12 Sic Bo Winning Strategies to win up to RM7,000 every day

Discover the 12 best Sic Bo Winning Strategies to win up to RM7,000 every day! W88malayu reveals the secrets & methods of pro gamblers to earn more real money.

Best Sic Bo Strategies  Sic Bo Online  Casino Bonus RM600

Playing online casino games can be fun, however it is also always important to take the proper precautions needed to avoid overspending. This is why you should choose betting sites like W88 and games like Sic Bo to play online as it is one of the most easiest games to learn. However, using some Sic Bo winning strategies as a beginner would help you get wholesome payouts up to RM7,000 every day in the long run. So, here are some of the pro methods you can use as a beginner when playing Sic Bo.


1. Pick a good Sic Bo game room

The first thing that is very important is to pick a good online Sic Bo game room to play the game and to do this you should pick the correct online betting site to play casino games. You will find many online betting sites for casino games however there are only a few of them which are deemed to be the best and W88 is one of them.

  • The online betting site you select should be easy to use and also offer you with welcome bonuses that you can claim as a new member like the one given by W88 when you make an account in the W88 Register.
  • Besides this it should offer you with many Sic Bo game rooms to choose from top providers in the betting world online. Club Ezugi, Club W Casino, Gameplay Interactive, etc. are some of the most trusted game room providers.
  • Lastly, the online game room you select to play Sic Bo online should give you the chance to place bets with low minimum betting rate as this is one of the upcoming Sic Bo Winning Strategies which we will talk about in depth further down the article.

2. Keep a small bank roll to play

The next Sic Bo strategy to win is something that should be done from your end, and this is to keep a small bank roll for playing certain betting rounds. This is important as Sic Bo is an entertaining game and it often happens that many players end up spending more than they intended to by placing bets again and again.

  • This is why as a Sic Bo winning pro method, you should keep a small bank roll to play the game and this is even more effective when you use these Sic Bo strategies.
  • With these strategies, you will be winning more rounds and so, this small bank roll would eventually increase by the time you finish playing.
  • But using the small bank roll should be the daily limit you strictly follow when playing Sic Bo online as it will help you maintain a healthy relationship with online casinos.


3. Use minimum betting stakes on the table

In continuation with the point above, it is important to follow this next Sic Bo strategy to win as it will help you use the aforementioned Sic Bo strategies effectively. When you learn How to Play Sic Bo and enter the online casino game room to place bets on the Sic Bo table, you should always start by using the minimum betting stakes available.

  • Using the minimum betting stakes would give you less payouts when you win, however, as a beginner since you are bound to make mistakes here and there, using the minimum betting stakes would be very helpful in losing less money.
  • Additionally, using the minimum betting stakes would let you play some more betting rounds as a beginner to learn these strategies as well as come up with your own.
  • Lastly, there are many betting options in Sic Bo and so you can use the minimum betting stakes to place more than one bet in a single betting round and win by even more accuracy.

4. Observe and Keep Track of most Winning Bets

One way to follow the last point of the Sic Bo strategy above is to observe the game to place even more accurate bets to win. In fact, observation is one of the most effective Sic Bo strategies to win many pros use before they start playing the game for the day. Observations is a skill that takes time to learn however but since you are a beginner now is the best time to start.

  • Sic Bo is one of those online casino games with many betting rounds and so placing bets on these betting options can be difficult as any one of them can win.
  • However, one of the Sic Bo strategies you can use to place accurate bets is the art of observations. To do this, you must observe some Sic Bo betting rounds before you start placing bets.
  • What you must observe is which betting option seem to be winning the most and which ones you should avoid. Then you can place bets on the most winning betting options and you can repeat this procedure after certain intervals.


5. Make use of Sic Bo side bets more

When you observe the Sic Bo game before playing online as it is one of the most effective Sic Bo Tricks, it is important to also observe the side betting option that comes with it as these are the best and easiest bets you can go for. This is because the Sic Bo side betting options are also considered to be group betting options, so you have a higher chance of winning these than individual bets.

  • The best part about playing Sic Bo is that it gives you with many betting options, both main bets and side bets, and thus it is important to observe both main and side winning bets.
  • However, because there are many betting options keep track of them can be bothersome because in the end you are in the game room to enjoy.
  • This is why you should make proper use of the Sic Bo side bets by using only them for certain betting rounds as they have a higher chance of winning and you can place multiple bets using them.

6. Place higher stakes on Big/Small

Yes, we mentioned above to use the minimum betting stake in the Sic Bo game room as it is the most effective way to save money however, if you are using the big or small betting options, then you should definitely go for a slightly higher stake as it is easier to win using these options.

  • To cut down the observing Sic Bo strategy even more, you can focus on observing only the Big/Small winning strategy. Similarly, you can use the odd/even betting options too.
  • Here, you must observe which option from the pairs win more betting round that the others. This observation is much more easier to carry out than observing the number betting options.
  • That being said, once you have got the two most-winning options from the pairs, you can use the further mentioned strategies to place your bets and win most of the betting rounds.


7. Use betting systems to maintain bank roll

Now that you have learnt how you can place bets on the side bets more in the Sic Bo Live Casino to earn more after observing which ones win more rounds. You can go ahead and place bets on them but keep in mind that you will win most of the betting rounds and not all of them. But don’t worry because there is a way in which you can get back the money you lost and that is by using betting systems. There are two types of betting systems that are used, Progressive and Non-Progressive.

  • Progressive betting systems lets you increase your betting stake whenever you experience a loss or win accordingly, so that you win back the money your previously lost.
  • Non-Progressive betting systems lets you maintain the same betting stake throughout the game so that you lose as little money as you can.
  • Although you should select the betting system that is friendly to your bank roll, we recommend using the progressive betting system as it will help you make more profit and minimize loss.

8. Place bets using beginner-friendly D’Alembert Method

A progressive betting system called the Martingale strategy is the most famous one as it lets you minimize loss and maximize profit by allowing you to increase the betting stake by doubling it whenever you experience a loss so that when you win you can get back the money you previously lost.

  • However, since the Martingale strategy is created for high rollers, you should  try the D’Alembert method where you increase the betting stakes by a unit whenever you experience a loss starting with the minimum betting stake on the table.
  • However, when you win the betting round, you will get the lost money back and this is when you should go back to the initial betting stakes which should be the minimum betting limit in the game room.
  • This way, if you use this method and keep placing bet on the observed most winning betting system, then you can have earned more by the end of your playing time.


9. Be Vigilante of the Monte Carlo Gambler’s Fallacy

This is something that many gamblers often notice as a form of regret and it is the Gambler’s Fallacy which is also know as they Monte Carlo fallacy. This fallacy is the misconception that many gamblers have where they believe that because a betting option has won more rounds, it is unlikely to win again.

  • This often leads them to believe otherwise and end up placing bets on the wrong betting option even though they knew which betting option has won more rounds. You can try using some Sic Bo Prediction Software for instant results, although we do not recommend it as it won’t give you the authentic casino feeling.
  • In Sic Bo and most online casino games, it is important that you be aware of this fallacy as it is not true and so, you must stick to the betting option you observed to be the most winning one.
  • Even if you lose the betting rounds, the D’Alembert system will help you win back the money you previously lost. That being said, it is important to also stick to one betting system throughout your playing time.

10. Trust your instincts wisely most of the time

This next Sic Bo strategy to win must be done with consideration to the aforementioned point of being aware of the gambler’s fallacy. Trusting your instincts is claimed to give the accurate outcomes most of the time, however, this is sometimes not always true for online gambling as it could lead to major losses.

  • However, this does not mean that you should not trust your instincts as much as they can be wrong, they can also be pretty accurate, so it is important that you trust your instincts by wisely.
  • When we say wisely, we mean that you should have a proper basis or reason to trust your instincts and this can be done by observations too. Thus, what you must observe and make note of it the interval of time taken for the other betting option to win.
  • This means that you should see after how long the opposite betting option takes to win and then based on the average time, you can place your bets. As long as you use the D’Alembert method, even if you lose you can win back the betting stake.


11. Set a betting time limit for the day

Just because you can win back the betting stake using the D’Alembert method, it is important to make sure that you do not spend a lot of time gambling because sometimes playing more does not equal to earning more for the day. In fact, the longer you play, the more likely you are to lose more money.

  • So, the best way to avoid this is by using the next Sic Bo strategy to win and that is to set a time limit for how long you will be playing the game.
  • This time limit should not exceed more than 2 hours, as you will have to observe the game without placing stakes after intervals too.
  • Lastly, if you wish to win more money by playing less betting rounds then you should consider applying for your online casino’s welcome bonus offer. For instance, the W88 Promotion gives its customers with up RM600 as a new member bonus.

12. If you don’t seem to be winning, leave the game room

Lastly, the final Sic Bo strategy in our article is something that pro players respect and is indeed a wise decision you must make. Being greedy and playing too many betting rounds with the hopes of winning the next one would only lead to further major losses.

  • This is why you should consider leaving the game room for the day when you feel like you are losing more than you had won yesterday or in fact, when you are losing more rounds in general.
  • To know this, you can first start the game by playing only for a set number of betting rounds, let’s say 10 betting rounds. If you win more betting rounds from the 10 using the strategy then play on, but if it is the opposite then you must leave the game room.
  • Doing so, would allow you to avoid unnecessary spending and also would save you from experiencing back to back losses thereby staining your healthy relationship with gambling online.



These were the best Sic Bo Strategies to win wholesome payouts that can go up to RM7,000 daily if they are followed thoroughly. Not only this but if you choose a betting site like W88, you can earn money without having to play many Sic Bo games as you can just claim the W88 promotion up to RM600 on casino products. Doing so would require you to make a minimum deposit of RM30 only and so, you can play Sic Bo and other fun classic casino games at the W88 live casino online.