How to Play Online Sports Betting at W88 | Beginner’s Guide

Learn how to Play Online Sports Betting at W88 Sportsbook for Beginners. Bet with Minimum betting limit of RM5 & Win a 100% bonus of up to RM218 on 1st deposit.

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Introduction to W88 Sports Betting

You must be acquainted with the word ‘Sports’. Sports betting is nothing more than betting on sports matches to win real money. Thousands of sports matches take place in the world every day and W88 gives you a chance to place bets on as much as you can to win more money. W88 Sports betting is the version of offline bookmakers, you can access W88 on your desktop and mobile any time of the day to place your bets and win. No need to travel to the bookmaker’s shop to place the bet, place the bets from the comfort of your bed.


W88 presents 6 popular online sportsbook providers with a minimum betting range of RM5. a-SPORTS & e-SPORTS are the most popular among the 6 listed ones. Explore and select the one you like to place bets on sports events like soccer, baseball, basketball, cricket, tennis, electric sports, virtual sports, and so much more. Join W88 and make your first deposit to claim a 100% welcome bonus of up to RM218.

Betting on Sports Law in Malaysia

W88 Betting company conducts legal online sports betting business in Malaysia since 2007 with a PAGCOR license,  Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation by Philippines First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation. The betting company was established by Marquee Holdings LTD with headquarters in Makati Avenue, cor Paseo de Roxas, Metro Manila, Philippines.


Know more on W88 Sportsbook, and its benefits: an exclusive variety of online sports to bet on, the least minimum betting limit to make it affordable and cheap for bettors, secure transactions, fast withdrawals, customer service, etc. Read more about the popular sports providers at W88 sportsbook by clicking the link and reading the article for more information.

How does Sports Betting Work?

Online sportsbook providers conduct betting for sports matches online, where players who want to bet on sports matches can bet their money and win according to the conclusion of the match. There are multiple betting options, minimum betting limits, betting odds to help the players choose the team for betting, live streaming, live betting, statistics of previous matches, and even sports forecasts.


The most popular betting odds are the 1X2 Betting option, Handicap betting option, Over/Under, and Winner of the match. Read Sports betting odds to know and understand them better. Continue reading the article to know what’s the better betting odds, how to calculate potential payout, the significance of betting odds while selecting the team for betting, and most importantly, how to play online sports betting at W88.

Understanding Sports Betting Odds

There are multiple betting types in sports betting but some of them are extremely popular and chosen. There are two types of betting odds that represents in the sportsbook, decimal and fractional. Decimal, also known as European betting odds are popular in Asia and they determine the possibility of winning for the particular team they are assigned to in the match. Betting odds help you to know the team with a greater possibility of winning and help you to know the potential betting payout if you win the bet.


  • Greater Odds for a team mean that the team is more likely to win than the one with lesser odds.
  • Great odds yield greater potential payout since expected payout = betting stake X betting odds.

For instance, Everton had great odds of 5.60 and you decided to place a bet of RM100 on it. In order to calculate the potential payout, you must multiply the betting odds on the team and betting stake you wagered in, that is, 100 X 5.60, meaning that the potential payout will be RM560 if Everton wins the match.

How to Play Online Sports Betting at W88 – 3 Steps Guide

3 steps are more than enough to make you understand how to play online sports betting at W88 within 3 minutes. It takes less than 10 seconds to place a bet and you won’t know the result until the match comes to conclusion. Watch the sports and engage in live betting at W88 Official with just RM5.

Step 1: Visit W88 & Select e-SPORTS under Sports

  • Access the official betting website of W88 in Malaysia to start the online sports betting journey with just RM5. Click on the link given above to visit the W88 official sports betting company.
  • Click on ‘Join‘ and create your W88 register new member account within 3 minutes. Enter the username and password to Login into your W88 account if you already have a W88 account.


  • Select e-SPORTS (European) under the SPORTS section, given below the W88 logo in the horizontal list. There are many Sportsbook providers at W88, we recommend e-SPORTS (European) because of its modern and easy layout, better odds, and minimum betting stake of RM5.

Step 2: Select Odds to place bets on preferred Match

  • Once you enter the Sportsbook section, where loads of sports are listed in the left panel select and place bets. Soccer is the most popular game to place bets on in Malaysia and that’s why we choose Soccer to place bets as an example for the readers.
  • The most prestigious league of Soccer is the English Premier League in England and that’s why we select England > English Premier League to place the bets and present an example for the readers.


  • Select the match from the middle section, where the number of matches is listed. Select the match you prefer to bet on and click on it. We choose the soccer match between Newcastle & Everton in English Premier League.
  • Observe the betting odds and click on the odds of the team you want to bet on. We select ‘Everton with 5.60 odds‘ to place the by on the soccer match between Newcastle & Everton in English Premier League.

Step 3: Enter the stake & Confirm your bets

  • As soon as you click on the betting odds, a betting slip will appear on the right panel of the screen with all the information about the minimum betting limit, maximum betting limit, which team you chose to bet on, odds on that particular team, potential return, and a button to confirm your bets.


  • Enter the betting stake you want to wager in on Everton with 5.60 odds and see the expected payout you will get if Everton wins the soccer match in the end.
  • Click on ‘Place Bets‘ and your betting stake will be deducted from your W88 wallet to place a bet on the W88 sportsbook, make sure to do a W88 deposit of at least RM30 before placing the bets.

Suppose you chose to bet RM10 on any of the three outcomes in the soccer match by betting on the 1X2 bet type. There will be two possible scenarios in three cases of the 1X2 betting option. Let’s understand it better and easier with a tabular form of data.

Case 1: Bet on 1 – Newcastle

Case 2: Bet on x – Draw

Case 3: Bet on 2 – Everton

Odds: 1.62Odds: 3.99Odds: 5.60
Wager: RM10Wager: RM10Wager: RM10
Pay-out: RM16.20Pay-out: RM39.90Pay-out: RM56.00
If Newcastle wins: you get RM16.20If match draw: you get RM39.90If Everton wins: you get RM56.00
If Newcastle loses: you lose RM10If match doesn’t draw: you lose RM10If Everton loses: you lose RM10

5 Simples tips to make money in Sports Betting Online

As an absolute beginner, you have more affinity towards online sports betting than any other existing players and that’s why it is necessary for you to know the simple tips and tricks for online sports betting at W88 to lose less money and earn more.

  1. Analyze the head-to-head performance: The result of the previous matches between the same team playing in the chosen match for betting tells a lot about the possible winner. Analyze the previous results to predict the winner and observe the predicting techniques, in the beginning, if you predict right frequently, this can be your strategy.
  2. Observe 4-5 Sports forecasts: Betting experts provide their forecasts on sports matches, predicting who will win the match after keeping various factors in mind. Keep track of their forecasts and see which betting expert is actually an expert. Select that betting expert to help you predict the result of upcoming matches.
  3. Place small bets on matches: If you are a beginner and have less experience in online sports betting, we would recommend placing small bets in the beginning. Try your luck and skills, and increase the betting stake gradually once you believe that you can afford to lose greater amounts than precious.
  4. Manage money, time & emotions: Players lose control of their emotions when they lose, don’t let this happen to you. You need to accept the fact that online sports betting is a game of winning and losing. Some day, you are bound to lose money and that’s when you should be ready for worse. Manage your bankroll and time effectively so that day never comes.
  5. Claim welcome promotions: Online betting sites offer different ranges of welcome promotions to attract players. Look for a greater percentage, greater amount, and better terms and conditions to claim. One of the sports betting welcome bonuses we recommend is the 100% welcome bonus of up to RM218 on e-SPORTS, check out below.

2 Welcome Bonuses for New Members at W88 Sports

W88 Sports Betting offers multiple betting providers, but only 2 of them offers W88 promotion. We recommended playing at e-SPORTS in the above tutorial on How to play online sports betting because of the maximum promotion amount too. Join, deposit, and claim!


  1. e-SPORTS: 100% First Deposit Bonus up to RM218
    Register your new member account at W88 and make a minimum deposit of RM30 in your e-SPORTS wallet to claim the bonus. Withdraw the amount after completing the rollovers of 20 bets within 30 days.
  2. a-SPORTS: 100% Welcome Bonus up to RM150
    Malaysian players get a 100% bonus up to RM150 on the first deposit of RM30 in a-SPORTS wallet on new registration only. Bet 20 times within 30 days on a-SPORTS sportsbook to withdraw the bonus amount.


How to play online sports betting at W88 within 3 steps, we believe you know the procedure now and have read more about the W88 sportsbook, providers, and games on the W88 Sportsbook page too. Place bets on your favorite sports tournaments from football, tennis, and basketball to cricket, and baseball, and claim welcome bonuses of your choice. Grab free credit of RM30 at W88 Malaysia. Join today and place bets of RM5 minimum to win a great deal of real cash with no effort.