Is Esports betting legal: Top 3 Esports legal sites revealed

Questioning Is Esports betting legal in 2024? Here is all you need to know from the 3 ongoing Malaysia Laws explained to 3 Esports legal websites – Read more…

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Esports is one of the dominating forms of entertainment on betting platforms like the W88 Website, but is Esports betting legal? Well, all questions related to this are answered below in detail wherein you will find the 3 most important laws to keep in mind, 5 helpful tips to choose a legal and safe betting site, and finally 3 expert-recommended betting sites that come with the legal license to operate.

Is Esports betting legal in Malaysia?

Let us first address the most important aspect of this Is esports betting legal in Malaysia article, and that is about whether is esports legal or illegal in Malaysia in 2024. Well, there is no one direct answer to this question as there are important Malaysian laws that must be kept in mind yet certain betting sites operate legally in Malaysia so reading everything here is of utmost importance.

is esports betting legal online in malaysia revealed

When it comes to the answer to is esports betting legal online the answer is no and yes. No because there are country laws that forbid gambling online and yes because there are legal foreign betting sites that operate in Malaysia with a legal operating license. So, the bottom line of the is esports betting legal online answer is that you can wager on esports online only if the betting platform used has a license from a foreign operator so that Malaysian laws are not affected by it.

Know the 3 dominating gambling laws in Malaysia

With what is said in the aforementioned Esports legal or illegal analysis, it is important to note that legal foreign operating websites are not affected by Malaysian laws. But there are Malaysian laws that apply to the citizens of the countries. Let us take a look at the 2 dominating and ongoing gambling laws in Malaysia before looking at the legal websites like the W88 Sportsbook to play esports legal betting online.

is esports betting legal for malaysia players on the internet

1. Common Gaming House Act of 1953

First on the list is the Common Gaming House Act of the year 1953 which was last amended in the year 2006. This gambling law in Malaysia bans all forms of gambling and gaming houses, including any use of electronic devices. There is a penalty to this law as any member caught under this act has to pay a fine of up to RM200,000 along with a jail-time penalty of 5 years.

2. The Betting Act of 1953

With the previous gambling law, another act was passed, the Betting Ace of 1953. Unlike the laws that prohibit gambling here, this law allows only two forms of gambling which are lottery and horse race betting. Besides these, this law allows the operation of the only physical casino, which is also a tourist attraction, in Malaysia that is the Sky Casino in Genting Highlands.

3. The Shariah Law

Lastly, there is the Shariah Law which applies to also the Muslim citizens of Malaysia which makes up most of its population. The Shariah Law is a religious and ethical law that prohibits gambling along with alcohol, adultery, and blasphemy. Moreover, if any Muslim is found near Genting Highlands’ Sky Casino or is found disobeying this law, then they will get a 2-year jail time along with a fine of up to RM3,000.

5 ways to identify Esports legal and safe websites!

When it comes to Esports legal betting online, it is best to take precautions against the websites that are actually legal to use and those that pretend to be legal to use. For that, here are the 5 easy ways to identify Esports legal and safe websites from the others. These are a few Betting Tips that can easily also help beginners distinguish between a good website and a bad one as well!

is esports betting legal for online players on the internet

  1. Look for the license on the homepage: The first thing that you must do is look for the license on the homepage of the website. This license must be easily available at the bottom or footer of their homepage or every page on their website and must be linked to everything about their license including the date.
  2. Check the SSL certification of the website: Just as important as the license the SSL certification must be checked as well. The SSL certification determines whether or not the website domain is operating legally and safely. This can be found easily by clicking on the buttons beside the domain name in the URL bar wherein you must look for the ‘Certificate is Valid’ claim.
  3. Talk to Customer Service Care: Next, is the Customer Service and how they interact with you as a customer that can tell you more about the betting site. For instance, before creating an account on the website look for ways to ask them about the registration process, deposit methods, etc. This is important because, in case of any fraudulent activities taking place, the CS must be reliable.
  4. Check the sportsbook providers: Another important thing is the sportsbook providers wherein you will be placing bets for esports betting online and its legality. Sometimes the betting site will operate with their only owned sportsbook like 1XBET, sometimes they will have their own sportsbook along with others like M88, and sometimes they may be just a platform with different sportsbooks to choose from like W88, so looking for legality of these bookies is important as well.
  5. Visit online forums to learn more: Lastly, the best way to know more about a betting site is outside it and on popular forums as here you can get reviews about the platform from customers. These can give you esports betting insights that you cannot get elsewhere. Plus this is a good place to know more about the topic is esports betting legal and about other esports legal websites across the globe.

Top 3 Websites to play legal Esports betting online

With this we are almost at the end of this is esports betting legal article, but before we leave let us look into the top 3 Esports legal websites that you can use in Malaysia as they all come with a license owned by a foreign operator. All of these websites are good to use so be sure to check them out especially if you are a beginner bettor in the esports betting world online.

is esports betting legal in malaysia learn truth from experts

  1. M88: The first Esports legal website is M88 which is one of the best websites that picks quality over quantity with most of its gaming products. M88 Mansion is known for having one of the best licenses to operate which is an Interactive Gaming License provided by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development from the Republic of Vanuatu.
  2. W88: The next website is a beginner-friendly website with a huge welcome bonus of up to RM1,088 on sportsbook products which is W88. W88 owns a BMM Compliance and Gaming Laboratories International certification for operating online making this a good website for Esports legal betting.
  3. 1XBET: Lastly, we have 1XBET which comes with its only owned sportsbook the 1XBET sportsbook wherein you can enjoy esports betting online. 1XBET owns a Curacao Egaming License that allows it to operate worldwide and also owns a physical base in the Cyprus islands.


This was all about Is Esports Betting Legal online and the answer, in the end, depends on you. We have highlighted the important laws related to gambling and also have given you tips for finding and selecting an esports legal and safe online betting platform. Moreover, we have introduced you to the best legal picks when it comes to betting sites on the internet. So, now the choice depends on you but if you wish to know about about happy and safe yet responsible gambling online, keep visiting our website as here we not only have expert-guided tricks and strategies but also beginner-friendly tutorials to the betting world online!