How to play W88 Bullfight Poker Online: Get RM1200 per round

Learn how to play W88 Bullfight poker and Get RM1200 per round! A complete beginner’s guide to start W88 bullfight poker online. Play now to win more jackpots!

W88 Bullfight Poker    Bullfight Poker Game

W88 has proven itself to be the best gaming operator providing the best virtual gaming experience to its users in Malaysia. From Live Casino to slots games to its wonderful New Games collection, W88 has ensured the best interface with top-quality games online. Apart from this, W88 also has a sportsbook section for sports enthusiasts to support their favorite players and leagues by wagering on them.


The New Games section at W88 has a splendid variety of games, from Tai Xiu, Xoc Dia, Thai Hi-Lo to exciting card games like Bullfight: Ultimate Poker. Follow the three basic steps on how to access and play W88 Bullfight Poker online.

Start W88 Bullfight Poker in 3 Steps!

W88 has a P2P gaming section to play classic Texas Hold’em Poker. However, the new Bullfight Poker is taking the hearts of gamblers nowadays. Start your gameplay at W88 Bullfight Poker by the three steps below:

Step 1: Access w88, login & go to Games.


  • When you access the W88 official site, log in your credentials first and then you’ll be able to see the Games option with red coloured new at the menu bar. 
  • Select that option and click on Try Now if you’re a beginner to gather some skills before the actual gameplay.
  • Once you’re good with playing and confident enough to start your betting game, Click on the Play Now and start the game.

Step 2: Enter the Bullfight Poker & set the preferred betting limit.


  • The betting limits range from 500 – 2000. Select any one of your preferred choices and start placing your bets.
  • There are two betting rounds, and you need to place your bets within the limit you selected. 

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Step 3:  Start betting on Bullfight Poker – Bull Win or Lose.


  • Once you place your bets, the dealer distributes five cards to each player.
  •  A final showdown of cards takes place. Starting from the player next to the dealer, everyone reveals their cards.
  • The cards are compared and ranked to declare the payout.
  • The card’s value are either – Bull 1, Bull 2, Bull 3, Bull 4, Bull 5, Bull 6, Bull 7, Bull 8, Bull 9, or Bull Bull or None.


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How are W88 Bullfight Poker Cards calculated?

Once the final showdown takes place, the summation of the first three cards and the last two cards are done differently. After calculating the card values of both, the player with the best hand combination wins. 

To know how the W88 Bullfight Poker hand rankings are calculated, read further.

What Are The Best Hand Combinations in W88 Bullfight Poker?

Now, you know the basic gameplay of how to start and play W88 Bullfight Poker. For becoming the winner and getting the highest payout, W88 Bullfight Poker Hand Rankings must be known. The payout is dependent upon the following hand rankings.

  1. Bull – Straight Flush: When all your cards are in a queue or sequence of the same suit. The payout value is 8 for this card combination.
  2. Bull – Four of a kind: When four of your cards are face cards with the same value. For example, K, K, K, K, A. The payout of such a card combination is also 8.
  3. Bull – Five Calf: When you have two pairs of the same cards. For example, 3, A, A, 2, 2. The payout is 5 for the Bull – five calf combination.
  4. Bull – Full Face: When you have all face cards with two pairs. For example, K, K, Q, J, J. The payout for this card combination is 5.
  5. Bull – Full House: When you have a pair of three cards and a pair of two cards. For example, J, J, J, 7, 7. The payout for this card combination is 5.


6. Bull – Four Face: When you have four face cards and one of them is a pair. For example, K, Q, J, J, 10. The payout for such a card combination is 3.

7. Bull – Straight: When your cards are in a sequence irrespective of the suit. For example, K, Q, J, 10, 9. The payout is 3 for such a card combination.

8. Bull – Flush: When your cards are from the same suit irrespective of the value, the payout is 3.


9. Bull Bull: When you have a card combination like 9, 6, 5, 9, A. The payout is 1 for such a hand combination.

10. Bull 7 – Bull 9: When you have a card combination like 5, 4, A, K, 9, the payout is 1.


11. Bull 1 – Bull 6: When you have a card combination like 6, 2, 2, A, 5. The payout is 1 for such a hand combination.

12. None: When your cards are like 9, 3, 2, Q, 6, your payout will be 1. 

Key Benefits to play W88 Bullfight Poker

  • Outstanding card game that calls for tactical thinking.
  • Awesome live feed covering the screen.
  • The game can be accessed on any device – Mobile, PC, ios.
  • Quick rounds with skilled dealers.
  • The unique game offered at very few game providers.

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Truly, W88 Bullfight Poker is one such game that you can go on playing for hours together without a break because of such good payout options and a fun online game. A few critical thinking skills are required and you’ve got that game! Start playing W88 Bullfight Poker today and win exciting jackpots!