W88 Affiliate: Create ID & Get 50% Commission on Active Player


Create your W88 Affiliate ID with 3 Steps Guide & Get a 50% Lifetime Revenue Share on each Active Player you bring to W88 Sports Betting & Live Casino Website.

W88 Affiliate  W88 50% Commission  W88 Promotion

One of the best ways to make money these days is Marketing and anybody can do that by promoting products in the most efficient way. What is even better about this is the revenue share commission that comes your way in exchange for promoting products. However, choosing the right partner to be affiliated with matters the most if you want to earn instant money. This is why W88 is the best go-to site, like W88, that you will want to affiliate with to gain all the top-quality benefits as its official partner.

5 Benefits of Joining the W88 Affiliate Program

Joining W88 has its own benefits, however, we urge you to check out the Affiliate Program by W88 so that you can earn high commission rates on revenue shares. All you must do is promote W88 in an attractive way which will in turn attract many audiences to play at W88.


The benefits of being a W88 Affiliate are vast and you can even boost your website by just having W88’s brand name on your site.

  • No Additional Fees: The best thing you can do as a website owner is to join W88’s Affiliate Program because they do not charge you with any additional fee. All you have to do is use their tools to promote their products on your website and gain a revenue share commission of 50%!
  • 50% Revenue Share: Most websites do not offer a high Revenue Share. However, at W88, you will be equal partners where you can get up to 50% commission that will help you boost your own website sales.
  • Marketing Tools: As a W88 Affiliate, promoting the brand is very easy because W88 is already no. 1 in Asia. Additionally, you will get support from some of the best marketing tools at request from W88.
  • Manager Support: Speaking of Support, you will get a chance to access W88 Manager as well as Customer Service 24/7 support as an Affiliate for W88.
  • Life-Time Access: What is even better is that all these exciting benefits will come to you for a lifetime as long as you be a W88 Affiliate. However, it is important that you follow the requirements for being a W88 affiliate by promoting the W88 products to its fullest, in your own creative way.

Become a Member in W88 Affiliate Program in 3 Easy Steps

Becoming a W88 Affiliate is as easy as promoting its products. All you must do is follow these 3 simple steps that will help you kickstart your journey as an esteemed W88 Affiliate.

Step 1: Create a W88 Account and Visit the Affiliate Page

The first thing you must do is go to W88malayu.info to find the Official W88 Website.

  • Then, you must create your Player account in the W88 register by Clicking on ‘Join‘. Complete this step by adding a unique username and strong password, and verifying your W88 Account.


Once you have verified your W88 Player Account, you must click on ‘Login‘, and enter the username and password to remain logged into your W88 Account.

  • Then you must scroll down to the bottom of the W88 Homepage and click on ‘Affiliates‘.
  • This will take you to the W88 Affiliate Homepage on a new tab.


  • Here, you must click on ‘Join‘ again. This will take you to the registration form to join the W88 Affiliate Program.

Note: The Affiliate Registration form at W88 is different from the Player Account form. So be sure you fill both these forms accurately.

Step 2: Fill in the Basic Details of your W88 Affiliate Account

The next step that you must take care and precisely is to Fill in the Basic Details that will be in your W88 Affiliate Account.

  • These basic details include Full Name, Date of Birth, Email Address, Username, and Password.


  • Full Name: You must enter your Full Name, as it is on your Bank Details. This is because it is crucial when making transactions, as you will get your revenue share commission to the same name. So, if it doesn’t match, then there will be a problem with receiving your revenue commission.
  • Date of Birth: Next, you must select your Date of Birth one of one by scrolling through the drop-down menu. Again, just like your Full  Name, your Date of Birth should match the one on legal documents.
  • Email Address: Moving on, you must enter your valid email address accurately. This is to receive all notifications via email. This email address should be active and preferably a business email address that you use. Make sure you verify your email during the account verification process.
  • Username: Now, you must enter your username and make it unique, this username should be different from your Player Account username. Besides this, it should be alphanumerical between 6 to 15 characters.
  • Password: Lastly, enter your password which is easy for you to remember. This password should be strong and preferably different from the one in your Player Account. It should be between 8 to 10 characters and make sure you save the password on your browser. Confirm your W88 Affiliate ID password by re-entering it.

Once you have completed filling in all these basic details accurately, then you must scroll down to complete the process using step 3.

Step 3: Complete the Form and Click on ‘Join’

The last part of the form involves filling in your preferences for your W88 affiliate account.


  • Country: Select the country you will be promoting from by clicking on the drop-down menu.
  • Contact: Then add active and valid contact information along with the country’s call code.
  • Additional  Contact: Besides this, you must also add an additional contact that you can be contacted through from the option QQ/MSN/Skype.
  • Preferred Language: Next up, you must select the preferred language that you would like to communicate in from the drop-down menu.
  • Preferred Currency: Then, select the currency you would like to make and receive payments in.
  • Commission Type: This section will already be set as ‘Revenue Share’. Thus, this detail will be permanently fixed in your W88 affiliate account.
  • Website URL: Then, you must add the Website URL, preferably via copy-paste, that you will be promoting W88’s product.
  • Referral ID: Lastly, add your referral ID accurately. You will find this on your website’s link.

Note: To become a W88 Affiliate, it is important that you own a website catering to online gambling.

Once you have completed filling in all the details, read the terms and conditions of the Affiliate Program at W88, and click on the tiny box. Then, you can finally click on ‘Join‘ to complete the registration.

Your Role as A W88 Affiliate

Your role as a W88 affiliate isn’t much but just requires you to promote the W88 products on your online casino-themed website. That being said, promoting W88 is very easy as W88 is already known worldwide. Besides this, it becomes easier when you yourself give W88 a try and use their products via your player account.

#1: Promote W88 Sportbook Products

Sports betting is an area that has been growing rapidly and thus, has become popular. Thus, many online gamblers look for online sites like W88 Sportsbook to play sports betting.

Minimum Betting Rate: RM 5


  • You can promote W88 Sports Sportsbook as it offers not one more than 3 different boo
  • ports betting on most ongoing sports matches in Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Cricket, Baseball, etc.

#2: Live Casino Promotions

The most active place at W88 is probably its Live Casino domain. Here, you can experience playing some of the best live casino games as well as promote them with ease.

Minimum Betting Rate: RM 2


  • W88  offers some of the greatest game rooms available to play exclusive W88 live casino games. These game rooms are provided by Game Providers like Club W Grand, Club Evolution, Club Massimo, Ezugi, and many more.
  • You can play Baccarat, Blackjack, Dragon Tiger, and even Sic Bo at W88 Live Casino.

#3: Slots Games Online Product Promotion

Another bustling and active place at W88 is the Slot games domain. Here, you can sit back and have fun and endless entertainment playing some of the coolest themed slot games online.

Minimum Betting Rate: RM 01 to RM 05


  • Playing Slot games at W88 is fun thanks to its top-quality slot game providers like Microgaming, Netent, Gameplay Interactive, Playtech, etc.
  • You can play W88 slot games with high RTP like Ugga Bugga, Book of Dead, Age of Gods, Sticky Joker, Jackpot Raider, Blood Suckers, and many more games!

#4: Lottery, Fishing, and P2P Games Production

That is not all, W88 exclusively has sections to play the Lottery online to win instantly. Besides this, it also offers sections exclusively for Fishing games online as well as P2P games.

Minimum Betting Rate: RM 0.05 to RM 05


  • Playing Lottery online is fun because of how quickly the results keep updating at W88. Besides this, the interactive game rooms by W88 Fishing Master Games online as well as P2P games are fun places to visit at W88.
  • You can play Fish Prawn Crab, Xoc Dia, Keno, Lotto, Ocean Master, Fishing King, and many more exciting games at W88.

W88 Revenue Share Plan – 50% Lifetime Commission

As mentioned above, W88 offers some of the best exclusive offers for its affiliate partners. You can even get exciting additional benefits and commissions if you manage to attract a lot of traffic from all the websites you own.


  • W88 offers up to 50% cash commission on revenue shares depending on how much traffic or players you manage to bring to their domain from your domain.
  • You can track your traffic data easily using W88 marketing tools. You can even request information from W88 managers who are there to help you with promoting W88’s products efficiently.
  • Besides this, earning the commission cash is easy via W88’s transaction protocol. All you must do is enter the correct details that should match your bank details.
  • You can also opt for different ways of earning your commission by choosing between monthly or bi-monthly commission payouts.
  • You can get access to assistance and information anywhere, anytime as the live agents and managers handling the promotions are always available.

3 Must Know FAQs W88 Affiliates Should Know

Now that you know about most of the things W88 offers in its affiliates program. However, before we let you go let us introduce you to the top 3 most asked questions by people who wish to join the Affiliate program.

If I don’t have a Website, can I join the W88 Affiliate Program?

The W88 Affiliate Partner’s main goal is to promote the W88 Products. Since W88 is an online domain, you must own a website. That being said, W88 Affiliate Agents often review such cases where their affiliate partners do not own websites but instead promote the products in their own way. If you wish to be a W88 affiliate without a Website, then you must contact a W88 Agent, who will help you with the process efficiently.

Can I apply if I have more than one website?

Absolutely yes! In fact, having more than one website is the best way to promote W88’s products. In fact, it will be more beneficial to you since it will attract more customers to W88’s domain and you will get even more revenue share commission. If you have multiple accounts then you can use the same W88 Affiliate account to track all of your sites.

Would I be Accepted as a W88 Affiliate immediately?

Usually, getting accepted as one of W88’s Affiliates is easy and quick. This is because W88 often reviews all Affiliate applications with care. So getting in at W88 as an Affiliate is pretty easy. However, there are times when some applications get rejected and the reason is simple – W88 does not tolerate any discretion or foul language. So be sure to use respectful language when applying.

In Conclusion

As a W88 Affiliate, you can get access to many benefits offered by W88 as well as marketing materials that could make promoting the W88 brand and its products easy. Speaking of easy, joining the Affiliate program is easy as well and can be done under 10 Minutes! Show your eagerness to be a part of the W88 Affiliate program and get accepted to earn up to 50% commission revenue that will boost your website as well!