1,750.

The name of the game suggests a lot itself, its the rooster fight. Two rooster comes in the filed and fight each other until one wins. Players have to bet on the wining rooster or tie. If you predict the right winner of the match, you will win the money and if you predicted the wrong winner, you will lose the money you wagered in the game at W88 online.

How to Play W88 Online Gaming – Easy 3 Steps Guide

We know you are eager to play W88 games and that’s why we are here to show you how to get there. Here is the 3-step guide to play W88 online gaming in easy and quick steps. Follow the points mentioned below to reach the W88 Games section, select the game and place the bets to earn real money.

Step 1: Join W88 & Select Fish Prawn Crab under Games

  • Access W88 betting company’s official website to play online games and click on ‘Join‘ to create your account via 3-step W88 Register guide. If you already created your account, enter your username and password to Login to access play all the available games at W88 Malaysia.


  • Click on Games > Fish Prawn Crab to access the game from many games to see the example. There are many products at W88, we select ‘Games’ and ‘Fish Prawn Crab’ from the drop-down menu to show you an example of how to play an online game at W88 Betting website.

Step 2: Select the table as per Minimum Betting Stake

  • There are many online games for you to play at W88 and you can choose as per your preference. We have selected one of the most popular online games at W88 to present an example for you. You must make a W88 Deposit in Games wallet before engaging in any real money online game.


  • There are three tables in almost every W88 game, you can choose any of the following table to play W88 online gaming depending on the minimum and maximum betting limit. As a beginner, we recommend that you select the table with least minimum betting limit, that is, RM0.5 to RM1,250.

Step 3: Select the Chip & Betting type to place the bets

  • Once you select the betting table, you will enter the room where virtual video game will be going on with virtual dealer sitting in front of the table, conducting the W88 online gaming for you.


  • The game starts when you get 30 seconds to place your bets on Fish Prawn Crag game at W88 games. Select the number chip, equivalent to the amount of real money you want to bet on Fish Prawn Crag game and select the betting option, drawn on the table as per the game rules.
  • There are three dice in the game which the rolled and shaken by the virtual dealer, each dice have different faces on them instead of numbers and those faces are present in the betting options. Players have to predict the face of three or any one dice, and will win the real money accordingly.

5 Bonus tips to Win More at W88 Online Gaming

Welcome to the secret of earning more real money and becoming the master of W88 games. Here are 5 additional bonus tips for you to take with you before you depart and use these online gaming techniques to have stable career in online gambling and real money profits in time gradually.

  1. Place small bets: As a beginner, you should always start playing online gambling with least betting limit applicable. W88 Online Gaming offers minimum betting limit of RM0.5 and we recommend that you place a bet of minimum RM0.5 only in the beginning and then, increase the amount gradually.
  2. Understand Rules: Every Online game at W88 have different rules and it’s beneficial for you to understand the rules before placing the bets. There’s a guide in the W88 official website itself for you to read and understand the game rules and play the game with utmost confidence.
  3. Follow default strategy: There are hundreds of online gambling strategies for you to follow, read and understand which one if best for you. Use the ones you like and make one default strategy for yourself. Don’t throw the strategy away when you start losing, that’s when you should hold it tight.
  4. Manage time & Money: Getting addicted to online games at W88 is one of the easiest thing to do and you have to earn to control your urges of playing online games all the time. You will end up losing time and money if you don’t create a plan, play only 15 minutes a day and spend less.
  5. Claim Welcome Bonuses: Every online gambling platform offers their best welcome bonuses for online players to claim and attract. Select the betting site with exciting welcome bonus like 20% welcome bonus of up to RM600 in W88 Promotion and enjoy the best experience you can get.


W88 Online Gaming platform brings the best virtual video games for online players with variety of online games and exciting rules. Review all the possible games and explore all the online games yourself by playing the game. But don’t begin the maximum, place small bets and select the best W88 game for yourself to play more and earn more. Join W88 today, claim free credit of RM30 and make a first deposit to claim 20% welcome bonus up to RM600 on Live Casino.