5 Best Times to Gamble Online & Earn money up to RM900 daily

Discover the 5 Best Times to Gamble Online at W88, where you win more real money at night, at the end of the month, on weekends, during holidays & in the winter.

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01. Festival Weekends

Since there are a tonne of amazing offers available on everything around the holiday, why shouldn’t online gaming platforms be excluded? Festivals are among the best times to bet online in Malaysia because they offer discounts to both new and returning players. For instance, when you sign up for an account with W88, you can receive a 100% welcome bonus on your first deposit, up to RM600.


Online casinos offer the best promos for players to take advantage of and win more real money, regardless of the occasion. Holidays fall on festivals, and a lot of people search for fun activities to do during festivals. The extra incentive at work is another reason why festival holidays promote online gaming. As a result, studies show that festival holidays are when people gamble online the most.

02. Winter of That Year

Winter is one of the best seasons to play online casino games since it’s when you really need the warmth of a blanket. The majority of people would rather stay at home, but they still want to partake in some entertaining activities, which is where internet gambling fits in.

Enjoy games, including W88 Live Casino, in the convenience of your own home. It’s not the bonus offer from the online gambling site that draws players in, but rather the cold. Even seasoned gamblers opt to play online casino games in the winter because of the harsh weather. During the winter, spend time at home playing video games on the internet.

03. The final Three to Four Days of the Month

Online gaming sites undergo monthly audits, which are reviewed by the licensing authorities and have the power to make or break an online gambling enterprise. These monthly audits display the earnings of online casinos, and no online casino can remain in business if it overcharges its patrons. Because of this, there ought to constantly be a balance, which licensing businesses maintain.


Online gambling firms often distribute any remaining funds to players at the end of the month when they update their balance sheet. Therefore, you should play online gambling games to win some extra real money at the end of each month before the audits.

04. Nightfall is from 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM

The likelihood of winning increases when fewer people play online casino games. Most working people go to bed at night, and some even spend actual money playing video games online. Online gambling is most popular between 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM.

Online casinos typically give players more money at night because that’s when their revenues tend to level out. You will notice a difference if you play the same game at noon, night, and dawn. You’ll find that there’s no better way to win real money at night than playing online casino games. Try W88 Register and play the same game multiple times to find out for yourself. You are going to discover that nighttime is one of the finest times to bet online.

05. Weekends: Sunday noon to Friday evening

Weekends are the busiest times for online casinos since everyone’s schedules are packed throughout the week. Online casinos open on weekends in an attempt to attract as many customers as they can.


  • Weekends are the busiest times for online casinos since everyone’s schedules are packed throughout the week. Online casinos offer players fantastic promotions on weekends in an effort to draw in as many customers as possible. It might be a weekly reload, welcome bonus, weekend bonus, or something else entirely.
  • Most people are free on weekends and don’t want to go out, which is an advantage of using a live casino site. Just visit the online casino website and start playing the games to have fun.
  • On the weekends, people search for a variety of recreational activities to engage in, and online gambling is a commonly discussed activity. Weekends are therefore some of the best times to wager at online casinos.

Bonus tip – 3 Worst times to Gamble Online


  1. Restricted Budget: One of the worst situations to gamble online is when you have a limited budget. Meeting your needs, investing, and saving money are this month’s main goals. You can use the remaining funds for recreational pursuits like online slots, sports betting, and online casinos.
  2. Degrading Mood: This is the most frequent error made by players who switch to online gaming after suffering significant financial losses in offline gaming. The best course of action after suffering a significant loss is to take some time to unwind and wait before playing or betting at another online casino.
  3. Low Laying Seasons: Certain seasons have an adverse effect on internet gambling. One such season is autumn when individuals like to hibernate and get as much rest as possible in order to get ready for the following one. The least desirable season to play online games is autumn.

In summary

Now that you know the 5 best times to gamble online, you can make the most of your online gambling at live casinos, sportsbooks, P2P games, lotteries, keno, and so on. To increase your odds of winning by 26%, play during any of the following times. Just open your laptop or mobile device, go to the online gambling website, and put your bets. We are familiar with one such website, W88; find out all you need to know about W88 using the w88malayu betting guide.