Asian Handicap 1 Meaning – Know How it Works with W88malayu

What is the Asian Handicap 1.0 Meaning? 1 goal advantage & disadvantage is given to the underdog and strong team, respectively. To know more read at W88malayu!

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Football betting is an increasing form of placing bets online especially at online sites like W88. And if you want to hop on the trend it is important for you to learn some of the basic football betting options that you can find online, and the Asian Handicap is one of them. Although there are many kinds of Asian handicap bets, here we will specifically be focusing on what is the Asian handicap 1.0 meaning and how it works.

Introduction to Asian Handicap in Football Betting

Before we understand the Asian handicap football betting option it is important to first look into what exactly is the Asian handicap betting options and why does it even exist.

To understand this famous betting option however, it is first important to imagine a case scenario of a football match. Imagine a football match where one of the teams has won major league titles while the other team is a beginner or does not have enough exposure to such titles.


Then placing bets on the football match would not only be easier but also boring as you can predict which team may win the match easily. This is when Football Handicap Betting options are introduced where the stronger team is given a handicap or certain conditions that they must complete for the bets placed on them to be valid.

These conditions are usually given by removing goals from the stronger team and adding them under the total score of the weaker team. Understanding the Asian Handicap 1.0 meaning is the best way to grasp what this famous football betting option means.

How does the Asian Handicap 1.0 betting option work?

So, basically the Asian handicap 1.0 meaning in football is that  it helps gamblers place their bets in an entertaining way when there is a strong and underdog team playing the matches. And as you can see  in the image below, the handicap betting option in football is available in full-time and half-time bets.


In the image above you can see that the Asian Handicap Sports Betting odds are given the same way as they would for matches without the betting option and this is because the betting odds serves the same purpose in handicap betting matches as it would for others. However, besides the odds, there are some numbers added and these numbers are the handicap goals where one team has a advantage and the other has a disadvantage.

  • You can see that there are different kinds of handicap goals given to the teams starting from 0.5, 1, and more. These numbers indicate the goal advantage and disadvantage the underdog and strong teams have respectively.
  • For now, let us focus on the Asian handicap 1.0 meaning. It is important to understand that the 1 besides the betting odds indicate that the underdog  team is given a 1 goal advantage while the stronger team is given a 1 goal disadvantage.
  • This 1 goal advantage and disadvantage is not added to the real-life game play but only to the betting odds so that the gamblers have betting options that are equal.
  • It basically means that the underdog team has been given a free 1 goal, so if they score in the real match the the score on the betting sportsbook would be 2. Whereas, the stronger team is given a disadvantage of 1 goal, meaning they will need to score 2 or more goals to win.

Place Real Money Bets on Asian Handicap 1.0 Bets at W88

Now that you have understood the Asian Handicap 1.0 meaning, let us take a quick glance at how you can place bets on a handicap match with a 1.0 goal difference. Using W88 is a good choice you can make as a beginner gambler, because here you will get updated handicap betting odds in the most organized and easy way.

Step 1: Log into W88 and pick a sportsbook

  • The first thing that you must do to play sports betting on Asian handicap 1.0 bet is to visit the W88 official website and click on ‘Join‘ to create an account.
  • Here, you will have to fill out all the details required for registering an account in the W88 Register, which will include a strong password and unique username.


  • Once that is done, you must go ahead and click on ‘Login‘ to complete the registration process at W88. This should take you to W88’s official site’s homepage, where you will be able to access all their products.
  • Since we want to play football betting, you must click on ‘Sports‘ and then select your preferred online betting sportsbook. Here, we have selected the ‘eSPORTS Asian‘ sportsbook. Playing at the W88 sportsbook can give you a welcome bonus of up to RM600 or RM150 as the W88 Promotion offer.

Step 2: Find a 1.0 Handicap Match under Soccer section

  • When you enter the sportsbook at W88, you must filter out the matches to find a Soccer match with the Asian Handicap 1 betting option, to do this you must first filter out the sportsbook by clicking on ‘Soccer‘.


  • Doing so would give you access to all the soccer matches available in the W88 Sportsbook, but since we are only looking for the handicap betting option, you click on the drop-down menu and select ‘Handicap‘ which you filter out all the handicap betting option in the sportsbook.
  • Next, find a Asian Handicap 1 match to go ahead and place bets using the help of step 3 in this article. Here, we have selected the Slavia Sofia vs Pirin Blagoevgrad match.

Step 3: Place your bets considering the higher betting odds

  • When you enter the match domain that you have selected, you will get to see many betting options available including different kinds of Asian Handicap betting variation.
  • So, here we will select the FT Asian Handicap betting option as this is the full time handicap betting option whose results will be declared based on the outcome of the full time match score.


  • Now, when placing bets in the sportsbook, the odds of the match matters as higher odds would give you higher payouts. So, here we will select the Slavia Sofia -1 handicap option with betting odds of 2.01.
  • When we click on the selected betting option, a betting slip will open to the left side of your screen, here you must enter RM5 as it is the minimum betting rate in the sportsbook at W88, and see the returns you will get if you betting option wins, in this case it is RM10.05.
  • Once done, select ‘Place Bets‘ to lock your bets and then you can sit back and enjoy the match.

Asian Handicap 1 meaning explained with Examples

As mentioned above, using higher betting odds would help you gain more payout returns for the bets you stake, especially with the help of some best Football Betting Winning Strategies. To calculate the betting options we will use the formula Betting Odds x Total Payouts = Total Payouts. The betting odds show the chances of a team winning the match, but since this is a handicap betting option, one team has to follow certain rules for the bets to win.

Handicap Advantage = +1 GoalHandicap Disadvantage = -1 Goal
In the real-match, if Salernitana wins by 1 goal, then they will have 2 goals in the sportsbook as they have a +1 goal advantage. So the payout will be higher as the betting odds will be higher.In the real-match, if Juventus wins with 1 goal, then they will have 0 goals in the sportsbook as they have a -1 goal disadvantage. So, the payout is slightly less than the other team since they must get at least 2 or more real goals to win the match.
Betting Odds = 2.07Betting Odds = 1.86
Betting Stake = RM5Betting Stake = RM5
Total Payout = RM10.35Total Payout = RM9.30

This way, based on how strong or week a team is, there are many handicap betting advantages and disadvantages given to the teams playing under this betting matches. That being said, it is not always necessary to place bets on the team with a handicap advantage, but it is the most preferred option because even if the match between Salernitana and Juventus ended with a real goal of 0-1.

So, if Salernitana scored 0 goals, and Juventus scored 1 thereby winning the real match, the bets placed on Salernitana would win eventually as their score on the sportsbook with an Asian handicap 1 bet would be Salernitana 0 + 1 = 1 and Juventus would be 1 – 1 = 0.


This was the Asian handicap 1.0 meaning with examples, and we hope to have explained the betting option in the most simple and understandable way possible. The handicap betting option for football matches is one of the most popular betting options and so, it is important that you go ahead and place bets on a handicap match starting with the Handicap bets with a 1 goal difference as it is not only easy  to play but also easier to win!