W88 VIP Club: Progress to Gold, Platinum, Diamond for rewards

Progress as a W88 VIP club member to earn loyalty rewards, bonuses & rebates. Learn about W88 Gold, Platinum, & Diamond levels. Join W88 for 100% up to RM1,288!

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The W88 website is already known for providing members with some of the best online casino games and sports betting that members can enjoy endlessly. This means that you could use the same betting site for years and still not get bored of it. For such members, W88 offers loyalty rewards that customers who have been a part of the W88 family can claim with a W88 VIP account. To know more about this cool W88 promotion deal, read more.

About W88 VIP Club Malaysia 2024

The W88 VIP club is one of the best clubs that members can join after years of being a part of the W88 family. This club contains levels with each level advancement giving the members more and more VIP services. Every member joins W88 as a Blue member which means that are part of the Blue regular account that has promotions like the 100% welcome bonus of up to RM1,288 on their first deposit.

w88malayu w88 vip club join and progress for cashback rewards

Thus, as they progress towards a VIP account, these promotion bonuses increase over time giving the members more benefits. Since the W88 Live Casino and Sports betting website’s mission is to provide cutting-edge quality games to its members whether VIP or not, becoming a part of the W88 VIP club is simple as all you must do is keep playing to ultimately become a high-roller and get a Gold account, then a Platinum account, and finally a Diamond account VIP status with a personal account manager and more exclusive rewards!

W88 VIP Levels explained – Gold, Platinum, and Diamond

As mentioned above, each member joins the W88 platform online as a Blue member with a regular account. But the more they wager and play, the more they advance from Blue to Gold, Gold to Platinum, and finally, Platinum to Diamond, which is the highest level and VIP account.

w88malayu w88 vip club join and progress to new levels w88 gold

W88 Gold Level

The first level that you will upgrade to after the Blue account is the W88 gold level. This level is the first step to joining the W88 VIP status on your account and to get to this level you must make a minimum turnover or stake of RM250,000 within 30 Days of being a Blue Member.

w88malayu w88 vip club join and progress to new levels w88 platinum

W88 Platinum Level

The next level after becoming a W88 gold member is the W88 Platinum level where you must make high stakes again to maintain the status. To get this status, you must make a turnover or stake at least RM3,000,000 within 30 days of being a Gold Member and RM500,000 every 60 days to maintain the Platinum status.

w88malayu w88 vip club join and progress to new levels w88 diamond

W88 Diamond Level

Lastly, we have the W88 Diamond level which is the final level of the W88 VIP club program that officially declares you as a high roller on the site and provides you with a personal W88 account manager. This account is provided via the W88 Club invitation after successfully maintaining your Diamond status.

More Exciting W88 VIP Rewards for Loyal Members

Being a W88 member is exciting thanks to the W88 Promotion bonuses that boost your account by giving you great cash deals on most of the W88 dashboard products on the betting site. This means that no matter when you join, it’ll take you almost more than a year to try and play all the products for wins on the betting site as there are many game rooms to choose from including free demo ones. Knowing what you must do and what you will gain as a W88 VIP club member is thus important, and the table below can help you with it well!

w88malayu w88 vip club join and progress to new w88 member levels




Live Casino Rebates

Slots Rebates0.25%0.70%


Priority Deposits and Withdrawals

Platinum PriorityDiamond Priority Personalized
Access To Exclusive Payment SolutionsEligible


Upgrade Tiers Turnover/Stake [Within 30 Days]

RM250,000RM3,000,000W Signature Club Invitational
Rewards Redemption (%)10% Discount Off15% Discount Off

18% Discount Off

Designated VIP Team

EligibleVIP Account Manager
VIP Signature Club Special PromotionEligible


Reward Points Expiration

90 Days120 Days180 Days
Eligible for Rewards PointsEligibleEligible


VIP Maintaining Requirement [Subject To Downgrade]


Your Birthday TreatsEligibleEligible


Know more about the W88 VIP club using 2 simple steps

To know more about the W88 VIP levels, rewards, terms and conditions, and more, it is always better to visit the official W88 website and know more about these important pieces of information as W88 keeps upgrading its website with even better things. So, in this tutorial, we will show you how you can access the W88 VIP club to know more about the VIP levels in just 2 steps. Joining W88 can give you a W88 Free Credit of RM30 that can boost your account wallet from the very beginning!

w88malayu w88 vip club join and progress for rewards

  1. Join W88: Although to access the W88 VIP page, you do not need to create an account, we recommend clicking on the ‘Join‘ button and then on the ‘Login‘ button to create an account in the W88 Register today to kickstart your journey to the road of the high rollers.
  2. Visit the W Signature Club: Once done, you must click on the home icon and that will give you a pop-up box where you can click on the VIP W88 W Signature Club option to be taken to the page where you can get all important information about becoming a W88 VIP member.

The other terms and conditions of becoming a part of the VIP club

When you enter the W88 VIP section on the official site, you will get information about many things about the levels but most important of them all are the terms and conditions that you must follow. So, below mentioned  are few important conditions of becoming a part of the W88 VIP Club that you should keep in mind.

w88malayu w88 vip club join and progress to new levels for rewards

  • The W88 VIP levels are available for registered members only which means that it is necessary to create an account and wager with real money to be eligible. Moreover, you must make frequent deposits and game frequently for W88 to consider you as a loyal member.
  • The W88 terms and conditions for the W88 VIP club can changed, amended, or removed depending on the betting site whenever they seem fit.
  • W88 also has the right to check your transaction history and gaming history to ensure that you are playing on the betting site regularly to consider you as a loyal member.
  • W88 has the right to refuse any member for a level upgrade if they think the account is not qualified. If are fraudulent activities noticed, then they may refuse to move you a level upwards or even suspend your account.
  • General W88 terms and conditions apply which means that you must adhere to the betting site’s basic rules of gambling along with the ones for VIP levels even if you reach the diamond VIP level.


Join the W88 website today and level up to be a W88 VIP club member by playing the fun betting games on the official betting site today! Get a chance to win exciting rewards, bonuses, rebates, and gifts that you can find nowhere else. So, use W88malayu as your betting guide and boost your account to the W88 Diamond VIP status for a personalized king-like experience today!