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Understand Asian handicap 0 meaning

Asian handicap betting gives the underdog a mathematical advantage over the favorite in a sporting event. Asian Handicap 0 is one of the numerous sub-bet possibilities for Asian Handicap bets; each Asian Handicap sub-bet has a fixed number associated with it. This predefined figure is added to the underdog team’s goals at the end of the sports event and removed from the favorite team’s goals.

After modifying the match outcome from reality, the winner will be the one with the greater goal, and you must guess this winner in the Asian Handicap betting option. It should be noted that Asian handicap betting results have no effect on sports betting results. In actuality, Asian handicap betting is just another method to have fun while creating a virtual reality in which the outcomes may differ from reality. As a result, the default number in Asian Handicap 0 is 0.


Thus, at the end of a sports match, 0 is added to the underdog team’s goals and 0 is taken from the favorite team’s goals, with no deviation from reality. Finally, with the Asian Handicap 0 betting choice, you must guess the winner of a genuine sports contest. To bet on Asian Handicap 0, enter W88.

If Asian Handicap 0 does not influence the outcome of the game, why not put a wager on the Asian Handicap 0 1X2 best option? If a football match ends in a tie, your bet amount will be reimbursed if you place that amount on one of the sides with an Asian handicap of 0. There is a 1X2 bet option.

Asian handicap 0 meaning in betting with the W88 example

Sometimes you will see games with a 0 handicap betting option beneath the Asian handicap betting options, which can be misleading because it suggests the team is given a 0 goal advantage or disadvantage. And it’s true that neither team has a goal advantage or disadvantage in Asian Handicap 0, because both teams have the same chance of winning.


Case 1: If Boca Juniors (0) wins in HDP: If you put RM100 on Boca Juniors (0) with 1.28 odds at W88 Sportsbook, you win RM128; otherwise, you lose your RM100 wager.

Case 2: If the football match ends in an HDP draw: You can bet on either team, Boca Juniors (0) or Patronato Parana (0), at W88 Sportsbook, but the wager will be refunded if the match ends in an HDP draw.

Case 3: If Patronato Parana (0) wins in HDP: If you bet RM100 on Patronato Parana (0) with 3.63 odds at W88 Sportsbook, you win RM363, else you lose your RM100 wager.

W88 Malaysia offers a three-step strategy for betting on Asian handicap 0 games

Now that you know what Asian Handicap 0 means, let’s look at the basic betting options instruction at W88, one of the greatest online betting sites in Asia. When you join the new W88 Promotion and utilize W88, you will earn a welcome bonus of up to RM600 for sports betting.

Step 1: W88 Sports Malaysia, then e-SPORTS (Asian).

  • To wager on the Asian handicap 0 betting choice at W88, you must first visit the official website of W88 Malaysia by clicking on the icons provided above to prevent being directed to bogus gambling websites.
  • Click ‘Register‘ to establish a new W88 Register account in three simple steps; if you already have an account, there is no need to create another. To access your W88 account, simply click ‘Login’ and enter your right username and password.


  • Select ‘Sports‘ from the official W88 website’s menu bar to place a wager on the Asian handicap 0 betting option, and a drop-down menu bar with numerous sportsbooks to choose from will display on the screen.
  • We recommend using W88 Malaysia’s ‘e-SPORTS (Asian)‘ sportsbook to make a wager on the Asian handicap 0 betting option with the lowest betting sum of RM5.

Step 2: Choose your sport, match, betting option, and odds.

  • Following the selection of the sportsbook, the following step is to select the sports on which you wish to wager. To place a wager on the Asian handicap 0 betting option, you must first choose the sport that offers the option. In this scenario, we’re going to bet on the Asian handicap 0 betting choice by selecting ‘Soccer‘.


  • After that, choose the sports match you want to bet on; we recommend choosing Live match to put a rapid bet and win money. As a result, we’ve chosen the Argentina Super Cup match between Boca Juniors and Patronato Parana as an easy example for you.
  • Sports matches are displayed in the e-SPORTS (Asian) sportsbook’s middle panel. After you’ve decided on one, look for the HDP 0 betting option to place a wager and see the odds.
  • A fast tip for betting on Asian handicap 0 is that higher odds give better payouts. As a result, we have chosen a team with better odds. The odds are displayed next to the teams, and we chose Patronato Parana 0 at 3.86.

Step 3: Set your HDP 0 bet by entering your stake.

  • After you’ve decided on a team, the following step is to fill out the betting slip. The betting slip will show on the left side of the screen as soon as you click on the odds you want to wager on.
  • Enter your investment for the Asian handicap 0 betting option on Patronato Parana 0 with 3.86 odds at W88 Malaysia. We’ve decided to wager RM05 (the minimum betting investment at W88 Sportsbook) on Patronato Parana 0 at 3.86 odds.


  • Click on ‘Place Bets‘ to place bets on the Asian handicap 0 betting option and wait for the Asian handicap 0 betting option to alter the match scores. We opted to place an RM05 bet on Patronato Parana 0 with 3.86 odds. If Patronato Parana 0 wins the match at 3.86 odds, we will receive an RM17.50 reward; otherwise, we will lose the RM05 gambled.

Assume we put an RM100 wager on each team with different odds under the Asian handicap 0 betting option, Boca Juniors 0 with 1.28 odds, and Patronato Parana 0 with 3.70 chances. There are two options for generating a table, and each is listed in the table below.

Case 1: Bet on Boca Juniors 0

Case 2: Bet on Patronato Parana 0
Odds: 1.28Odds: 3.70
Wager: RM100Wager: RM100
Pay-out: RM128Pay-out: RM370
If Boca Juniors 0 wins: you get RM128If Patronato Parana 0 wins: you get RM370
If Boca Juniors 0 loses: you lose RM100If Patronato Parana 0 loses: you lose RM100


This was an explanation of the Asian Handicap 0 with some simple betting examples using the W88 sportsbook. As a newbie, this is the best handicap betting option to consider, but only with beginner-friendly sportsbooks like the ones provided by W88. That being said, if you join W88, you can get up to RM600 or RM150 in free credit to play sports betting online, which is incredibly cost-effective. Finally, remember to engage sports betting online ethically and smartly by strategically placing your bets on exciting football events online!