10 Strong Poker Winning Sequences you must know to win more!

To improve your play, learn the 10 Strongest Poker Winning Sequence. Use our poker chart to learn the ranks of hands, which range from Royal Flush to High Card.

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You must become well-versed in all aspects of online poker, from winning tactics to poker rules, if you hope to succeed at the game. However, in the middle of all of this is a crucial component of playing poker online: the poker winning sequence. So continue reading to find out more about this and to play in the game rooms on the W88 website!

The Top 3 Poker Winning Sequence will help you win big!

Knowing the Poker Winning Sequence implies that you ought to comprehend them sequentially as well. This implies that you need to know which of these sequences is typical in the game rooms and which ones pay off well. The three poker sequences that offer large payouts are listed below.

1. Royal Flush – Probability: 1 to 30,940

poker winning sequence - royal flush

  • One of the rarest winning sequences in online poker games is the Royal Flush, which also happens to be the greatest.
  • This is because the face cards on these cards are all from the same suit and are ranked appropriately.
  • This poker winning sequence has a 1 in 30,940 chance of occurring, making it an instantly winning one!

2. Straight Flush – Probability: 1 to 3,589

poker winning sequence - straight flush

  • The Straight Flush sequence in poker is the second winning sequence that can earn you significant winnings.
  • Because you need to obtain consecutive cards from the same suit in this poker sequence, it is comparable to the winning sequence in Royal Flush Poker.
  • The distinction is that in order for this hand to be a winning straight flush, these cards need to be numbered.

3. Four of a Kind – Probability: 1 to 594

poker winning sequence - four of a kind

  • The four-of-a-kind card, which is also one of the rarest poker sequences, is the third and last winning combination.
  • In this case, it doesn’t matter which suit you choose as long as four of the five cards have the same number.
  • This has a 1 in 594 chance of happening, but if it does, you can win significant sums of money right away. To try W88 Poker, sign up with W88 now!

For simple victories, keep an eye out for these 4 Poker Winning Sequences

Now that you know the three poker-winning sequences mentioned above, you may easily earn money quickly. There are, nevertheless, certain winning poker hand combinations that offer substantial rewards but are very competitive. Let’s examine the list of the next four poker sequences.

4. Full House – Probability: 1 to 37.5

poker winning sequence - full house

  • The Full House hand, which simply indicates that all five cards can be used to form two alternative winning poker hand sequences, is the first hand on this list of poker hand sequences.
  • To better understand, consider the scenario above, where the five cards are made up of a three-of-a-kind hand and a two-pair hand.
  • This is the fourth-rarest poker sequence on the list and often consists of the winning poker hands that make up a Full House hand.

5. Flush Hand – Probability: 1 to 32.1

poker winning sequence - royal flush

  • Because of these characteristics, this series of winning poker hands is known as the Flush or Colour hand.
  • The need you receive cards from the same suit is what places this sequence at number five on the poker sequence ranking.
  • In addition to the fact that the numbers in this case are irrelevant, the series of winning poker hands is similar to a split from the Straight Flush hand.

6. Straight Hand – Probability: 1 to 20.6

poker winning sequence - straight

  • The Straight hand is a winning poker hand that is somewhat inferior to the Flush hand, much like the Flush sequence.
  • In the poker sequence list, this is the sixth-hand rank. Here, you need to obtain cards with consecutive numbers, regardless of suit.
  • Having said that, obtaining this poker sequence is not as difficult as obtaining the previously mentioned winning sequence.

7. Three of a Kind – Probability: 1 to 19.7

poker winning sequence - three of a kind

  • Comparable to the final ranking of winning poker hands in the poker sequence list above, which featured the four-of-a-kind rank, the poker winning sequence Three of a Kind now occupies the seventh position.
  • This rank is quite similar to the four-of-a-kind rank in that you need to acquire three of the five cards, regardless of suit, to be the same number.
  • Furthermore, it is rare yet easier to obtain this series of winning poker hands, with a probability of 1 in 19.7.

The top three typical poker sequences to win quickly

Which poker winning sequence can help you win quickly if the previously listed winning sequences are uncommon? The final poker sequence list contains the most frequent winning sequences in poker that you may use to win hands down.

8. Two Pair – Probability: 1 to 3.26

poker winning sequence - two pair

  • The two-pair hand, which is more common on winning betting rounds, is listed first on this list of poker hand sequences.
  • You need to obtain at least two pairs of the same number in poker, regardless of the suits, to complete this winning sequence.
  • This indicates that out of the five cards, you have to obtain two cards with the same number and another two cards with the same number.

9. Pair Hand – Probability: 1 to 1.28

poker winning sequence - pair hand

  • Surprisingly, the pair hand—which is the most common hand overall—takes the ninth place on the winning sequence in the poker list.
  • You need to get at least two of the same cards among the five cards in your hand in order to complete this winning poker sequence.
  • This hand rank is the poker-winning sequence that you will encounter frequently, making it more prevalent than the previous poker sequence.

10. High Card – Probability: 1 to 4.74

poker winning sequence - high card

  • Not to be overlooked is the High Card, which is the winning card in poker even though it isn’t precisely a winning sequence.
  • There are situations in poker games when there is no winning sequence, in which case the winner of the wager is determined by looking at the highest card in your hand.
  • This implies that in order to ascertain the rank of a card, you must first look at its number; if the two numbers match, the highest card will be determined by its suit.

Essential knowledge needed to comprehend Poker Sequences

When you consider it, a royal flush hand is created by building up high cards, but how can you tell if you are playing a winning poker sequence, and what precisely determines their ranks? Now let’s examine the fundamentals of the poker sequence list, which you need to master in order to win poker games at online bookmakers like W88 Live Casino. The rank of the card and its suit are the two key components that define the ranking of a successful poker hand. Therefore, in this poker sequence, you must first look at the card number to determine which hand is best on the table:

The order of cards is as follows: A > 10 > 9 > 8 > 7 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2
Sequence of suits: Spades > Hearts > Diamonds > Clubs

In addition, while it does matter, in a poker game the suit of the cards is not more important than the card rank that determines the winning sequence. To determine the high card, it is crucial to comprehend the suit rankings as well, as in the previously given sequence, the suit decides who wins the bet if two numbers are comparable. It’s important to keep in mind that suit ranks are rarely considered in poker games and should only be done so in the event that the card rank does not determine the winner of the betting round.


These ten potent poker-winning sequences have the potential to help you win significant sums of money at online bookmakers such as W88. To play poker faster than your opponents, you must commit these hand sequences to memory. To prevent overpaying, you can do this wisely on sportsbooks such as W88, where your initial deposit earns you promotional incentives. Visit us again for additional poker betting strategies—we’re the best casino guide you’ll ever need!