Dragon Tiger Evolution Gaming: Best Dealer to Get RM50 daily

Dragon Tiger doesn’t lag back other Evolution Gaming products. Dragon Tiger Evolution Gaming is featuring the best live casino & signup bonuses RM150 for this game.

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Dragon Tiger Evolution Gaming is simple to play and even easier to wager on. As a result, it is one of Evolution Gaming’s most beloved gaming products and pulls huge groups every day.


  • The game is an uncomplicated variant of Live Baccarat and can be appreciated by everyone.
  • Two cards will be dealt, one Tiger and one Dragon. The higher between the two is revealed a winner.
  • Rounds are quick and easy and take around 25 seconds to be executed, making the game precise for beginner and expert players equally.

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Best 4 uniqueness explained on Dragon Tiger Evolution Gaming?


  1. Starting in 2018, Evolution Gaming has combined another gaming product with its remarkable collection of Live Baccarat games, Dragon Tiger, which is trendy among Asian players. Every hand gets only 1 card, and players wager on which of the 2 will be higher.
  2. Voluntary Tie bet stakes 11:1 for cards being equivalent in place, irrespective of their suit. Suited Tie bet wins with cards even in both rank and case, spending 50:1 while providing 50% of your original stake back.
  3. The game interface presents a complete range of statistics given enabling members to predict the result of rounds.
  4. As is the fact with all Evolution live dealer gaming products, in-game choices incorporate below:
    • Sound and video controls.
    • Complete games rules.
    • A choice between classic and 3D viewing modes.
    • A chance to chat with the live dealer.

The best RTP for Dragon and Tiger’s main bet is 96.27%.

How long does a Dragon Tiger Evolution Gaming round take?

  • Game rounds are rapid at 25 seconds each.
  • Betting time is limited to 15 Seconds.


What’s the Return to Player (RTP) of the Dragon Tiger Evolution Gaming?

  • The main game holds an RTP of 96.72%
  • Tie bets own an RTP of 89.64%.
  • Suited Ties possess an RTP of 86.02%.

Dragon Tiger Evolution Gaming Features and Rules

One of the best stuff about Live Tiger Dragon Evolution Gaming is that there is no bookmaker’s margin because the loot comes with a tie option. The tie option guarantees that casinos will have an advantage on all rounds despite the result.


  • The Tie bet is also an excellent winning possibility for the player. It is an optional side bet in the game.
  • In the case of a Tie, and the player has put a Tie bet, the player is paid out 11:1. Besides, half of the player’s main bet is also refunded.
  • More further, if the cards in the Tie are identical suit, the casino gives 50:1. If you are smart sufficient to support that result, those edges can allow you quite the advantage. This upshot also pays 50% of the original primary stake.
  • Online casino operatives offer multiple betting ends for the Live Dragon Tiger game. Generally, all casino providers designate that the minimum stake on the game is $1.
  • It is necessary to remember that Live Dragon Tiger Evolution Gaming dealers direct the game flawlessly.
  • They are profoundly skillful in balancing the waiting time required to put bets and maximizing the games played.
  • With a profoundly qualified dealer, 6 rounds of action can be made in a short-covering 2 minutes.
  • Live Dragon Tiger Evolution Gaming is wholly legit, and members don’t need to worry the slightest edge while playing it. It is authorized and managed by the Maltese Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

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Top 5 Key benefits to players of Dragon Tiger Evolution Gaming


  1. Optional Suited Tie bet with a payout rate of 50:1
  2. Live Chat interaction with the choice to hide other player’s talk
  3. Advanced Video quality with improvements from low to medium, high, or HD
  4. Audio backgrounds with the likelihood of muting the dealer’s voice and background noise
  5. Statistic boards with complete records and outcomes of earlier sessions


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Dragon Tiger Evolution Gaming is simplistic, but that doesn’t make it any less delightful to play. What intensifies the game is the performance of the table, the dealer, and the studio surroundings. Evolution has surpassed itself recently. The atmosphere has Asian-influenced features about it, is radiant and spacious, and holds an intense flame that engages with the ends of the table. Simple and remarkable.