Sic Bo prediction software – Boost 97% odds using Analyzer

Curious about Sic Bo prediction software 2024? Learn about how Sic Bo analyzer works & unveil some cheat sheets to trigger the odds of winning to 97% up to RM3K. 

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Sic Bo prediction software uses AI technology to analyze pattern codes among various pattern algorithms and determines the best choice for the user to increase his chances of winning. 

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Sic Bo prediction software – What’s the logic of using an analyzer?

Of course, everyone wants to win! That is why the Sic Bo game, which is more of a luck game, is hard to win and requires some mechanism to predict the best outcome. 


There’s a prolonged debate on whether this Sic Bo prediction software actually works and gives the outcome. And if it really works, then how? 

Let me tell you one thing, Live Casinos that work day in and day out uses a particular software that uses such patterns to make it challenging for the players to earn more and more profits. If Casinos can use such software, why can’t we use the same to predict the outcome and increase our profits?

I know, now you’re getting the importance and need of using a Sic Bo prediction software.

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Sic Bo prediction software for Android, iOS, and PC

  • W88malayu has performed extensive research by working with numerous real-betting live casinos and collected sufficient information about the systems they operate, how they perform, what do they do to earn more profits, and so on.
  • With all the research, W88malayu has found that Sic Bo prediction software is beneficial to increase the winning chances if you’ve learnt it’s working appositely.


  • Casinos use such software systems for manipulating game rules, setting the outcome, and everything that help them earn huge profits.
  • However, this method can be used as a counter to win and earn by gamblers.
  • The software has a novel sic bo house edge that depends on computing and actuarial science. 
  • This software stamps out the luck factor and human sentiments to secure consistent net winnings in most tournaments.

Let us learn about how the Sic bo house edge works and the essential things to consider while using the Sic Bo prediction software.

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How does Sic Bo prediction software works?

You need to consider two important things about Sic Bo house edge – Bet selection and Bet plan.

Bet Plan

  • The Bet plan is a series of cumulative bet values needed to be executed till the winning hand or single hand is achieved.
  • The Bet plan depends on the payment edges of the “Any Triple” bet and minimum and maximum bet limits of even-payment bet.
  • These bet limits and payment edges differ in every casino and thus gamers need to measure and accordingly execute the bet plan with these definite parameters in the Sic Bo game.
  • For making the sic bo house edge bet plan work effectively, gamers must also provide adequate bankroll.


Bet Selection 

  • The Bet Selection strategy calls for critical mathematical and high prediction criteria that have been tested on several real casinos for a prolonged period.  
  • This strategy becomes useful in analyzing the best bet selection by installing the previous Live Sic Bo games into it.
  • The software reads up all the data and algorithms and processes the expected output for gamers to decide which bet to go for.
  • However, bet selection cannot always provide the exact same outcome prediction but it has been proven efficient to provide constant net winnings for the gamblers over the long run.

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If you are someone who is very desperate to win the Sic Bo tournaments and take away the best jackpot, then Sic Bo prediction software is something that you’ll love to use. Although this software still has a thin chance of getting a net loss, overall it has been found efficient enough for the gamblers over the long run. Read the sic bo prediction software’s techniques and working to be prepared enough to win the bet. Also last important thing is that before getting into any real casino to bet, know the game rules, betting odds, and minimum and maximum bet limits so that you can be prepared with your gaming strategy.