How to play W88 Tai Xiu game – Big vs Small – Get RM500

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W88 Tai Xiu    Tai Xiu Game

W88 has so many online casino games to amaze gamblers, and the new Games option has taken this excitement to the next level. One of such games is the W88 Tai Xiu game. Play online on W88 and win RM1200 every day! Isn’t it amazing? 

What is Tai Xiu?

Tai Xiu is a dice game between Tai (Big) versus Xiu (Small). Both sides have to bet over predicting the outcome of the three dice thrown by the dealer. The player with the correct prediction wins the bet. However, like other games, Tai Xiu also follows few rules for prediction. Read on to know everything about the W88 Tai Xiu game.

How to play the W88 Tai Xiu game in 3 Steps?

Tai Xiu is a game that was originated in China wherein a dealer rolls three dice and the participants have to predict the outcome. The below three steps will let you play this fun and entertaining luck game.

Step 1: Log in to your W88 account and Select Tai Xiu game


  • Access the W88 official homepage and log in.
  • After logging in, locate the Games tab that is on the top of the homepage on the menu bar. 
  • Select Tai Xiu game under it and click on the TRY option.

Step 2: Select the table according to the bet limits


  • Once you click on the Tai Xiu game, a new window for playing the game opens.
  • Select the table with the betting limits according to your preference. It ranges from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 20,000.

Step 3: Start rolling your bets along with the Tai Xiu rolling dices.

For the new players, the W88 Tai Xiu game has the Try now option where you can improvise your skills for free and then start betting in real by clicking on Play now. 


  • W88 Tai Xiu game starts with betting rounds wherein you can place your bets from the chip slider below. 
  • There is also an option to Rebet with which players can withdraw their bet and bet again.
  • The dealer rolls three dice on the table and the participants must predict the outcome of the dice values.
  • If the value of the outcome is in favour of the player’s bet, then he wins the match.

 7 Rules to remember while playing the W88 Tai Xiu game

W88 Tai Xiu game has simple and straightforward rules that attract gamblers with utmost excitement and entertainment. The whole betting game on the prediction of the outcome of dice! Gave you goosebumps, right? Try this amusing game by knowing the basic rules below.


Read the below rules of W88 Tai Xiu for beginners:

  1. The game is between Tai (small) and Xiu (big).
  2. A dealer rolls three dice with six sides and numbers from 1-6 on the table and the participants have to predict the outcome of the three dice.
  3. The sum of the values of all three dice will determine the winner.
  4. Tai wins if the value is between 11-17 points.
  5. Xiu wins if the value is between 4-10 points.
  6. The participants have to take these points in mind and predict the outcome.
  7. The player with the same prediction as the outcome wins the bet.

Note: The player can lose the bet of the values on the three dice that appear to be the same. For example, 1,1,1 or 2,2,2 or 3,3,3.

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4 W88 Tai Xiu Beginner Tips

To better understand the game, try the below tips that will help you as a beginner to level up your game.

1. Start with low bets 

As a beginner do not jump on high bets. Low bets are comparatively easier to play and thus start with low bets and then as you master, increase your bet limits.


2. Start with a free trial

To know the actual gameplay and the betting strategy, start with the W88 Tai Xiu free trial. Learn the game and remember the rules and then go for real betting on W88 Tai Xiu.

3. Watch Tai Xiu game videos of popular gamers

To learn the advanced skills and strategies to improve your prediction game, watch youtube videos of famous gamers.

4. Play more, Win more, Earn more!

 Playing as much as possible can help you improvise your skills in playing the game. Slowly and steadily you’ll get to know the prediction strategy and you will become the master of the game. With more playing and more betting, you will earn more rewards, like RM500 every round.

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Start playing the W88 Tai Xiu game with the simple 3 step guide above and understand the rules. W88 free trial is always open for you to play and brush your skills. Remember the basic tips that as a beginner can help you a lot to understand the game. Once mastered, try the real betting game on W88 Tai Xiu game and win RM1200 every day!