Top 10 Best Valorant betting Tips pros would never disclose!

Apply these 10 proven Valorant Betting Tips to boost your esports bet winning rate by 98%! Learn from the pros with the top 10 Valorant best tips for beginners!

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The Valorant video game was one of the most popular esports highlights of the year with many people joining the game it also became part of many esports tournaments. Today you can use popular sportsbooks from the W88 Betting Company to wager on Valorant esports teams and earn extra cash. However, to ensure that you keep earning your bets on some of the hottest Valorant matches, be sure to go ahead and use these 10 best Valorant betting tips that pros won’t tell you!

valorant betting tips to win for beginners by experts

1. Think of a betting system that works well with your bankroll

  • First on the Valorant Betting Tips list is to select a betting system that works well with your bankroll as maintaining your bankroll is important to win effectively.
  • Betting systems are progressive or non-progressive in nature and based on your preferred betting style you can choose any one of the two betting systems.
  • Progressive bets require you to increase your wager on wins or losses and non-progressive betting systems require you to maintain the same wagering amount throughout your betting sessions for a long time.

2. Wager on Valorant leagues using the ladder system

  • The next one of the Valorant Betting Tips is to wager on leagues with the Ladder betting system which is one of the simple progressive betting systems you can use.
  • Ladder betting requires you to increase your wager on every winning bet so that you ultimately get the best payouts until you want to stop betting.
  • One best ways to use Ladder System Valorant tips is to wager with it for an entire league so that you get the best results by the end of the league.

valorant betting tips for beginners to win like pros

3. Analyze statistical chart data of the teams before wagering

  • When you join a sportsbook betting site one of the most helpful things you can find there are statistical betting charts that help in analyzing teams’ stats.
  • These charts contain data from the previous matches played by the teams and are also easily available online.
  • Knowing the stats of a team can help you make accurate betting decisions when it comes to using Valorant betting tips for betting online.

4. Make winning easier by wagering on simple betting options

  • If you want to really win most of the bets you place on Valorant matches, then it is important that you wager on simple betting options.
  • Some of the simple betting options include the Over/Under or Handicap betting options which easily can help you predict the best outcome results.
  • O/U or HDP bets help thanks to their betting odds, conditions, and even the statistical chart data making it overall more predictable than the match-winner bets.

best 10 valorant betting tips for beginners to win like pros

5. Wager on the teams with lower betting odds in the sportsbook

  • Another one of the helpful online Valorant betting tips to win is to wager on lower betting odds in the sportsbook for any Valorant match.
  • Lower odds are given to those teams with higher chances of winning and since they do not have to defy high odds, they are guaranteed to win most of the time.
  • So, wagering on lower odds is better than wagering on higher odds but remember that betting odds change during live games so using the other Valorant best tips here is important.

6. Watch live match gameplays of the teams to gain knowledge

  • Valorant gameplays are action-packed giving you one of the best experiences for watching esports tournaments on them especially with the W88 Sportsbook.
  • However, this can be used to your advantage as one of the Valorant Best Tips for winning as you can observe the gameplay of the matches.
  • Observing the Valorant gameplay can not only help you make important betting decisions on in-play odds but also help you understand which player is better than the other.

10 valorant betting tips for beginners to win like pros

7. Bet more on the options for Map 2 and/or Map 3

  • In continuation with the aforementioned Valorant Tips for betting, it is important to understand that observing the matches help you with live odds.
  • One of the most effective ways of carrying out Valorant best tips is to wager on Map 2 or Map 3 matches after observing the first maps.
  • Some Valorant games go on up till the fifth and final map so, you can observe, bet, observe, bet, and bet again or create similar patterns for each match to wager with more accuracy.

8. Do not be biased towards a particular esports team

  • When people join sports betting sites it is given that they would want to wager more on their favorite team as a way of showing support.
  • But if you want to win real money cash for the money you spend on betting, it is best to wager with reason on teams that are more likely to win.
  • In matches online, your favorite team can be the top dog in one game and an underdog in the other, so looking at the betting odds is always one of the Valorant best tips for betting.

10 best valorant betting tips for beginners to win like pros

9. Track hot Valorant matches, teams, and other helpful information

  • Valorant matches and tournaments have just been introduced to the esports world so wagering on them would require you to find good Valorant matches.
  • So, it is best to track these hot matches to get good odds or Valorant bonus promotions to play and win effectively using these Valorant tips.
  • That being said, keeping track of the teams, and other helpful information that team member retirement or addition are some of the helpful Valorant tips to win.

10. Apply for sportsbook bonuses to boost the bankroll amount

  • The last and one of the most helpful Valorant tips is to make use of any bonuses related to Valorant or sportsbook betting on your gaming platform online.
  • These bonuses often are given as promotional or welcome offers to the members which they can claim by making minimum deposits in their betting accounts.
  • One such helpful bonus is the W88 Promotion for new members on sportsbook betting which gives new registered accounts a 100% bonus of up to RM1,088 on their first deposit.

best valorant betting tips for beginners to win like pros


These were the 10 best Valorant Betting Tips that work best for beginners to help them boost their account bankroll on online betting platforms like W88. Placing bets on Valorant matches online is one of the best ways to not only entertain yourself but also gain extra cash, however for these you must make use of the Valorant best tips mentioned above that professional players use to win big online. With this, we conclude the article, but for more beginner Valorant Tips keep visiting our website.