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What is live casino?

With huge advancements in technology, every offline platform is gaining the perspective of an online platform and transforming into one rapidly. The same phenomena engulfed the casino industry. Hence, this resulted in the emergence of an online platform of a casino called live casino. Live casino is an online gambling platform for punters to gamble online on card games like poker, baccarat, blackjack, etc.


Like every other virtual game, a live casino is different since it offers real people, real cards, and real equipment to play online casino games at any live casino platform. Live streaming of these games is conducted under the supervision of a live dealer to engage the players in the live experience, giving them the sense of old conventional ways.

5 Key components of live casino

Working in a live casino will be impossible without these 5 key components. They are not only important but mandatory to make the customer feel welcome, well cared for, and traditional.


  1. Monitor: Monitor helps the live dealers to see what players might be seeing on their screen, this will help them to take action in case of any mishap and keep track of bets. Monitor also allows the live dealers to see the online players.
  2. Live dealer: Live dealer is responsible for conducting the gameplay. They are there to give you a traditional gambling experience. Every live dealer goes through training before conducting the games to ensure that they know the rules of the games very well.
  3. Live streaming: There’s no question that, the cameras play the most important role in a live casino for the successful streaming of games. Latest technology advancement makes it possible easily. Live casinos use multiple cameras to ensure a perfect overview.
  4. Game control unit: Most important component, is a smaller device responsible to encode the video for broadcast. GCU is a specialist who assists the live dealer to run the live casino game smoothly. No live casino game is possible without the game control unit.
  5. Gaming equipment: Different live casino games require different gaming equipment. Roulette requires a wheel, sic bo requires a glass, others require a deck of cards and all of them require a table and chair for the live dealer to sit and conduct the game on the table.

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How does live casino work

Live casino work with different stages and everything need to be taken care of before streaming the game. Be it gameplay, gaming process, live dealers, monitoring, payment system, optical camera recognition, house edge, RTP, betting options, and odds. Let’s understand them all a bit better.

#1. Gaming Process in stages at live casino

Stages of the gameplay differ according to the game you play. The rules might differ for every live casino game but the steps for every casino game is pretty obvious, simple, and the same.


  • Once the live dealer appears on your screen, you must observe the odds and see the betting options to bet on the live casino game. You should also observe the previous winners.
  • When you are done observing, you must place the bets to play the live casino game. Live casino provides 15-25 seconds for the players to play the live casino game.
  • ‘No more bets’ will be announced when the gameplay is about to start. The live dealer will move the game forward until the winner is revealed. Your winning amount will be transferred.

#2. Understand the house edge & RTP

An important aspect to know to understand how does live casinos work is how does live casinos earn and how do they decide on the winning percentage for the players who won the bet.

  • House edge is a formula of math, which gives the advantage to live casinos. It’s the commission from the winning amount when the players win. This means that a small percentage of the winning amount will be given to the live casino in form of a commission.
  • RTP full form is Return to Player, it is the amount of money the player will win after winning the bet. It depends on the betting odds. RTP is the percentage that a player wins apart from his wagering amount in the live casino.

#3. Optical character recognition

Optical Camera Recognition is successfully introduced in the live casino industry. Optical Camera Recognition records the smallest details in the gaming zone and permits the streaming to the players.


  • Optical Camera Recognition recognizes the cards drawn and shows them on the screen for the players, it also allows the players to do a live chat to take help.
  • Optical Camera Recognition captures every single movement with great efficiency, card shuffling, wheel spinning, hands movement, and so many more fast movements.
  • It transforms the video pieces into meaningful data for the players to have a better online gambling experience and earn huge profits of real money.

#4. Betting options & odds

The most important factors for punters playing at a live casino are betting options and betting odds. Since they both help them choose the options they want to bet on and how much they want to bet on.

  • Betting options for every live casino game are different, it depends on the gameplay of the game. Some live casinos have multiple betting options like roulette, baccarat, and Andar bahar and some have less than 4 betting options like poker, blackjack and so many more.
  • Betting odds help the players determine their pay-out amount since the expected payout is equivalent to the multiple betting odds is a particular betting option and the betting amount that the players wager on that betting option in a live casino game.

#5. Security and pay-outs

The most important part of a live casino is security; a live casino offers the highest level of e-payment modes to ensure a great deal of security for the players. Because players play tension-free with a sense of security.


  • The live casino ensures a fast transfer of winning amounts so that players can enjoy their winnings as soon as they win them and withdraw them to the main balance account to spend on goods.
  • Payment platforms are securely and heavily encrypted to prevent hacking by the hackers, who are waiting for one mistake to steal all the money of live casinos.
  • Live casino goes long way for the security of their customer’s money and details. Even the live streaming of live casino games is highly encrypted and secured to ensure safety.

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5 Facts to check before gambling in a live casino

It’s important that you look after yourself and don’t trust every live casino blindly. Therefore, we provide you with the 5 factors that you should look for in any live casino before starting your online gambling journey with it and investing your hard-earned money in it.


  1. License: A legal authority that permits the live casino to perform online gambling activities is the license, look for the license of the live casino before gambling at it to ensure security.
  2. House edge & RTP: Live casinos should have less house edge and greater RTP, that’s how you know whether the online live casino rigged or not. Check house edge and RTP before gambling.
  3. Sponsors & partners: Know who is supporting the live casino before jumping into it, sponsors and partners tell a lot about any gambling platform. Make sure they are known.
  4. Valid SSL certificate: SSL certificate is required to keep the documentation of customers’ data securely. Hence, an SSL certificate is not only important but necessary. Check for it first
  5. Customer’s reviews: Nothing can assure you more about any live casino than customer reviews. Always view the active customer reviews to know the truth about the live casino

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