Top 3 Rock Paper Scissors Strategies for newbie: 90% Success

Want to win each round of Rock Paper Scissors game online? Find these 3 beneficial Rock Paper Scissors Strategies for 90% sure winning for new members of Malay!

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Always remember Scissors cuts paper. Paper wraps rock. Rock crushes. Rock, paper, scissors is an old game of art and chance two-player game.

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Keep in mind, there are 4 probable results:


    • Tie
    • Rock crushes scissors
    • Paper covers rock
    • Scissors cut paper

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Top 3 Rock Paper Scissors Strategies for beginners

If you believe you can’t be the winner at the rock paper scissors game, you’re wrong. Find out a key strategy for rock paper scissors for sure win. There are 3 best rock paper scissors strategies to read, scroll down.

Rock Paper Scissors Strategies #1. Identify where to begin

  • The game is mainly about predicting and understanding your competitor. So what if you would predict their initial hand…
  • Analysis has revealed that there is a slight inclination for people to start by playing rock.
  • It could be because it is stated first in the game’s name, or it could be because the rock is related to a fist that looks strong.
  • So if we comprehend that, it gives us an advantage — play paper. And if you’re playing facing a person start with the paper first.
  • Data shows that fellows frequently go with the rock on the first round. So click paper to a crowd-stopping him.


Rock Paper Scissors Strategies #2. If they fail, they may switch

  • The study reveals that people who lose a hand tend to change. So there is a fair possibility that your competitor will turn to scissors or paper, giving you the second advantage — play scissors, and you will win or draw.
  • If you won the first row, now switch it, because failures most frequently will not stick with a losing decision. They usually drive in a predictable sequence.
  • Suppose you missed it. Then, click whatever would have hit your opponent to the former role. So if you just lost a paper, choose scissors now.
  • Your opponent will apparently hold with a past winner and pick paper again because winners tend to adhere to the equivalent action that led to their victory.

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Rock Paper Scissors Strategies #3. Don’t be predictable

  • If you wasted the earlier hand, then your opponent may logically suspect you to switch to something else, which grants you the ultimate edge — surprise them by holding with your last option.
  • Surely, they’ll switch, awaiting you to switch, and it should raise your winning chances.
  • But again, this isn’t a precise ability. It may not go with the plan, and your opponent can succeed. Perhaps they recognize a bit of Rock Paper Scissors strategies also.
  • For example, they may know this; if you thought to paper and missed and your competitor played rock, and they will assume that you will play rock this time. So they’ll play paper next.
  • So at this moment, you must play scissors. On the other hand, when you win, go to the next step in the sequence. The sequence is Rock — Paper — Scissors (R-P-S).


The less predictable you are, the greater odds you have of winning. Now go out and destroy your opponents.

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The ambitious vision of rock paper scissors lies in utilizing the human uncertainty of your opponent while trying to check it in yourself. Just try these rock paper scissors strategies for your winning benefits always at the W88 Games.

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