How to play keno at W88 – Bag 20% extra bonus up to RM600

Looking for some number game? Keno is the best choice. Learn how to play keno at W88 & win a 20% extra bonus up to RM600. Enjoy keno online only at W88 Malaysia!

W88 Keno game    W88 bonus RM 600

What is W88 keno?

Keno is a Chinese lottery game. It is an 80-ball lottery game featuring numbers 1 through 80. Players select up to 20 numbers and wager on which ones will be picked at random in the following game. Keno rewards are determined by the numbers called.


The more correct numbers the player guesses, the more actual money they win. It’s not over yet, you will find various interesting bet types at W88 which adds more thrill to the game. Continue reading to know them.

5 Basic bet types of W88 keno

Original keno was slightly improved in W88 games to provide players better odds. Players can choose from up to 5 different bet types at Keno W88. As a result, this game is fundamentally simple to play, has a high reward rate, and is simple to win, making it even more appealing because there are numerous bets to pick from.


1. Big|Ex-Score|Small – The total score of 20 marbles must meet the respective measures to win the bet.

  • Big – Within 811 to 1410. Payout is 1.95.
  • Ex-Score – Equal to 810. Payout is 108.
  • Small – Within 210 to 809. Payout is 1.95.

2. Up|Tie|Down – Here only total counts of marbles are taken into consideration and not the sum.

  • Up – Greater than 10 marbles within 1 to 40. Payout is 2.3.
  • Tie – Equal number of marbles. Payout is 4.3.
  • Down – Greater than 10 marbles within 41 to 80. Payout is 2.3.

3. Odds|Tie|Evens – In a total of 20 marbles more than 10 must be either even or odd. Tie refers to the equal number of odd & even marbles.

  • Odds – More than 10 marbles are odd(1,3,5,7,9). Payout is 2.3.
  • Tie – Exactly 10 odd marbles & 10 even marbles. Payout is 4.3.
  • Evens – More than 10 marbles are even(2,4,6,8). Payout is 2.3.

4. Odd|even – The total sum of 20 marbles will be computed. And the final score will be judged.

  • Odd – Final score is odd(1,3,5,7,9). Payout is 1.95.
  • Even – Final score is even(2,4,6,8). Payour is 1.95.

5. Big(odd|even) & Small(odd|even) – This is a combination bet where both the criteria must be met.

  • Big Odd – Sum more than 810 + sum value is odd (1,3,5,7,9). Payout is 3.7.
  • Small Odd – Sum less than 810 + sum value is even (1,3,5,7,9). Payout is 3.7.
  • Big Even – Sum more than 810 + sum value is even (2,4,6,8). Payout is 3.7.
  • Small Even – Sum less than 810 + sum value is odd (2,4,6,8). Payout is 3.7.

Additional elements of Keno W88

Along with the basic W88 keno bets, there are 5 more bets to wager on. Metal, wood, water, fire, and earth are the 5 elements. Based on the total score of 20 marbles, below is the range of 5 elements.


  1. Gold: 210-695. Payout is 9.2
  2. Wood: 696 – 763. Payout is 4.6.
  3. Water: 764–855. Payout is 2.4.
  4. Fire: 856–923. Payout is 4.6.
  5. Earth: 924 – 1410. Payout is 9.2.

3 Steps on how to play keno at W88

Now that you are familiar with the basics of W88 keno, let’s move to the 3 step guide on how to get started.

Step 1: Visit the official W88 website to login


  • You will need an authentic W88 account to participate in Keno betting.
  • So newcomers need to open their accounts at W88 Register and proceed to the next step.
  • Log into W88 once you have created your own account.

Step 2: Pick W88 keno under the lottery section


  • After successful login look for the lottery tab on the menu bar.
  • Then hover your mouse over it to find various lottery games.
  • Click on keno to begin this incredible lottery adventure.

Step 3: Enjoy betting at W88 keno with min bet of RM5


  • That’s all. You are good to begin your W88 keno adventure.
  • Players must set a bet limit based on their available capital before placing a wager.
  • The minimum bet amount is RM 5.
  • If you don’t have much expertise and don’t know how to play keno on W88, you should start with a free play.

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W88 Keno is a game of chance in which you have little control over the outcome. Simply sit back and enjoy the game, hoping for the best. Begin by betting the smallest amount possible. Increase your wager if you win a game & reduce it if you lose. Enjoy the game & win lots of cash online!

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