How to play Domino qq at W88 – Quick guide & Get RM30 freebet

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Many gamers desire a game that provides significant benefits while being simple to play. Is there a game that’s similar to this? Relax, there’s an internet game called Domino qq.

What is Domino qq?

Domino games are one of several games that you will enjoy at W88 Malaysia. What is the reason for this? Because the game’s rules are simple to follow, even for beginners. You can simply win without having to work too much.

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Domino qq also known as Qui Qui was a card game that was popular in ancient times. The game’s name, Qiu or Kiu, is derived from a Chinese language pronunciation of the word for 9, implying that the greatest possible hand is 9-9, which would be the best possible hand. This game is almost identical to pai gow developed in Indonesia many years ago. Continue reading to know more!

W88 Domino qq game rules & gameplay

Each player begins the game by betting the same amount. Those bets are added to the pot, and as the game progresses, additional bets are made. The dealer deals 3 cards after the initial bets are placed.

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The players examine their 3 cards before engaging in the first round of domino qq. In the first round following are the possible bets available.

  • Check – You’re not adding any additional money to the pot
  • Bet – If you bet, you’re adding a sum to the pot and asking other players to at least match that amounts to stay in the hand.

Following a bet or raise, the player has 3 more options.

  • Fold – The player ends the game by throwing their hand face down, and forfeits the chance to win the pot.
  • Call – The player adds enough money to the pot so that their total contribution equals the amount bet or raised by the player who bet or raised the most recently.
  • Raise – The player contributes more money than would be required to call, causing other players to match their payment in order to remain in the game.

The round continues until there is only 1 remaining player and all the other players have folded, or until everyone has had a chance to act and all the surviving players have the same amount of money in the pot. Then the winner will be decided depending on the hand ranking which you’ll be reading next.

5 Special Hand rankings of W88 Domino qq

4 cards make up a complete hand. There are 5 distinct sorts of exceptional hands that outperform all others. These are the results, in order of highest to lowest:

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1. Six Devils – A hand made up of four cards with only 6 spots on each domino. This is the best hand possible.

Ex: [3-3], [4-2], [5-1], [6-0]

2. Twin cards – A hand in which there are twin spots on each domino.

Ex: [0-0], [1-1], [2-2], [3-3]

3. Pure small – If the total of spots on the domino is less than 9 then it is considered a pure big hand.

Ex: [0-0], [0-1], [0-2], [0-3]

4. Pure big – If the total of spots on the domino is more than 39 then it is considered a pure small hand.

Ex: [6-6], [4-4], [5-5], [5-6]

5. Qui Qui – If the total of spots is exactly equal to 9 then it is considered Qui Qui.

Ex: [0-0], [4-5], [0-5], [0-4]

3 steps on how to play Domino qq at W88

Hope you are familiar with W88 Domino qq rules and gameplay. Let’s look at how to play Domino qq at W88. Simply follow the below 3 steps now. Find many such incredible W88 games and enjoy winning rewards.

Step 1: Go to the W88 official website

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  • To begin your betting journey at W88 Domino qq, you must first input your valid W88 credentials.
  • Newcomers should first create an account at W88 Register before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Select Domino qq from the P2P section

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  • Hover your cursor over the P2P sections on the menu bar.
  • Click on Domino qq to begin betting.

Step 3: Start playing W88 Domino qq

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  • You can even play for free by clicking on the try now button.
  • Hope you have already gone through the W88 Domino rules & gameplay, start placing bets and keep winning huge cash prizes.

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