Master 7 Advanced Blackjack Strategies with a 100% win rate!

Master these 7 Advanced Blackjack Strategies that have a 100% winning rate! Know which move to make in every round & keep earning RM1,000+ every gaming session!

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Wagering on games like Blackjack on betting sites like W88 is not only fun but rewarding especially if you use some of the advanced blackjack strategies that help pros win every round with 99 to 100% accuracy. To understand betting systems for blackjack as beginners, read the below-mentioned 7 advanced blackjack strategies that can help boost your winning rate by 100%. These 7 advanced blackjack strategies cater to new players learning the nitty-gritty of blackjack gaming online, and so these must be used mindfully to get yourself to win RM1,000 and more in the long run.

advanced blackjack betting strategy to win big in online game rooms

1. Use a progressive betting system like the D’Alembert method

  • First, you should make use of betting systems that help boost your bankroll amount while also maintaining it well as an advanced blackjack strategy to win.
  • Betting systems can be progressive or non-progressive in nature, but for games like blackjack going for progressive betting systems as one of your Tips and Tricks is the best option out of them all.
  • However, keep in mind that progressive betting systems can also harm your bankroll if not used well so best to go for betting systems like the D’Alembert method which is also beginner-friendly.
  • Here you must wager by increasing the stakes on losing bets and decreasing the stakes on winning bets in the game rooms so that you get the lost stakes as part of the payout returns.

2. Make use of the Advance blackjack strategy chart wisely

  • When it comes to gaming online with advanced blackjack strategies, it is a must to refer to the advanced blackjack strategy chart available on the internet.
  • In the advanced blackjack strategy charts, you get to wager by understanding which moves you must make based on the first two cards of the dealer and your first two cards for the very first round.
  • You will have to look at the chart and then make a move that is most favorite for the given card values during that betting round making this an effective advanced blackjack strategy indeed.
  • However, it is best to memorize the basics of the advanced blackjack strategy charts as a beginner so that you develop a good and quick pace when learning How to Play Blackjack online.

advanced blackjack strategies to win big in online game rooms

3. Double down when your cards total to 11 to win effectively

  • As a rule, that many pros use to ace their wins, the next advanced blackjack betting strategy can grant you great wins during your gameplay especially when learning How to Play Blackjack Online Casino games.
  • This advanced blackjack strategy basically requires you to double down, or increase the stakes, when your first two cards total up to the value of 11.
  • This is because 11 is a perfect number in blackjack games because, in the next round, you are more likely to hit 21 or a number closer to 21 making this another helpful advanced blackjack betting strategy.
  • This blackjack advanced strategy also gives you a bonus tip of playing carefully if your number totals up to the value of more than 11 or less than 11.

4. Assign Ace card value wisely based on the second card

  • In blackjack, the cards 2 to 9 are assigned their face value while the face cards, which are the queens, kings, and jokers, are assigned the value 10.
  • However, when it comes to the Ace cards, they have the value of either 1 or 11, making this aspect another advanced blackjack betting strategy to use.
  • So, when you get a blackjack ace card and another number card, you should determine the value of the ace card wisely and strategically.
  • What this means is that you must assign the number 1 to an ace when your second card has a higher value and the value 11 to the ace when the second card has a lower value as an effective blackjack advanced strategy.

blackjack advanced strategy to win big in online game rooms

5. Always split your two aces for a better chance of hitting blackjack

  • The next advanced blackjack betting strategy is related to the aces again, and this time it is more specific for those cases wherein you get two ace cards in one single round.
  • For this situation, you must split the aces and play them both separately as a blackjack advanced strategy as this could get you to win big.
  • If you do not split the aces then one ace will be considered 1 and the other one 11 automatically, which makes the total a 12, not a good advanced blackjack betting strategy.
  • However, splitting the aces into two hands could give you one hand with the value of 1 and the other with the value of 11.
  • As the above advanced blackjack betting strategy suggests, double down on the hand with the 11, and bet wisely for the other hand with the value of 1.

6. Play strategically with soft hand totals and hard hand totals

  • With the above-advanced blackjack strategies, you know that the ace cards hold the great secret to winning the blackjack game rounds.
  • In fact, the advanced blackjack strategy chart bases its moves mostly on ace cards in the game room.
  • This is when you should learn more about soft hand totals and hard hand totals to enhance your moves and memorize the advanced blackjack strategy chart better.
  • Soft totals are basically the hands that have an ace card within them, and hard totals are those hands with no ace cards within them. Understanding this can help you wager with the blackjack advanced strategy tips and tricks more effectively.

advanced blackjack strategy to win big in online game rooms

7. Surrender your bet when it seems fit to save half bet stake

  • For the second round of blackjack games, there are options that you can choose from like Double Down, Call, and even Surrender, the last one of which is rarely used by many players.
  • So, as a helpful blackjack advanced strategy you must use the surrender button when you know you are going to not win the betting round.
  • Unlike poker, it is very easy to tell whether your chances of winning are more or less, but when you know that the chances of winning are less on your end hit the surrender button.
  • Surrendering your cards mid-game would help you save half your betting stake for that round which is way better than losing all your betting stake in one go.


In conclusion, adopting even one Advanced Blackjack Strategy here can help you increase your chances of winning in the game rooms. That being said, it is important to always play mindfully in the game rooms using these advanced blackjack strategies because mindfulness also is a great tool for winning many betting rounds on games like blackjack. With this, we conclude the advanced blackjack betting strategy article, but for more such blackjack advanced strategy, advice, insights, and more keep visiting our website!