How to bet on CSGO matches: Bets from a minimum of RM5 only!

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Esports betting on CSGO online is getting popular day by day, especially on betting sites like W88, so make a W88 Login using the buttons above to bet on some of the hottest CSGO matches online. But to learn how to bet on CSGO matches online, read on as we explore all the betting aspects of Counter Strike betting online from a 3-step tutorial to 3 bonus tips that you must use when learning how to bet on CSGO matches online to win big as a beginner!

Counter Strike Betting online made simple at W88

Before we look into the simple tutorial on how to bet on CSGO matches online, let us take a look at what CSGO is and why W88 makes CSGO online betting so much better for beginners and pros alike. CSGO is one of the most popular first-person shooter or FPS video games that has been around for a long time. People enjoy this military-based game as they get to download and play the game themselves.

how to bet on csgo matches online tutorial for beginners

Thanks to its popularity CSGO was considered as an esport where there are many professional teams that have emerged, and are still emerging, throughout the years. Counter Strike betting thus brings to you action-packed gameplay with the thrills of gambling online giving you the best entertainment that you can access on the W88 sportsbooks as a member.

Joining W88 takes less than 2 minutes, and upon joining you can claim a W88 Sportsbook promotion offer of up to RM1,088 on your first deposit. Not only this but all the sportsbooks for CSGO betting matches have betting stakes starting from RM5 only which is a great deal to go with. Take a look at the simple 3-step tutorial to play CSGO online betting today!

How to bet on CSGO matches in 3 simple steps?

Getting to the most simple part of this Counter Strike betting tutorial, let us look at the 3 simple steps on how to bet on CSGO matches on the W88 Sportsbook. This place is beginner-friendly and so navigating through the W88 website is not difficult. This with the betting price, makes the W88 sportsbook one of the best places for beginners to start their CSGO online betting journey!

Step 1: Log in at W88 and join a Sportsbook

  • The first thing you must do is log into the W88 account by clicking on the ‘Login‘ button on the homepage’s top-right corner. But if you do not own an account in the W88 register, then join in under 2 minutes by clicking on the ‘Join‘ button and filling out the form.

how to bet on csgo matches online tutorial for beginners step 1

  • Once done, click or hover your mouse over the ‘Sports‘ section, and this will show you all the available W88 Sportsbooks on the website that you can access for a minimum stake of RM5 only as an official member.
  • Then, click on your preferred sportsbook and move on to the next how to bet on CSGO matches step in this Counter Strike betting tutorial.

Step 2: Filter the sportsbook and pick a CSGO match

  • In the next section, you must filter the sportsbook by clicking on the ‘Esports‘ option available on the left panel menu, and from under it click on ‘CS:GO‘ to access all CSGO betting matches on one page of the W88 Sportsbook.

how to bet on csgo matches online tutorial for beginners step 2

  • Once done, locate the CS:GO match you wish to bet on and click on the match to place a wager on the betting options as shown in the next how to bet on CSGO matches step below. Some of the W88 sportsbooks also allow you to filter CSGO betting matches based on their leagues under esports.

Step 3: Lock your bets in for the match and enjoy!

  • In the final howto bet on CSGO matches tutorial step, you will find yourself on a page with all the betting options of the selected match. So here, click on a sub-betting option under the betting option you wish to play.

how to bet on csgo matches online tutorial for beginners step 3

  • This will open a betting slip and here you must enter the betting stake as shown in the image above. Doing so would show you the potential payout returns if your bet wins as this is calculated based on the betting stakes multiplied with the betting odds.
  • If you are satisfied with the payouts then click on the ‘Place Bets‘ button to lock your bets in for the match, and anticipate the results of the bets while enjoying the live CSGO betting matches gameplay in the W88 sportsbook itself

5 CSGO Online betting options you should try!

Now that you know how to bet on CSGO matches online on the W88 website, let us look at the different CSGO betting matches betting options that you can find on the W88 sportsbook. Below mentioned are the top 5 CSGO online betting options that you must try as a beginner with our simple Betting Tips that can help you win big online as a beginner!

how to bet on csgo matches online tutorial csgo online betting options explained

  1. Full-Time Winner: The first CSGO online betting option you should try is the Full Time match winner bet which lets you predict the winner of the entire match by betting on team 1 or team 2.
  2. Map Winner: Map Winner is a Counter Strike betting option that is common in esports, wherein you wager on single map winners by betting on a team for map 1, map 2, and map 3.
  3. Handicap Betting: Handicap bets alter the real results of the match by providing stronger teams with handicap scores and underdogs with headstart scores in the sportsbook to even out the strength difference.
  4. Number of Maps: In Counter Strike betting, number of maps or total maps is an over/under betting option wherein you must predict whether there would be more than or Over 2.5 maps used or less than or under 2.5 maps used for a winner to be declared.
  5. Correct Score: Lastly, correct score is a CSGO online betting option wherein you must predict the exact score on the scoreboard at the end of the match from the options 2:0, 1:2, 2:1, or 0:2.

Understand the CSGO Online betting odds with examples

Let us now look at another important CSGO online betting aspect that is an important part of knowing how to bet on CSGO matches online, and that is the betting odds. Betting odds is something that helps you understand the payout you can receive on the bets and also helps you understand which betting option is more likely to win.

Wagered on Team 1 @ 1.92Wagered on Team 2 @ 1.80
how to bet on csgo matches online tutorial for beginners outcome 1how to bet on csgo matches online tutorial for beginners outcome 2
Betting odds: 1.92Betting odds: 1.80
Betting stake: RM10Betting stake: RM10
If the bet wins: RM19.20 is received as payoutIf the bet wins: RM18.00 is received as payout
If the bet loses: Betting stake is lostIf the bet loses: Betting stake is lost

As you can see in the table above, the betting odds determine the payouts as it is multiplied by the betting stake. However, this makes higher odds pay more than lower odds, but there is a good reason behind this. Higher odds have more odds to defy and if people are willing to take up the risk, you get paid more. Whereas lower odds have fewer odds to defy so there is little to no risk making this option more likely to win, but is paid less.

Play CSGO betting matches with 3 bonus tips to win big!

In the final section of this Counter Strike betting tutorial article, let us leave you with three helpful tips and tricks to boost your winning rate as a beginner when playing CSGO betting matches online. These are beginner-friendly and can be modified based on your gameplay and bankroll balance.

how to bet on csgo matches online tutorial csgo betting matches w88

  1. Track the previous match results of the teams: The first tip is to track the previous match results via statistical data charts available on the internet or sportsbook to know the previous results of the teams and make accurate betting predictions.
  2. Bet more on betting options with lower odds: As shown above, lower odds definitely can help you win easily even if the payout is less than higher odds. This makes a great CSGO online betting strategy to bet on lower odds and win more in small amounts.
  3. Do not be biased toward a particular team: Lastly, it is important to bet on the CSGO betting matches without being biased toward a particular team because your favorites could be the stronger team in one match and the underdogs in others, so bet rationally.


This was How to Bet on CSGO Matches online with a simple 3-step counter strike betting tutorial in the W88 sportsbook, and explanations of other important aspects of CSGO online betting including 3 tips to win big. So, join the W88 website and claim the RM1,088 sportsbook W88 Promotion bonus to bet on some of the top CSGO matches from the hottest leagues today. For more such simple tutorial guides with strategies to win big from experts, keep visiting our website.