Online Roulette double up system meaning, origin, & examples

Know about the famous online Roulette double up system, its origin, & double up betting examples from W88malayu to boost your winning rate up to 97% in roulette

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Roulette is an online casino game that is fast-paced which adds up to the thrills of betting online. And so, if you want to ace every spin on this fun casino game on sites like W88, then you must apply some roulette gaming strategies to help you boost your win rates. One such strategy is the online Roulette double up system, famously known as the Martingale Strategy. To understand this strategy well and know how to apply it to your roulette gameplay online, read on.

What is the online Roulette double up system?

Although casino games like Roulette were created purely to experience the thrills of testing one’s luck, applying some roulette tips and tricks to your gameplay can help boost your win rate by up to 97% which is extremely beneficial. There are many such betting strategies that you can apply in your gameplay but there is one strategy that this deemed to be extremely useful if used right, and that is the Martingale Strategy. So, to play online roulette using this system, create an account in the W88 Register today!

online roulette double up system strategy explained

The double up betting Martingale strategy is a system used in gambling games to make as much profit as they can with their bankroll throughout their gameplay. This system is a gaming strategy that does not teach you how to win but emphasizes how profit can be made by using your bankroll and wagering on the betting options systematically.

Thus, in this online Roulette double up system, you must increase your wagering limit depending on your losses, so that when you win the rounds, you also win back the lost money as a payout. The idea behind this is to increase the profit in your bankroll by the end of your gaming session. To increase profits, you can use pocket-friendly sites like the W88 Live Casino for longer roulette gaming sessions.

online roulette double up system strategy explained w88malayu

The Martingale system was not originally meant for casino games like roulette but was used as a form to bounce back after an investment loss. It was created by Paul Pierre Levy, a French Mathematician, who intended to prove that you can still get the losses of a bad investment back by risking another good investment eventually. Thus, this gambling strategy is not only risky but also equally beneficial if used correctly. Another beneficial strategy you can use is to apply for the W88 Promotion casino bonus of up to RM1,288.

That being said, it is important to note that since you just need to make a single trade or bet to win back what you lost in the previous trade or bet, continuing further with this risk is totally up to you. This means that the Martingale Strategy is used by investors, and now gamblers, as an attempt to win back what was lost in the previous round. So, if you want to continue the risks of gaming for more rounds, then it is important that your wagering amount should be small or the minimum amount in the game room.

How to play Martingale double up betting on online Roulette?

To understand the aforementioned statements in a much better way, let us now take a look at how you can apply the Martingale strategy to your roulette gameplay to gain profits. In this section, we will cover the Martingale double up betting system applied to the minimum stake in Roulette, which is usually RM1, and look at the win/loss scenario and action taken based on these scenarios.

w88malayu online roulette double up system strategy explained

For that, let us look at the detailed table below, where you can see How to Play Roulette Online in a ten roulette round case examples with the double up betting strategy applied to it. Using this, let us look at how much we spent, how much payout we received, and how much profit we made.

In the table below, based on the Martingale double up bet strategy, we have doubled up the wager every time a round is lost, so that when the round wins eventually, we also win back the lost amount in the previous round as a part of the payout for the winning round.

Round No.WagerWin/LosePayout EarnedAction Taken
1RM1LoseNoneDouble up the wager amount
2RM2LoseNoneDouble up the wager amount
3RM4WinRM8Use the same wager amount
4RM4WinRM8Use the same wager amount
5RM4WinRM8Use the same wager amount
6RM4LoseNoneDouble up the wager amount
7RM8WinRM16Use the same wager amount
8RM8LoseNoneDouble up the wager amount
9RM16WinRM32Use the same wager amount
10RM16WinRM32Use the same wager amount
  • Total Amount Wagered: RM67
  • Total Payout Received: RM104
  • Total Profit Made: RM37

Here, we made a significant profit for the day although we did not win all ten rounds out of ten. Thus, the risk involved here is that you must win most of the rounds in your gaming session using other Roulette Strategies otherwise you will keep doubling up and losing your stake. So knowing when to stop playing is extremely crucial.

You can also use the Reverse Martingale strategy where instead of doubling up on every loss you double up on every win. Although, this would not really be as effective as the Martingale strategy it is a good beginner’s way to learn the online Roulette double up system. That being said, there are alternative beginner-friendly strategies as well like the D’Alembert system where you increase you wager by one unit when you lose and decrease it again by one unit when you eventually win a betting round and receive the lost money as a part of the payout.

3 benefits of using the online Roulette double up system

Now that you know almost everything about the best online roulette double system, the Martingale strategy, all that is left to learn are the major benefits of using the online roulette double up betting system. Although this system is also known to be a risky one, the benefits gained from it are equally profitable, creating a good balance of a thrilling yet strategic roulette game online where you can apply additional pro Roulette Tips.

online roulette double up system martingale strategy

  1. Helps in betting with a fixed bankroll: It is mentioned above that if you play with the Martingale double up roulette strategy, you will have to set aside a reasonable bankroll since this strategy is specifically used by high rollers. But this also means that you can play for days and even weeks using the same bankroll as you will keep winning and thus, adding more to the roll.
  2. Helps to be mindful when playing online: Roulette games are known to be fast-paced in nature and thus, many people tend to get lost in the thrills of gambling online and end up losing more than they intend to. However, since the Martingale system requires you to track your wins and losses, you end up playing roulette online mindfully, which is extremely helpful.
  3. Helps keep the thrills of roulette gaming: Lastly, the double up roulette strategy is meant to make profits when playing casino games like roulette however, this requires you to win most of the rounds in the game using other betting strategies for roulette. This means that you cannot use the Martingale strategy without relying on luck, which is the whole point of experiencing authentic roulette gaming thrills online.


This was the Online Roulette Double Up System, the Martingale Strategy explained with examples from the W88malayu experts. Using this Martingale System is one of the best and most exciting betting strategies you can apply to your online roulette gameplay on casino sites like W88 Malaysia. For more such explanations on progressive betting systems to increase your profits, be sure to visit