10 CSGO Tips and Tricks betting advice for beginners by pros

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When it comes to betting on esports matches like CSGO online, sometimes you must use some betting tips to bag big back-to-back wins. For that, we have put together the top 10 most helpful CSGO tips and tricks for betting online that can boost your winning by 99% in no time! Here you will learn how and why to manage your bankroll, bet with more accuracy by making proper predictions, and also how to save up on the existing cash. But one of the most important steps of applying these CSGO tips and tricks online is making an account in the W88 register which is considered one of the best betting sites in the world!

csgo tips and tricks for beginners to win huge

1. Use the data charts in the sportsbook to analyze stats

  • The first and most helpful CSGO tips and tricks that you can use as a beginner is to make use of statistical data charts that are available in sportsbooks or online.
  • These statistical charts provide you with data on the previous match results of the teams so that you can make a good analysis of which team is more likely to win.
  • These charts can help you easily predict which team is doing well in a CSGO league making it one of the best CSGO tips for beginners to win easily.

2. Make use of the Ladder progressive system on top leagues

  • Using betting systems that are progressive in nature also is one of the greatest CSGO tips and tricks you can use as a beginner, and the Ladder system works well in this case.
  • With the ladder system, you must increase your wager after winning a match bet and maintain the same betting stake after losing a match bet as one of your CSGO tips for beginners to manage the bankroll.
  • This way you can keep betting on popular matches in an entire league till you bet big and win huge payouts on the final match of the league.

3. Bet more on lower odds for easier wins in the sportsbook

  • Betting odds in sportsbook show you the payouts you will receive if your bets win but this also makes one of the best CSGO tips and tricks for betting that beginners can use.
  • Lower odds are the best options to bet on because these mean that there are fewer odds to defy making such betting options easier to win in sportsbooks.
  • So, as one of your CSGO tips for beginners, you should bet more on the betting options that have lower odds and win more in smaller amounts.

csgo tips and tricks for beginners csgo betting tips from experts

4. Observe Map 1 and bet more from Map 2 onward

  • One of the most important CSGO tips and tricks is that you must learn the art of observations so that you learn how to make accurate in-play betting decisions, especially when the odds are not clear.
  • The best way to learn how to observe is to observe the gameplay in Map 1 and then start wagering from Map 2 onwards with more accuracy as one of your Betting Tips for sportsbooks.
  • This and keeping the aforementioned CSGO Tips for beginners in mind could help you ace your bets as a beginner in no time!

5. Use the given handicap conditions to your advantage

  • The handicap betting option in sportsbooks is one of the most common betting options that you will find under any match, and the conditions for this bet make it one of the best CSGO tips and tricks for beginners.
  • The Handicap conditions give the stronger team handicap scores and the underdog team gets headstart scores based on their strength differences to even out the match in the sportsbook.
  • So, this means that the team with the handicap score is the stronger one, making betting on them as match winners more easy as one of your CSGO tips for beginners.

csgo tips and tricks csgo tips for beginners from experts

6. Track and stay updated on CSGO leagues and teams

  • One of the best CSGO betting advice strategies from experts suggests that you should track and stay updated with the CSGO betting world, even though this may seem like one of the irrelevant CSGO tips and tricks.
  • However, staying updated on popular leagues, matches, friendly matches, player stats, team player retirement, addition, expulsion, etc, can help you in the long run to make accurate betting decisions.
  • This CSGO betting advice especially works well when you are playing in-play betting on live matches as it helps you make quick decisions and lock your bets in for some of the best odds.

7. Do not wager on all the matches in an entire league

  • When learning How to Bet on CSGO Matches with these CSGO tips and tricks, you will eventually win most of the bets you place in sportsbooks online.
  • However, it is important to note that to save up on your bankroll, it is best to handpick selected matches to wager on in entire leagues.
  • This CSGO betting advice is especially for beginners who are learning how to apply these CSGO tips and tricks in their gameplay as it helps you avoid overspending.

csgo tips and tricks for beginners by experts online

8. Avoid placing bets in a Parley setting in the sportsbook

  • Another CSGO betting advice to avoid overspending is to not place bets in a Parley setting in the sportsbooks.
  • Parley betting requires you to tie more than one betting option in a single bet, and so all the bets tied together must win in their individual categories for the parley bet to win.
  • Although this guarantees huge payouts, thanks to the increased odds, as one of your CSGO tips and tricks, it is best to avoid such betting options in the sportsbooks since higher odds mean more odds to defy.

9. Do not be biased when betting on any CSGO match

  • The next CSGO betting advice is to avoid being biased towards a particular team when betting in any CSGO matches, even when the team is one of the strongest teams.
  • It is best to acknowledge that sometimes the stronger team is strong for one match and the underdog for another match.
  • So, as one of your CSGO tips and tricks, it is best that you wager online on CSGO matches using the statistical data charts along with betting odds and observations of the gameplay for top-notch accuracy.

10. Use sportsbook bonuses to boost your cash balance

  • Lastly, one of the best CSGO tips and tricks for betting which is also a great CSGO betting advice from experts is to spend as little money as you can from your own pockets by making use of the Sportsbook bonuses.
  • These bonuses are usually available on your betting site that you can claim as a beginner on your first deposit of the minimum amount in your registered account.
  • For instance, at W88 you can claim a W88 promotion bonus of up to RM1,088 on your first deposit bonus in your new member account which you can claim easily.

csgo tips and tricks csgo betting advice by experts


With these 10 CSGO Tips and Tricks to win big online, you can go ahead and wager on some of the hottest leagues in the sportsbooks today. Using CSGO betting advice strategies from experts here can help you earn RM900+ within a month if used wisely. So, join the W88 website today as a member to claim their bonus and also bet with these CSGO tips for beginners to win huge payouts online. For more such beginner betting tips and tricks, keep visiting our betting guide website!