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W88 Xoc Dia    Xoc Dia Game

What is Xoc Dia Game?

Xoc Dia is a classic Vietnamese game that was introduced in the north of Vietnam. Everyone is fond of this entertaining game because of its simple rules yet tricky-to-win game style. With an online option to play the Xoc Dia game, gamblers all over the world are enjoying betting online.


Gamblers, especially those who are poker game lovers, must try out this game that has astounding visuals, excellent speed and an easy to understand gameplay. If you’re starting this game as a beginner, try the W88 Xoc Dia game that has free trial options. 

3 Steps to Start your W88 Xoc Dia Game Online

If you are a beginner and want to learn how to play the Xoc Dia game and basic tips and tricks, you’ve landed at the right place. Follow the below 3 step guide to start playing W88 Xoc Dia Game Online.

Step 1: Enter your W88 account.


  • To get access to the W88 games, players need to log in to their W88 account.
  • If you have not created your account, then W88 register first.

Step 2: Go to the Games section and select the Xoc Dia game.

  • The next step is locating the Games tab on the menu bar.
  • After you click on it, you can find various game options.
  • Click on the TRY button under the Xoc Dia Game.

Step 3: Start gambling on the W88 Xoc Dia game.


  • Xoc Dia uses four coins of red and white colour, two of which are identical.
  • Players are allowed to bet on special circumstances like 4 heads, 4 tails or 3-1 and 1-3 apart from the parity bets.
  • The bet amount is multiplied by 12 when 4 are even, 4 are odd or 2.6.
  • Placing fewer bets can be good to take a big win home, but it has a high risk.
  • Players favour bet tentatively on two even and odd situations with a 50% win situation to avoid risks.
  • Apart from the parity bets, players can also bet on: positioning the door of Big and Small.
  • This is a condition where 3 or 4 heads are big (high) and 3 or 4 tails are small (low). When players draw 2 heads and 2 tails, the match is tied. The odds in such a situation are 50%.

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 Rules of Xoc Dia Game to know as a Beginner

The Xoc Dia game has four cards with red and white coloured faces. The game aims at the players to predict the outcome beforehand whether it will be even or odd, big or small or there will be 1 red and 3 white cards or 3 red and 1 white card.

  • When the outcomes are termed as odd: 3 red faces, 3 white faces and 1 white or 1 red face.
  • When the outcomes are termed as even: 4 white or 4 red faces.
  • If there are 2 white and 2 red faces and you bet on either big, small, odd or even, you lose.

4 Xoc Dia Game Bets

Learn the basic betting style and you have mastered the first step of how to play the Xoc Dia Game online.

Parity bet or Odd/Even bet

Odd bets: 3 White and 1 red or 3 Red and 1 White.

Even bets: 4 white and 4 red or 2 red and 2 white.

  • If the prediction of the player is an odd bet that matches the outcome of the game, the player wins the bet.
  • However, if the player bets on odd but the outcome comes to be even, he loses the bet.

Small and Big bet

Small bets:  4 White, 3 White 1 Red

Big bets:  4 Red, Red 1 White 3

  •  You win if you predict the same outcome as 4 red or 1 Red and 3 White (big bets).


  • You win if you predicted the same outcome as 4 Whites, 3 White and 1 Red (small bets).
  • However, you lose if the result is 2 red and 2 white.


3 -1 or 1-3 bet 

Betting on either 3 Reds and 1 White or 3 Whites and 1 Red.

  • You win if you predicted the exact outcome from either one of the above. 
  • However, you lose if you get 2 Whites and 2 Reds in the outcome.

4 white/ 4 red bet

4 White or 4 Red bets: You win if you predicted the same outcome as 4 Whites or 4 Reds.

However, you lose if you get 2 Reds and 2 Whites in the outcome.

Note: The player loses every time he predicts any outcome that turns out to be 2 Red and 2 Whites, except the even bet.

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Have the best gaming time while playing and betting on the Xoc Dia game. Learn the basic rules and try gaming on the W88 Xoc Dia game to improve your skills. Once you’re confident, start your betting on W88. Enjoy gaming and earning on W88’s wide variety of casino games.

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