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Is online Roulette rigged? Find out true answers plus 7 ways to identify if online roulette is fixed or legit with W88malayu, Asia’s trusted betting guide 2024!

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Playing famous classic casino games like Roulette is fun as it is widely known as a game that can give its players the thrills of gambling online as well as extravagant payouts. But to receive such a treatment from your online casino, you need to select the best one from the start. This means that you should ask some important questions like the legality of the site as well as is online roulette rigged, etc. To help you choose the best betting site like W88 to play roulette online, here is a detailed article!

w88 is online roulette rigged or legit

Is playing online live roulette legal in Malaysia?

Knowing that the online game you play is legal gives you a sense of playing the game with ease because there are many countries that ban illegal gambling and unfortunately, Malaysia is one of those countries. This is because the laws of Malaysia do not allow gaming houses and the only form of gambling allowed in the country is Lottery, thanks to an official bill passed by the government.

w88 license is online roulette rigged

However, when it comes to online betting sites, there is no law that prohibits such sites and thus, it has become an unspoken rule that online betting sites like Roulette online game rooms are not allowed in Malaysia. That being said, there are some gambling sites with foreign licenses that allow Malaysian players to gamble with Ringgit. So, online Roulette is only allowed if played on sites with legal foreign licenses authorized by an authority from the country.

Is online live Roulette rigged and fixed?

Now that we have cleared the air about how you can play online roulette, it is important to look into another important question whether is online roulette rigged and fixed or legit. And to answer this question in short, it depends on the site you select to play roulette online. Like if you make a W88 Register that has all the requirements for a legal betting site to have, then you can get roulette game rooms that are not rigged.

w88 is online roulette rigged and fake

  • This is because legal online betting sites like W88 cannot risk fixing their online roulette games for professional purposes.
  • Most of the legal sites have legal game rooms provided by top game room providers that have real live physical casinos located in countries that embrace gambling.
  • So, if they rig their online roulette games then they will be staining their professional name and thus, decrease their own market value.
  • This is because distinguishing between rigged and legit roulette games online is very easy and we will show you how to do so below.
  • To add to this, the dealers in the game rooms are professionally trained and if caught in any fraudulent activities they could be jeopardizing their own careers.

So, choosing an online roulette site that is legal and offers secure tables by top game room providers is crucial to play legit roulette online. The game rooms under the W88 Live Casino section are all safe to use and thus, it is Asia’s no. 1 recommended online gambling site.

What makes people feel that their online roulette game is fixed?

If legal online roulette game rooms are not fixed then why are there reviews where most gamblers claim to have their online roulette games rigged or fixed and accuse the site to cheat them? Well, there are two reasons for this which we will look into in detail below.

w88 is online roulette rigged and fixed

  1. Brain’s ability to remember negative events more than positive ones: It is important to know that when learning How to Win Roulette Online most people get swept by the thrill of the gameplay and thus, forget to play mindfully and keep track of their wins and losses. So, the brain goes into the default mode of noticing the times you lost more than won as the brain tends to remember negative events more than positive ones unless you win a higher amount in one go which is most likely impossible to happen unless you use some roulette tips and tricks.
  2. The online gambling site selected is indeed illegal and thus, rigged: The second reason is probably why you are looking for answers within this article and although we have claimed that most legal online roulette game rooms cannot be rigged for professional purposes, illegal sites may be rigged and thus must be avoided at all cost. But do not worry, there are ways in which you can identify a fake roulette site online from a real one, and further down the article you will be introduced to the basic ways in which you can immediately spot the differences between them.

7 ways to tell if your online Roulette is rigged

In the final part of this is online roulette rigged article, we will talk about the 7 major ways in which you can tell whether the online casino site you select is cheating you or not. Using these basic things, you can easily come to know whether playing Roulette online on a particular site is safe or not. Another reason we recommend using W88 is that according to this detailed W88 Review, the site checks out all these 7 requirements.

w88 is online roulette rigged or fixed

  1. Does not own a license provided by a legal foreign firm: This is the first and most important thing that you should check when looking for online casino sites to play Roulette online. The online roulette site that you select must be legalized by possessing a license provided by a legal online firm. In the betting world online, there are many online license providers so you should also make sure to note that these licenses should be authorized by legal authorities from particular foreign countries.
  2. Game room dealers are not skilled or professional: When learning How to Play Roulette, you will notice that it does not have elaborate gameplay, the live dealers must be skilled and professional in the way they spin the ball to the way they declare the winner. This can come under casino etiquette as live dealers are usually professionally trained in the demeanor they must have when playing roulette games with the players. If the online casino or game room you select does not offer skilled or professional dealers, then it is advised to avoid the game room altogether.
  3. The betting site does not have relevant links on the homepage: Even if the online betting site has a license provided by a legal foreign firm and authority, it is very important for the site to have the relevant links that prove their legality on the homepage of their website. This is something that is not checked by many people and thus end up gambling on illegal betting sites. Additionally, having links to gambling therapy and other gambling support or game room provider license links on their website is essential to feel secure enough to play on the site.
  4. The sponsor partnership deal history is not satisfactory: The best way to know whether the gambling site you select to play online roulette is a good one is by simply looking at its sponsor history. Most online betting sites these days partner up with famous celebrities and sports teams under sponsorship deals and so, if the online betting site you select has an impressive sponsor history, then it would be safer to use the site than those without any exclusive deals. This sponsor list should be another link that must be present on the homepage.
  5. Offers only one kind of Roulette game room: When you visit the live dealer section of the online betting site you select but only see one kind of Roulette game room, then that is definitely a red flag when it comes to roulette games online. This is because most secure online casinos partner with famous game room providers and these game room providers offer multiple rooms to play at to keep a variety in their product. Some of these famous game room providers are Club Evolution, Club MG Live, Club Palzzo, etc.
  6. Live Dealer camera does not have a multi-view option: Another important thing that is overlooked by many players is the unavailability of the multi-view option in the live casino. Most online live dealers offer game rooms that have only one angle to view the dealer spinning the ball and since this is not real-time gameplay, you do not really know if they are rigging the roulette game behind the scenes or not. Thus, game rooms that have multi-view options are the safest to use as you can view the game from different angles.
  7. The gameplay glitches or takes place very fast: Roulette is a fast-paced game and this is something that casinos can take advantage of to rig the game online. It is important to note that each roulette round should take at least 1 minute and a half in game rooms to maintain the thrills of gambling online as well as give the players a chance to decide which betting option is the best one to go with. Additionally, if there are no internet issues on your end, but the gameplay keeps glitching, then it is best to avoid that game room.

As mentioned above, identifying a rigged roulette online game is very easy since the gameplay will feel off, however, these basic 7 points together help you immediately notice and differentiate a fake roulette game room from a legit one in online casinos before you start playing. If you notice most of these things in a roulette game room or an online site, then we advise you to pick another online casino site to play authentic and legal roulette.


This was all about how you can identify whether Is Online Roulette Rigged or not in the online casino you select. To conclude we would like to remind you to use online betting sites with legal licenses like W88 and also use a good online betting guide like W88malayu to help you win most of the roulette rounds online and not feel like the online roulette game you are playing is fixed.