10 Esports Betting Strategies proven to work 99% of the time

Adopt 10 Esports Betting Strategies proven to work 99% of the time by experts. Boost your win rate using statistic charts, bet systems, sportsbook bonus & more!

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In today’s time, esports betting has taken the internet by storm as popular betting sites like W88 have up-to-date leagues from different esports domains that you can wager on for the minimum amount of RM5. However, this fun esports betting gameplay requires you to play with some helpful esports betting strategies that work like a charm in boosting and also maintaining your bankroll account. To help you with this, we have put together the top 10 esports betting strategies that are proven to have worked 99% of the time in real-money betting by our experts!

online esports betting strategies to win big payouts online

1. Bet with progressive systems especially for entire leagues

  • The first esports betting strategy that you must use is wager online with betting systems that are progressive nature for entire leagues to boost your bankroll wallet effectively.
  • Progressive betting systems require you to change your wagering stakes by increasing or decreasing them based on your wins and losses which is one of the most effective esports betting strategies.
  • However, if you wish to save maximum on your bankroll then you can make use of the non-progressive betting systems that do not require you to change your stakes as an esport Betting Tips.

2. Use ladder systems to gain more profits for each league

  • When betting on entire leagues we recommend using progressive systems like the Ladder betting strategy as one of your esports betting strategies.
  • In the ladder esports betting strategy, you must increase your wagering amount after you win a bet in the match and keep the same amount after you lose a bet.
  • This way you can bet on entire leagues while collecting profits at the end of the league separately to notice a significant boost in your account wallet bankroll.

online esports betting strategies to win big payouts as beginners

3. Make use of statistical data charts in the sportsbooks

  • Using popular sportsbooks is not only one of the best esports betting strategies for efficient betting but also for accurate betting.
  • What ensures accuracy in esports betting is by looking into the statistical data charts of the teams’ previous matches so that you understand which team has a better chance of winning.
  • The statistical data charts provide data that help you make accurate betting decisions most of the time and thus it is one of the best esports betting strategy you must use.

4. Bet more on lower odds to win without many risks

  • Another way to help you make accurate betting decisions is by looking at the betting odds in the sportsbook for the betting option you want to wager on which must be accurate like W88 Esports offers.
  • Wagering on lower odds is better as one of your esports betting strategies because lower odds come with lower risks and so even if you win in smaller amounts, it is the better option.
  • On the other hand, higher odds means there are higher odds to defy and so, wagering on higher odds is not a great esports betting strategy.

5. Wager more on Map 2 and Map 3 after observations

  • With what is said in the aforementioned esports betting strategy, it is important to note that odds change based on the real-match gameplay in the sportsbook.
  • So, to make sure the lower odds do not change significantly and remain lower odds under the betting option, you must make use of the live-stream service and observe the first map match.
  • This way you can determine the different between the early and in-play odds to lock your bets in accurately, most preferably in the map 2 or 3 match, as one of your esports betting strategies.

online esports betting strategies to win earn huge payouts

6. Avoid wagering in Parley systems for easier wins

  • The Parley system the best esports strategy that many pro bettors use, but as a beginner you must avoid wagering on the parley system.
  • The Parley system ties more than one betting option together in a single bet, but for the single bet to win the other betting options must win in their own category.
  • This makes the odds automatically go higher, and as stated above, higher odds means higher odds to defy, which means that parley bets are not worth putting your money on as one of your effective esports betting strategies for beginners.

7. Wager on Esports matches you are familiar with

  • As one of the best esports betting strategies, It is important to understand the esports game before you wager on the betting options under it as it is important to understand the rules of any sport before wagering on it.
  • So, we recommend that you wager on the esports matches whose gameplay you are familiar with as this can help you easily determine which team is better than the other, making this an effective esports strategy.
  • Wagering on the esports game you know is just one of the additional information outside the sportsbook that can help you place bets with accuracy and more importantly confidence.

8. Keep track of the outside Esports forecasts

  • As stated in the aforementioned esports strategy, using additional information from esports match you are wagering on can help you make instant betting decisions in the sportsbook.
  • So, as one of your esports betting strategies we recommend keeping track of additional data on esports like team player exchange or addition, injuries, league updates, promotions, etc.
  • Although all these are not directly related to betting, it helps you make even more accurate decisions especially when playing in-play betting in the sportsbook.

esports betting strategies to win big payouts online

9. Avoid being biased towards a particular team

  • Many bettors join popular sportsbook as a way to support their favorite teams by wagering on them, but if you are betting with esports betting strategies then this must be avoided.
  • This is because it is important to acknowledge that sometimes your favorite team is the strongest in one match but the underdog in the other match, which is something common in sports.
  • So, it is important to stick with esports strategy tricks like looking at the statistical charts and betting odds, before making betting decisions to win most of the bets you place more effectively.

10. Claim sportsbook bonus to spend less on sports betting

  • Lastly, it is also important to understand that owning a good amount of cash in your bankroll is an essential part of esports betting and also for applying esports betting strategies effectively.
  • So, we recommend boosting your bankroll account wallet by claiming sportsbook promotions offered by your online betting sites.
  • These promotions like the W88 Promotion for up to RM1,088 on sportsbook products, are often given as welcome bonuses to new members upon making their first deposit.

online esports betting strategies to earn big payouts online


These were the 10 Esports Betting Strategies that work 99% of the time to help you win the bets you place more effectively. So, go ahead and try your favorite esports betting strategy in the W88 sportsbook today! For more such esports strategy tricks and tips, betting tutorials, and pro insights keep visiting our website. But for now, hurry and join the W88 website to claim their extravagant W88 promotion on sportsbook products that can get you to win up to RM1,088 instantly!