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Know the 10 Best Numbers to Play in Roulette & hit them to win more betting rounds in a single sitting. Discover the best individual and group numbers to hit.

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Casino games with more and easy betting options is always fun to play because it enhances the thrill of placing bets to predict one outcome out of many. Roulette is a similar online casino game which uses numbers from 0 or 00 to 36 as its betting options which also include some side betting options. But there are ways in which you can place accurate bets out of many on the roulette wheel using sites like W88, and in this article we will introduce you to the 10 best numbers to play in Roulette that will help you win most of the betting rounds!


Individual Roulette Number Bets to Win

The 10 best numbers to play in roulette will be divided into two parts in this article, where you will learn of the best individual numbers to place bets and also the numbers which you can group together and place bets to win most of the betting rounds in the roulette game. But before we begin we recommend that you join W88 one of the best online betting site to place bets. With the minimum deposit, you can get to bets and try out placing bets on all of these amazing numbers after creating a new account in the W88 register.

1. Considered to be the best is the number 17

First on the list we have the number 17 which is considered to be a magic number by many roulette players in the betting world online. In fact, 17 is considered to be one of the four magic numbers that is the best one on the roulette wheel.


  • When learning how to play roulette, you will notice that there are many people in the game room who will bet on the number 17 and consider it to be the roulette best number bet, and the explanation to why 17 is considered to be the best individual betting option on the roulette table is pretty interesting.
  • This is because 17 is at the perfect spot on the roulette wheel out of all the numbers as observed by players when they played to see which number shows up the most.
  • So basically, because of its position, when the wheel is spun, the ball mostly lands on 17 as it is considered to be at the middle of the wheel.

2. The number 24 is another best roulette number

24 is considered to be another roulette number which is the best to place your bets on the table is 24 and believe us, this number is not a special number or a lucky number but instead it is a number that attracts most bettors to place their bets on and eventually win betting rounds surprisingly.


  • 24 takes the spot of being one of the magic numbers of roulette that will help you increase your winning rate by a good percent according to expert roulette tips.
  • As mentioned though, this number is not special or lucky but many players tend to feel attracted or drawn towards this betting option on the table when placing their bets.
  • The reason behind this is unknown but surprisingly, this is number works the best when it is paired with its partner, the next magic number and best roulette number to place bets on.

3. 23 is best paired with 24 on the Roulette table

Next on the list of the 10 best numbers on roulette is the number 23, and that is because it is often paired with the number 24 on the roulette table. Thus, together the number 23 and 24 make up the two out of the four magic numbers in the roulette betting table online.


  • The reason behind this is similar to the reason behind why people choose the number 24 on the roulette betting table.
  • 23 is an attractive number that tends to show up most of the times when the wheel is spun.
  • Additionally, the numbers 23 and 24 can be tied up together as a split bet or can be used as individual bets which you can try placing.

4. The most lucky number is 7

Playing casino games online is something that you should do for fun at least once to test your luck and there is no better way to test your luck by playing and learning how to win in roulette online casino, a game with a lot of betting options. Speaking of luck, this next best roulette best numbers bet is considered to be very lucky.


  • Yes, we are talking about the number 7 which is considered to be a lucky number in roulette and well as many casino games online.
  • In fact, there are even games dedicated to this number like the lucky 7 slot game. Thus, 7 makes up the last of the four magic numbers in roulette.
  • So, go ahead and place your bets on the lucky 7 number as it is considered to be one of the best numbers in roulette online.

5. 3 is a Risky yet Lucky number in Roulette!

Speaking of luck, there are many other lucky numbers and in fact, you can use your own lucky number to place bet on the roulette table. That being said, the next best roulette number to place bets on can also be considered to be the worse number at the same time and that is the number 3.


  • The number 3 is a very interesting number when it comes to online casino games because it is a low number but sometimes, it can be the luckiest number in game rooms as it is known to turn games around.
  • However, in Roulette because of where the number is placed on the table and the wheel, people tend to avoid placing bets on the number 3, as they bad experiences with it.
  • So, 3 is a risky best number in Roulette that you can try to place bets on the roulette table as a lucky shot in the dark!

6. The last individual number you should try is 25

To explain why this number is the best roulette number you should go with when playing roulette online, you have to go back to the explanation of why 17 is considered to be the best roulette number out of them all, and also the best of the four magic numbers in roulette.


  • 17 is called the roulette best number because of its position on the roulette wheel, and this is why when the wheel is spun, the ball lands on the number 17 most of the times.
  • That being said, on the roulette wheel there are other numbers closer to 17 that also have a pretty good chance of winning. So, this is how we derived that 25 is the best option as it falls right before the number 17 on the roulette wheel.
  • The reason the number after 17 isn’t considered to be the best because it is the number 34 which is considered to be a cold number. For instance, if you place bets on the number 34, you have a high chance of losing since 17, the best number, falls right before it.

Try These Roulette Numbers in Groups!

Getting to the second part of the article, let us look into how you can use the individual betting numbers above and go ahead to place bets on the Roulette table. But placing more than one bet is fun but for that you have to make sure that you have claimed the W88 promotion offer on live casino for extra free cash! This is indeed the most fun part, because the side betting options in Roulette, covers up most of the individual numbers on the table!

7. 13-24 or 2nd Dozen Side Bet

Starting off we have the number group 13-24, which is also known as the 2nd Dozen side betting option in roulette. In total there are 3 dozen bets available as side betting option on the roulette table, all of which cover all the 36 numbers on the table.


  • In Roulette, dozen bets are divided into three parts where you can place a single bet on the numbers 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36.
  • However, from the three betting options, the dozen bet that would work well the most is the middle one, which is the 2nd Dozen bet that covers the numbers 13, to 24.
  • The reason behind this is that the 2nd dozen bet covers 3 of the individual betting numbers at once which is 17, 23, and 24, and interestingly enough they all are magic numbers.

8. 2-35 or the Middle Row Bet

Next on the group best roulette numbers to place bets on to win is the middle row bet which is similar to the middle dozen bet above. With this side betting option in roulette you can increase your chance of winning the betting round.


  • Just like the dozen betting option, the row betting options come in three, the first row covers the numbers 1-34, the second row covers the numbers 2-35, and the third row covers the numbers 3 to 36.
  • So, if you place bets on the middle row, then you can get to place bets on 2 of the magic numbers which is 17 and 23.
  • That being said, if you use the first row side betting option then you can place a bet on the magic number 7 and 25, both of which have good chances of winning.

9. 1-18 covers half of the numbers on the table

According to roulette winning strategies, the betting options that cover a group of other betting options is always the best one to go with when you are confused about which betting option to select to place your  bets online. Luckily, roulette is a game which gives you such a betting option.


  • The 1-18 side bet on the roulette table is something which is the go-to side betting option of many players.
  • This is because it covers half of the table thereby increasing your change of getting winning easily.
  • Additionally, the side betting option 1-18 covers the numbers 7 and the number 17 which are part of the best numbers to place bets on the roulette table.

10. 19-36 covers the other half!

In continuation with the above point, you can already guess why this roulette numbers group is on the list. So, yes, another way to win easily is to just use the other half of the table, which is the side betting option in roulette that covers the numbers 19-36, and also some of the individual best numbers in roulette.


  • Just like the 1-18 betting option, the side betting option for the 19-36 covers most of the numbers on the roulette table.
  • So, if you want to try to bet on the other half or more numbers that fall on the other half of the table, then you can just use the 19-36 betting option.
  • Lastly, this betting option covers the numbers 23, 24, an 25, which is 3 of the best roulette numbers on the table.


So, these were the 10 best numbers to play in roulette if you which to win wholesome payouts. You can use these numbers to make combination bets too however, going for side betting options that cover most of the individual roulette numbers mentioned here is something you definitely do as you can place multiple bets under one bet using less betting stakes. That being said, it is important to note that you could find your lucky number than wins the most rounds just by observing which number bet wins the most.