Highlights! West Ham United (1-0) Watford Premier League 2022

What a cut-throat competition it was? Yet Watford loses to West Ham by 1-0 making it led by 5. Get insights into West Ham United vs Watford Premier League 2022

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  • Match date: 9th of February, 2022
  • Match venue: London stadium England
  • Event: West Ham United vs Watford – English Premier League 2021


Among 16 matches between West Ham United vs Watford, West Ham had won 10 matches including the one last night and Watford’s victory counts less than even half of West Ham’s wins cause of the 2 draws between West Ham United vs Watford.

West Ham United 1-0 Watford Premier League 2021

Kurt Zouma played the match between West Ham United vs Watford for full 90 minutes even when Jarrod Bowen deflected the winner in 68 minutes, with West Ham United, won over Watford.


The final conclusion of the match has drawn towards the victory of West Ham United over Watford. Jarrod Bowen had hit his 7th goal of the English Premier League 2021/22 season in all competitions was different as it led to the victory of West Ham United against Watford FC.

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West Ham vs Watford highlights EPL 2021

The West Ham United vs Watford match started with a heartfelt tribute to Isla Caton, where fans of both teams showed love towards the five-year cancer battle of seven years old Isla with two minutes of round applause in her memory.


Hammers were plodding their way through the first half of the match but couldn’t open any golden opening for the team. Though they defend the best with the efforts of Hassane Kamara and Ben Foster when Jarrod Bowen’s efforts were blocked.


Watford looked comfortable after the first half but West Ham United continued to stutter which led to the final winning goal by Jarrod Bowen. Even the home fans were getting reckless, but Bowen took the opportunity to drag West Ham United out of the sticky situation.


Bowen doubled the chances with six minutes remaining as he sensed a second chance but his efforts tipped off by Foster onto the post. Watford had nothing more to give but signs of improvement are still shining in the face of an uphill battle to come and stay in the English Premier League.


Finally, Jarrod Bowen scored a winning goal for West Ham United and moved it back to the top four in the English Premier League scoreboard with 1-0 over Watford FC. He struck his 7th much-needed goal of the season in the 68th minute, the second half of the match.

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West Ham United vs Watford Goals EPL 2021

Jarrod Bowen of West Ham United scored one goal, making the score West Ham United (1-0) Watford, assisted by Manuel Lanzini, with a left-footed shot from outside the box to the very center of the goal.

  1. West Ham United – scored 1 goal
  2. Watford Football Club – scored 0 goal

Football Club

First HalfSecond HalfGoal Scored


West Ham United




Watford FC




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Man of the match – Hassane Kamara

Something that Watford FC needed for so long has been fulfilled by the man of the match. Hassane Kamara doesn’t stand that tall, literally! With a height of 5’6’’. But he makes up way much for the lack of his height to the enthusiasm he showcases in the field by defending with 100% willpower.


Not many full-backs have been able to defend the pace and tactics of Bowen like Hassane Kamara did in the West Ham United vs Watford last match yesterday night, which made him win the man of the match title. He doesn’t deserve to be on the losing side.

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West Ham United vs Watford line-ups

A tremendously thrilling show had been put up by the team players with perfect pitch positions and line-ups. Take a glance at West Ham United vs Watford line-ups to understand the match better.


  1. West Ham United: Dawson (6), Antonio (6), Soucek (7), Benrahma (6), Fabianski (7), Coufal (7), Rice (7), Cresswell (7), Fornals (6), Zouma (7), and Bowen (7)
    Substitutes: Lanzini (6).
  2. Watford: Cleverley (6), Samir (7), Foster (7), Sissoko (6), King (6), Femenia (6), Kayembe (7),  Kucka (7), Cathcart (6), Kamara (8), and Dennis (6).
    Substitues: Joao Pedro (6), Ngakia (6), and Louza (6).

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West Ham United vs Watford had played 16 matches before head-to-head in which two matches have been ended in a draw. West Ham United has always been ahead of Watford FC by 4 wins in the matches and had written its name in the victory on 9th February to in London stadium.

West Ham United (1-0) Watford EPL 2021 – Highlights video

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