Master 10 online Poker Strategies for back-to-back winnings!

Learn 10 Online Poker Strategies and increase your chances of winning one round after the other! Save max on your bankroll with systems, tips, tricks, and more!

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Poker gaming on sites like W88 is one of the most thrilling ways to double up your cash in no time. However, as a beginner, you may struggle with learning the nitty-gritty of poker games online including trying to understand how pro bettors actually win big on poker games. The answer to the latter concern is not one but many online poker strategies that help them win big back-to-back, and below we have compiled 10 helpful strategies for online poker gaming.

online poker strategies to win big payouts as a beginner

1. Select a betting system to gain profits on your existing bankroll

  • The first and one of the most helpful online poker strategies is to wager online with betting systems since poker consists of more than one sub-betting round, making this an effective online poker strategy to win.
  • Betting systems can be progressive where you must increase or decrease your betting stakes depending on your wins and losses in the game room for instant results.
  • Or betting systems can be non-progressive wherein you must maintain the same wagering amount throughout your gameplay for overtime profits.

2. Wager with progressive bets more in the game rooms

  • As you can tell, progressive betting systems work better as online poker strategies because these can grant you instant payouts after your gaming sessions.
  • However, we recommend going for betting systems like the D’Alembert method which are budget-friendly and also an easy online poker strategy that beginners can use.
  • The D’Alembert method requires you to wager online by increasing the stakes by one unit on winning bets and decreasing them by one unit on losing bets so that you get part of the lost stakes as part of the payout returns.

online poker strategies and tricks to win big payouts as a beginner

3. Choose an online poker variant that caters to your gaming style

  • One of the most basic online poker strategies is to know which poker games are the best for you since there are many poker variants online.
  • There are three card poker, Texas Holdem poker, traditional poker, virtual poker, and also P2P poker games on the internet that you can choose from on betting sites like the W88 Poker Online platform.
  • Understanding which online poker variant caters more to your gaming style and bankroll budget a great online poker strategy you can use.

4. Increase the stakes if your first-round hands have higher ranks

  • As stated above, poker games have more than one sub-betting round, wherein in the first round you get your cards dealt and in the second round you must make a decision which will commence the game.
  • One of the decisions you get to make is the ‘Raise’ option which requires you to raise your betting stakes by doubling up the initial wagering amount.
  • Using this Raise option must be done regardless of whether you are using betting systems or not when you have a great betting hand rank which is the royal flush or straight flush hand.

5. Play selective betting rounds using the TAG betting strategy

  • In continuation with the aforementioned online poker strategy, it is important that you understand how to play TAG which is one of the most successful online poker strategies to ever exist.
  • Playing TAG means playing ‘Tight and Agressive’, which means you must wager on only a few betting rounds (Tight) but on those betting rounds you must wager with higher amounts as the betting stake (Aggressive).
  • This is applicable to only the Royal Flush, Straight Flush, and other few higher ranks that you are bound to win, so when you get your first cards dealt, you can either play TAG in the next sub-betting round by raising the stakes or fold your cards as mentioned in the below online poker strategy.

10 online poker strategies to win big payouts as a beginner

6. Be sure to fold your cards when you do not have a good hand

  • Just like you raise on good hands as an online poker winning strategy, you must fold your cards when you get a hand that cannot get you to win easily as your Tips and Tricks to win on Poker.
  • This is especially true for high card hands because when you do not fold your entire betting stake is lost but when you fold you at least get half your betting stakes returned to you.
  • That being said, we recommend waiting for the 2nd sub-betting round in Poker before you fold your cards as one of your strategies for online poker.

7. Always start with the minimum bet stake as your initial wager

  • To use the aforementioned strategies for online poker it is important to understand that you must have a good amount of cash in your bankroll before you wager in poker game rooms.
  • One way to maintain a good cash balance in your bankroll at all times is wagering with the minimum betting limit in your game room as the initial wager throughout your gameplay.
  • This way you can effectively use online poker winning strategy tricks like betting systems, playing TAG, raising the stakes, etc.

8. Play P2P Poker to get more strategic insights from real players

  • Practicing poker gaming online does not only help you effectively use the strategies for online poker mentioned here but also you can develop your own online poker winning strategy.
  • One of the best places to do both of these is the online P2P platforms that you can access on online betting sites like W88 for real money or for free.
  • These game rooms have real players from across the globe playing Poker games and using these game rooms you can apply strategies, develop strategies, or even just observe the gameplay to gain strategic insights from other players to enhance your own gameplay.

10 online poker strategies to win big payouts from experts

9. Set a losing limit for every gaming session you decide to play

  • Bankroll management in online poker gaming can indirectly determine how much you win online based on how many betting rounds you can play with your existing bankroll, however, playing this way is not the best online poker winning strategy you can go for.
  • Instead, we recommend setting a losing limit for every gaming session you decide to play which basically is to decide on how much you are willing to lose in poker gaming online for that gaming session.
  • Once this limit is met you must stop playing for the day to not only save up on your existing bankroll but also to collect your winning payouts separately as one of your effective strategies for online poker gaming.

10. Apply for Casino promo deals to boost your account wallet

  • As stated in the aforementioned online poker winning strategy, you must have a good amount in your bankroll to play enough betting rounds to gain profits with the strategies for winning online poker.
  • One of the helpful ways to gain an instant account wallet boost is to claim your online casino betting site’s promotion bonus deals for making the minimum deposits in your account wallet.
  • For instance, at W88 you can claim a 100% up to RM1,288 W88 promotion bonus on casino products for making the minimum deposit on your new member account!

online poker strategies and tricks to win big payouts from experts


These are the 10 Online Poker Strategies that can get you to win big payout returns online back-to-back if used effectively. These strategies for online poker give you flexibility when betting online especially as a beginner so that you can find your own online poker winning strategy. So go ahead and create an account in the W88 register today and claim the W88 promotion offer on casino games to try each and every online poker strategy here today!