10 Famous Sepak Takraw Players in the world in 2024 revealed

Here are the top 10 Famous Sepak Takraw Players in 2024! Know the biodata pemain sepak takraw Malaysia at W88malayu and join W88 to bet with RM30 free credit!

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Online betting sites like W88 come with many sports matches to choose from but for Malaysian players, there is nothing that can beat the thrills of Sepak Takraw. Sepak Takraw or Kick Volleyball is one of the best online betting sports that is enjoyed by many. So, to enhance the enjoyment, you can use betting sites to wager on the players. But to boost your win rate, it is important to know about the famous Sepak Takraw players in 2024.

1. Anuwat Chaichana, Thailand

First on the list is the famous Sepak Takraw player Anuwat Chaichana. Anuwat Chaichana is a player in the Thailand team and is regarded as one of the best in his field.

w88malayu famous sepak takraw players in the world Anuwat Chaichana

In a Sepak Takraw match, Anuwat Chaichana takes the position of the tekong which basically means that he is the server. His career began in the year 2007, and within the span of only 3 years, he began winning medals and trophies, both individually and as part of the Thailand team.

2. Suebsak Phunsueb, Thailand

The second famous speak takraw player is Suebsak Phunsueb, who is one of the most dominant players from Thailand in the Thailand team.

w88malayu famous sepak takraw players in the world Suebsak Phunsueb

His being one of the best sepak takraw players is given considering his rapid career growth. Suebsak Phunsueb since the year 1998. He is considered to be the best of the best players in this sport and what is even more great is that he also made an acting debut in the film Born to Flight.

3. Norhaffizi Razak, Malaysia

Another notable sepak takraw player is the player Norhaffizi Razak. Nirhaffizi Razak is a Malaysian Sepak Takraw player who is considered to be one of the best players on the team.

w88malayu famous sepak takraw players in the world Norhaffizi Razak

In fact, he is often seen as a rival of Anuwat Chaichana as Thailand and Malaysia are considered to be the top teams of this sport. Moreover, Razak has brought home many awards and trophies as an individual as well as a team players. So, create an account in the W88 Register today to wager on the top players in the sportsbook

4. Suputtra Beartong, Thailand

The fourth best player in the Sepak Takraw sports is Suputtra Beartong, who is a part and represents the Thailand theme in this sports.

w88malayu famous sepak takraw players in the world Suputtra Beartong

Suputtra Beartong is one of the top female sepak takraw players from Thailand who represented her country in the year 2018. What is even more cool about her is that she brought home the gold medal for the Thailand team in the year 2023. Join W88 and bet on Thailand sepak takraw team in the W88 Sportsbook today!

5. Harish Kumar, India

One of the best Sepak Takraw players from India is Harish Kumar. Harish Kumar is a medalist in speak takraw whose career as well as fame began in the year 2018.

w88malayu famous sepak takraw players in the world Harris Kumar

During the 2018 competition, Harish Kumar represented India and managed to secure the bronze medal from the country. However, Harish Kumar is not only a great sportsman but also a family man as he helps his family business back in his home country in order to offer support.

6. Azlan Alias, Malaysia

Speaking of a family man, the next best Sepak Takraw player is Azlan Alias. Azlan is a player from the Malaysian sepak takraw team who still continues winning many prizes.

w88malayu famous sepak takraw players in the world Azlan Alias

Also known as the King Spiker, he rose to fame as a gold medalist in the 2018 Sepak Takraw Games and continues to be active on social media with his wins. You can catch him on Instagram which contains posts from his games as well as family life. Use the W88 Review to check out how you can wager on Sepak Takraw games online.

7. Jason Huerta, Philippines

Jason Huerta is a rising as well as one of the best famous sepak takraw players from the Philippines, and right from his first game officially, he won the hearts of many people.

w88malayu famous sepak takraw players in the world Jason Huerta

In fact, since the origin of Sepak Takraw, the Philippines has never owned a medal or trophies in the sport since Jason won the silver medal. As of now, Jason Huerta still continues to grow as a medalist in this sport and has a long way to go with wins in matches. Use the W88 Promotion bonus to support the Philippines by wagering on them.

8. Siriwat Sakha, Thailand

In Thailand, when you hear the name Sepak Takraw, you definitely would think about Siriwat Sakha another brilliant sport player in the Thailand team.

w88malayu famous sepak takraw players in the world Siriwat Sakha

Being one of the skilled players in Thailand, he helped his team win many matches. And as of now to extend his expertise, he is creating a legacy as the coach of the Pathumtani sepak takraw team in Thailand. He is one of the top tekong which is the top server overall in the sport.

9. Syahir Rosdi, Malaysia

Another top skilled and best Sepak Takraw player in the world is Syahir Rosdi. He is part of the Malaysian team and is considered to be a great ally during the game.

w88malayu famous sepak takraw players in the world Syahir Rosdi

He along with his team has won many medals as they are a part of the strongest teams in the Sepak Takraw overall. Altogether, he owns 2 bronze medals, 1 silver medal, and 1 gold medal. But with his skills, it is evident that there are more medals to come his way as he has a lot of potential based on his stats.

10. Rian Firmansyah, Indonesia

Known for his speed and agility is the rising star of Sepak Takraw Rian Firmansyah from the Indonesian team. He joined the Indonesian team when he was only 16 and has won many medals.

w88malayu famous sepak takraw players in the world Rian Firmansyah

He won his first medal in 2015 and consistently won in 2017, becoming one of the best sepak takraw players in the domain. Continue supporting Rian and Indonesia by wagering on Indonesia using the W88 sportsbook and free credit or promotion bonuses for new members on their first deposit.


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