10 Most Popular Sports in Malaysia to Place Online Bets 2024!

10 Most Popular Sports in Malaysia to Play, Watch, or Place Bets in 2024! Know Famous Sports among Online Bettors at W88 & Bet on Soccer, Sepak Takraw, Hoki, etc.

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One of the best things in today’s world you can find anywhere in sports. Sports is something that has been surrounding us since our childhood and it even units us all together. Every year there are many sports matches taking place which never ceases to provide endless entertainment to its customers. In Malaysia too sports have a similar effect and to spice things up, many people join online betting sites like W88 to place bets on their favourite teams or matches to win along with them in their own ways. So, if you want to do so too then here are the 10 most popular sports in Malaysia that you should know about to place bets on.

1. Soccer/Football

Soccer is one of the most famous sport in Malaysia and is almost like every Malaysian’s go-to sport. This means that most sports fanatics would pick soccer as their go-to match. Not only this but people even enjoy playing soccer which often calls for local tournaments and more.


  • Although Football was brought into Malaysia during the olden days by English Men, the locals soon took a liking to it and often indulged in playing the game, thus Soccer is one of th oldest sports in Malaysia, which makes it one of the founding sports game in Malaysia’s association with sports.
  • Although it is not the national sport of the country, it is considered to be the most famous sports in Malaysia which almost makes it seem like a national one. This is also the reason many people like betting on soccer matches and if you are wondering what is the best online football betting site then W88 is the answer!

2. Sepak Takraw, the National Sports in Malaysia

Speaking of national sports we have Sepak Takraw, which is the National Sports in Malaysia. Sepak Takraw is not only fun to watch but also fun to play, because if playing for fun, then you are your friends will definitely be rolling on the floor with how fun the Sepak Takraw matches can get.


  • Sepak Takraw can be considered a beautiful blend between Volleyball and Badminton and also Football, thus, it is also called Kick Ball where the players play in teams on a Badminton-like court, and have to keep the ball from falling using their legs, making it one of the famous sport in Malaysia.
  • However, there are variations as well where people play the game in a circle to build up more excitement. Sepak Takraw sounds fun and interesting to play but when things get heated up on the court, nobody plays this beautiful game as well as the Malaysians on the court. Since you can bet on players too, visit our famous sepak takraw players article to learn more.

NOTE: You must be wondering why the national sports in Malaysia takes the second spot and not the first. This is because, in the past, the lack of success the Malaysian players had in the game made many people lose interest and focus on a similar game like Kickball which is Football, thus increasing the popularity of the latter. However, in recent years, the Malaysian Sepak Takraw players have managed to slowly get their sport more famous in Malaysia.

3. Badminton

Badminton is something many people might remember playing with their friends when there was nothing else to play and so, Badminton is one of the famous sports in Malaysia which is still loved by many people. This is probably because the setting and court at which badminton is played is very similar to the national sport of the country.


  • Badminton is a game which requires you to play with a net in between you and your opponent which is similar to Sepak Takraw. The goal here is to keep the shuttle in the air and if it falls you should do so only on your opponent’s end of the court.
  • Regardless, Badminton is the most accessible game to play in your locality because many prominent badminton player’s started as gully players too to eventually blossomed into pro badminton athletes.

4. Hoki (Hockey)

Another big team group sport which is a famous sport in Malaysia, besides football, is Hoki. Hoki is also known as Field Hockey or most commonly known as Hockey which is something many people enjoy watching and thus is one of the most popular sports in Malaysia. Although you won’t find many people gushing over hockey tournaments, when you dive into this world, then you will know that Hockey is indeed one of the most exciting games to play.


  • Hockey is a game which is similar to Malaysia’s most loved sport that is Soccer, except that the ball they use is smaller and they must use hockey sticks instead of their legs to score goals in their opponent’s nets.
  • In Malaysia, field hockey is played and also watched mostly making this sport accessible to play locally. There are many hockey training camps which you can sign up for if you want to learn more about the sport.

5. Cricket

Another famous game which is placed with equipment is Cricket and this is perhaps a go-to game for most Malaysians as well. In fact, Cricket and Football/Soccer are two of the most dominating sports in the world which makes the overall hype even more, especially during world cup seasons. This also means that cricket, along with soccer, is a sport which most gamblers bet on.


  • Just like Football, Cricket is a sport which is played in teams but the gameplay is very different from most sports here. Thus, cricket, which was also introduced by the British, is something you play with a bat and ball and to score goals you need to use good batting or bowling skills, to build up the score of your team.
  • Although Soccer is mostly preferred by Malaysians over Cricket, if we consider the whole of Asia then Cricket and Soccer are both the most loved sports in Asia as it has a very different set of rules and gameplay, yet offer the same amount of entertainment.

6. Rugby

Although we do not hear of many matches, surprisingly, Rugby is one of the most famous sports in Malaysia and we can already tell why because of how exciting the game is. Rugby is very similar to football however, here you can carry the ball to the opposite end to score. In short, this game requires you to use your hands and legs to score for your team, which can be more exciting to watch than soccer.


  • In Asia, you would not really hear much about Rugby matches, but those who follow up definitely feel the hype when there is one. As you can see in the image, Rugby played in Asia is very different and thus more thrilling than the one we usually know about.
  • This is why, Rugby is one of the budding sports in not only Malaysia but all over Asia, which makes sports betting on the teams not only exciting but worth it. To vote for the Malaysian Rugby team, you should make an account in the W88 register and gain not only entertainment from betting on Rugby but also other cashback bonus deals online.

7. Volleyball

Next on the list, we have Volleyball, which is another sport that could take over Malaysia as the most loved sport over the coming years. Volleyball matches are always fun and exciting to watch, however, it can be considered an underrated sport because of other top famous sports and their popularity. But in recent years, many people have taken an interest in Volleyball and are even joining the game by signing up for proper training.


  • In Malaysia, the women’s Volleyball team is more famous as they have been going to tournaments and participating in them by giving it their all.
  • Although in Asia, the Japanese volleyball team is stronger, the Malaysian team has shown relentless efforts which definitely would want to make your bet on them. To get live updates on Volleyball matches, join W88 online to get sports betting experience like never before.

8. Cycling

Cycling may sound boring but those who have gone past this misconception know that cycling is one of the best and most fun sports to bet on online. This is because cycling sports does not only include the typical cycle-on-road match. Yes, Road cycling races are one aspect of this sport however, there are other variants like Cyclo-Cross or Mountain Bike Racing which make the fun of sport to watch.


  • Cycling is one of the most accessible sports you can find, all you must do is find a good bike and practice till you perfect the sport. However, this is probably a part of the misconception people have regarding sports because becoming a cyclist does not only take heavy physical training but also maintenance of your bike.
  • This is because here, your bike is your equipment, a part of you being a cyclist and not just a mode of transport to the finish line. This is what makes the sport more competitive yet accessible to most people in Malaysia and thanks to technology and sportsbooks like W88 sportsbook, betting on cycling is even more accessible to people all over Asia.

9. Motor Sports

New in the scene in sports betting not only in Malaysia but all over Asia is Motor sports which is like an upgrade in sports themes from cycling. What makes motorsports even more interesting is that you will get a variety of sports within this sport genre where you can place bets on two-wheeler races and more!


  • Motorsports is a sport in Malaysia which is increasing in popularity as many people are not only watching it but also finding ways to sign up for it.
  • Here, you can find many variations of motorsport games like auto car racing, air racing, kart racing, truck racing, motorcycle racing, and even lawn mower racing.

10. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Although it is not a lot famous yet, the Mixed Martial Arts sport, commonly known as MMA, has been emerging in popularity in recent years thanks to many tournaments taking place. Not only this but Mixed Martial Arts give sports betting the overall proper and authentic gambling feeling as you place bets not on team strength but on individual players and their abilities to score a proper punch or kick.


  • Although MMA is a violent sport, watching people play their way through would make you want to learn the sport too because, in the end, it is a skill. In fact, many gyms offer kickboxing, one of the aspects of MMA, as one of their most effective ways of working out because of how much impact the sport has.
  • Thus, yes, the fight to bet is something that has been going on illegally in underground rings for many years, but here at W88, you can bet on top skilled and trained players to win legally online as well as enjoy the sports to the fullest.

In Conclusion

These were the 10 most popular sports in Malaysia as they are not only fun to watch but also evoke sentiments of pride for your favourite team or player. That being said, if you want to be a part of the game and not just stick to the sidelines, then join W88 today to place bets on your favourite teams or players to win extra cash alongside them! For this, we recommend using Asia’s no. 1 online betting site W88 to win some great sign-up deals upon making your official registration in the W88 register.