How to play W88 Thai Hi Lo game – Learn rules & Win RM 1,500

Explore the new W88 Thai Hi Lo game & learn how to play with the basic rules & get chance to win 100% cash prizes of RM 1,500 every day. Easy play, simple win!

W88 Thai Hi Lo Play W88 Thai Hi Lo W88 Thai Hi Lo Game

W88 Thai Hi Lo is a new casino game that is a Thai version of the popular Sic Bo game. This is a 100% luck game played with three dices. However, with practice and playing multiple bets, gamblers can predict the outcome. To start your W88 Thai Hi Lo game journey, we have included everything you need to know in this article. Read ahead to know more!

How to play the W88 Thai Hi Lo game online – 3 steps!

W88malayu presents a simple three-step guide to know and understand the W88 Thai Hi Lo game rules for Malaysian gamblers.

Step 1: Go to the W88 official homepage and log in to your account


  • W88 is accessible on both devices – Mobile as well as PC.
  • Enter the W88 official website and log in with your credentials.
  • If you are a newbie, then you’ll need to Register on W88 and create your account.
  • Once you have successfully created your account, you can access the Thai Hi Lo game on W88.
  • Make a minimum deposit on your W88 account to start the game.

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Step 2: Click on the Thai Hi Lo game and select your table

  • Locate the Games tab on the W88 menu bar at the top of the homepage and select the Thai Hi Lo game under it.
  • W88 offers a free trial for players to play and understand the game before starting with an actual betting game.
  • Click on the Play option to start the real betting on the W88 Thai Hi Lo game and a new game tab will open.


  • Select the bet limit that ranges from a minimum of 1 to 5,000.
  • Start your betting game on Thai Hi Lo and win amazing jackpots every day.

Step 3: Play on the Thai Hi Lo game by placing your bets

  • Thai Hi Lo has very simple gameplay among every other game at W88.
  • Players require strong luck and strong prediction power to win this game.
  • With this how to play W88 Thai Hi Lo guide, you’ll be able to start wagering and winning handsome bet amounts.
  • The game round starts with the placing of bets on the game board. Players can either go for High bets (Hi) or Low bets (Lo).


  • The game’s main goal is to predict the outcome of the three dices and decide the betting type.
  • After placing the bets in the given time limit, the dealer shakes the dish and declare the result.
  • The result depends on adding up the numbers on the three dices.
  • If the player predicted the outcome to be in favour of his bet type, he wins the match.

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W88 Thai Hi Lo rules & payout table – Win RM1,500

W88 Thai Hi Lo some with tremendous betting options. This luck game is thus so popular because it has numerous chances to win. Let us look at the basic rules of this game first and then head on to the payout options according to the bets.


  • Low bets (Lo) range from numbers 4-10 and High bets (Hi) range from numbers 12-17.
  • If the player placed High bets and the summation of the number on all the three dices results between 12-17, he wins.
  • If the player placed Low bets and the outcome results in between 4-10, he wins.
  • However, the player loses is the number on the dices result in 1, 1, 1 or 2, 2, 2 or 3, 3, 3.
  • There are total 12 bet types and the payout ratio differs accordingly.

Now comes the most exciting part, the payout table! Fasten your seat belts and get ready for this amazing ride that will take to through all the possible bet types and their payouts.


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W88 Thai Hi Lo game is a popular three dice game that depends on luck. The stronger your luck, the stronger will be your returns! However, you can easily take your payout once you master this game by consistent practice and multiple betting on each type. To get started with this thrilling luck game, read this article completely to win RM 1,500 every day!