7 Best lottery winning strategies in 2024 – Get RM1500 daily

Searching for a way to increase your luck at W88 lottery? Level up your game with the 7 Best lottery winning strategies that work. Win a jackpot & RM1500 daily!

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The lottery is a game based on mere luck, people often believe that but expert keeps on finding ways to win the lottery with strategies. The human brain has a habit of detecting patterns and algorithms, the same way the experts keep finding successful tips and tricks for you. We provide you with the top 7 lottery winning strategies in 2024 to win a jackpot.

#1. Number identification

If you have a keen eye for patterns then this strategy is perfect for you. Put this skill to use by identifying the winning numbers as hot, cold, or overdue.

lottery winning strategy 05

  • Hot numbers: Numbers that have been picked frequently in the lottery throughout the lottery you analyzed. Hot numbers are considered lucky to be drawn in the lottery.
  • Cold numbers: Least frequently used number throughout the lottery are the cold numbers. It may have been drawn recently but we are looking at the frequent, not recent.
  • Overdue numbers: A number that hasn’t shown up in recent weeks, might be the hot numbers and can occur soon with greater possibilities.

Keep track of the winning numbers in the lottery and use your brain to follow the pattern. Search for an algorithm, even if it’s hard but not impossible.

#2. Odds & evens strategy

The logic behind the odds & evens strategy is that you might not know the particular number that will be drawn but you can predict a set of numbers that can be drawn.

lottery winning strategy 01

  • Not all the winning numbers will belong to even or odd completely, they are always evenly distributed in a live casino.
  • Hence, picking numbers that are split between even and odds, increases your chances of winning the lottery.

A biostatistics expert claims you’ll not affect your chances of winning a lottery by picking either all even numbers or all odd numbers or an equal combination of both.

#3. Form lottery syndicate

The simple way to increase your chances of winning the lottery is to buy as many tickets as you can, but that can’t always be the possibility as not all are millionaires. In that case, a lottery syndicate is an answer for you to increase your chances of winning.

lottery winning strategy 06

  • Buy a lottery ticket infraction, online lottery pool allows you to buy a fraction of a ticket instead of buying a whole ticket.
  • Then the winning amount is distributed to the members in the pool proportional to the amount they invested in it.

Not comfortable with strangers forming a pool? No issue at all, call up your friends and buy the ticket with them.

#4. The wheeling system

In a wheeling system, you must target a certain number of common winning numbers and combine them to make every possible number to generate a bunch of numbers with higher chances of winning a lottery.

lottery winning strategy 03

  • Choose pick-three or pick-four lottery games to reduce the loss and increase the chances of winning the lottery in the W88 game.
  • Form a pool in order for the wheeling system to work effectively, use a lottery syndicate and buy the fraction of the lottery, and wheel the sixth number.

For example, you are playing a lottery and you need to get six out of 69 possible numbers correct to win (also known as a 6/69 lottery), you could identify four “hot” numbers and then buy tickets that combine those four numbers with each of the other 45 possible numbers.

#5. Buy as many tickets as possible

Buy as many tickets as you can to win the lottery is the simplest way to enhance your chances of winning and there’s no denial to that. This strategy might be considered simple but with a bit of luck, it’s elegant to win.

lottery winning strategy 04

  • Of course, this strategy costs loads of money, and even then the odds of you winning are very poor.
  • The simplest strategies of all, but keep your bankroll in mind. You might also end up losing more than gaining. So, choose the tickets wisely.

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#6. Play unknown at an odd hour

Popular known lottery games are high in demand, many people know about them and widely appreciate them. It’s really easy to get intimidated by such game providers but people often forget about high traffic and more people to compete from.


lottery winning strategy 02

  • To gain more in a short period of time, pay attention to less popular games.
  • They have less traffic and less competition, they often make more players win the lottery in form of advertisements.
  • Choose any newly launched lottery game and try your luck there with high confidence.

Another important trick is odd hour playing, play when the crowd is least on the website to eliminate competition. Many gamblers have a habit of the evening the numbers, going opposite, and don’t play like others.

#7. Use used tickets strategy

Most players neglect the importance of keeping the track of winning numbers in the lottery, they often are in a rush to delete the used tickets to avoid cluster but they forget that that cluster is a pattern and algorithm of a machine, which may tend to repeat itself.

lottery winning strategy 07

  • Even though the chances to predict an algorithm are slim but they are not impossible.
  • The human brain has a habit of finding a pattern even if the thing is merely based on lucks, that’s why we believe in universal signs.
  • Same way, keeping track and trying to find an algorithm proves to be profitable mostly.

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Don’t let your luck keep a hold on you, defeat your luck with your brain, use the 7 best lottery winning strategies mentioned above and earn yourself an amazing jackpot in 2024. Sign up at W88 now and grab prizes up to RM1500 daily.