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Want to play the Asian Handicap 2.5 bet but do not know much about it? Well, in this article we are here you give you a simple explanation with image examples from the sportsbooks of W88 to help you turn from a newbie to a pro bettor in no time. Moreover, we will introduce you to a 3-step tutorial on how you can place the HDP 2.5 bets in sportsbooks online. So buckle up to learn the Asian handicap 2.5 meaning with a betting guide from the experts of W88malayu!

What is the Asian handicap bet in sportsbooks?

Before we explain the Asian Handicap 2.5 meaning, let us look into the purpose of the Asian Handicap bet in sportsbooks. The reason Asian Handicap bets were created by the bookies was to even out the matches played between stronger and underdog teams. However, over the course of time, the HDP or Handicap betting option because one of the main bets in sportsbooks as it alters the real results.

w88 asian handicap 2.5 meaning in betting examples

In Football Handicap Betting, the stronger team is given goal disadvantages while the underdog team is given goal advantages. Thus, the stronger team is given a handicap and the underdog team is given a headstart with the same amount of goals. This goal disadvantage and advantage are based on the strength difference between both the teams and is denoted with a – or + sign in the sportsbooks.

Asian Handicap 2.5 meaning explained with case examples

Although the Asian Handicap 2.5 meaning may be difficult at first glance, with W88malayu’s easy explanation below, you will be able to understand what Asian Handicap 2.5 means in betting as well as how the other handicap betting options work in most sportsbooks online. The Asian Handicap 2.5 option means that the stronger team is given a -2.5 goals handicap disadvantage while the underdog team gets a +2.5 goals headstart advantage.

w88 asian handicap 2.5 meaning in sports betting

  • The Handicap 2.5 option is derived from the average of the Handicap 2 betting option and the handicap 3 betting options using the equation (2+3)/2 = 2.5.
  • In the image example above, Manchester city is given a -2.5 goal handicap and RB Leipzig is given a +2.5 goal headstart.
  • This means that Manchester City has to score more than 2.5 goals for the bets on them to win, while RB Leipzig can lose the match only by less than 2.5 goals, draw or even win the match for the bets on them to win.

That being said, regardless of the disadvantage and advantages given, both teams have some conditions they must fulfill. To take a look at what these handicap conditions are, let us split the above match example into case 1 and case 2. These case examples are taken from the sportsbooks of W88, a betting site which we highly recommend using as you can get a W88 Free Credit of RM30 on account verification instantly for sports betting online.

Case 1: Manchester City has a handicap disadvantage of -2.5 goals

w88 asian handicap 2.5 meaning in sports betting disadvantage example

Here, the team needs to score 3 or more than 3 goals and win the match for bets on them to win. If they lose the match, draw the match, or even win the match by 2 or less than 2 goals, then the bets on them loses. So, if Manchester City wins the match with 4 goals, then 4 – 2.5 = 1.5 goals in the sportsbook.

Note: As you can see, Manchester City is highlighted in red in the sportsbooks and this is because the teams with the handicap goal disadvantage conditions are always highlighted in red in sportsbooks.

Case 2: RB Leipzig has a headstart advantage of +2.5 goals

w88 asian handicap 2.5 meaning in sports betting advantage example

Here, the team needs to lose the match by 2 or less than 2 goals, draw the match, or win the match for bets placed on them to win. If the team loses the match by 3 or more than 3 goals, then the bets placed on them will lose. So, if RB Leipzig loses the match by scoring 0 goals then 0 + 2.5 = 2.5 goals in the sportsbook.

Play handicap 2.5 betting at W88 Malaysia using this 3-step guide

Now that you know the Asian Handicap 2.5 meaning, it is time to move on to the second part of the article where we introduce you to a quick 3-step guide on how to bet at W88, one of Asia’s top online betting sites that gives its customers a W88 Promotion bonus of up to RM150 on sportsbook products.

Step 1: Join and log in at W88 to select a sportsbook of your choice

  • So, the first thing that you must do is click on ‘Join‘ at W88 to access the registration form which you must fill out with accuracy for security purposes.
  • Once done, you must make sure you are logged into your newly created W88 account by clicking on ‘Login‘, which will give you a pop-up box where you must enter your W88 login credentials.

w88 asian handicap 2.5 meaning in sports betting online 1

  • Once done creating an account in the W88 Register, you can go ahead and click on or hover your mouse cursor over the ‘Sports‘ option on the homepage.
  • This will give you access to all the sportsbooks on the W88 website and here you can click on your preferred sportsbook to proceed. We picked the e-Sports European sportsbook for this tutorial as it is easy to filter out our desired betting option and also the minimum betting stake starts from RM5 only!

Step 2: Filter the sportsbook and locate a match with the handicap 2.5 condition

  • Once you have entered the sportsbook, you will see different matches from different sports domains and so you must filter out the sportsbook by clicking on ‘Soccer‘ from the options on the left-hand side of your screen.
  • This will give you all the matches for football on one W88 page. Next, you must further filter out the soccer matches to give you handicap betting options by clicking on the drop-down menu and selecting the FT HDP option.

w88 asian handicap 2.5 meaning in betting

  • Once you have completed the aforementioned steps in the W88 Sportsbook, you must scroll down to locate a match with the handicap 2.5 betting option.
  • When you find the desired betting option, click on the match to proceed. Here we found a match between Arsenal and Sporting Lisbon where the former team is handicapped with a -2.5 goal disadvantage, while the latter has a +2.5 goals headstart advantage.

Step 3: Fill out the bet slip to process your bets for the match

  • In the final step of this tutorial, you will find yourself on a page with all the betting options and their respective odds for the match you selected so from here you must find the Full Time or FT Asian Handicap betting option under which you must select your preferred sub-betting option.

w88 asian handicap 2.5 meaning in football betting

  • Doing so would open up a bet slip to your right, where you can see the handicap condition and betting odds. Here, you must enter the betting stake in the given slot and see the payout you will receive depending on the odds and stake.
  • To lock your bet for the match, click on ‘Place Bets‘ and you can now sit back and enjoy the live match in the sportsbook itself in anticipation of the outcome of the bets you just placed.

In the image example above, we decided to place an RM5 bet on Arsenal which has a -2.5 handicap disadvantage. Here, the payout for the betting odds of 3.41 would be RM17.05 which is a pretty good outcome if Arsenal manages to complete the handicap betting conditions.

The 2 outcomes of the 2.5 Handicap condition and betting odds

In the above image example we wagered on Arsenal since it had higher odds but what would happen if we wagered on Sporting Lisbon? Well, the table below introduces you to the 2 possible case scenarios for wagering on either team by taking the handicap conditions and betting odds into higher consideration. Additionally, you can check out some Football Betting Winning Strategies at W88malayu!

Wagered on Arsenal -2.5 @ 3.41Wagered on Sporting Lisbon +2.5 @ 1.29
w88 asian handicap 2.5 meaning in sports betting disadvantagew88 asian handicap 2.5 meaning in sports betting advantage
Condition: Team needs to win the match by 3 or more than 3 goals for bets to winCondition: Team needs to win or draw the match, or lose the match by 2 goals for bets to win
Betting odds: 3.41Betting odds: 1.29
Betting stake: RM5Betting stake: RM5
Payout if the bet wins: RM17.05Payout if the bet wins: RM6.45

As you can see, there is a major difference in the payout thanks to the betting odds. Here, the betting stake on both teams is RM5 but since the stake is multiplied by the betting odds to derive the return rate, higher betting odds produce higher returns. So, if our bet on Arsenal wins then we would get RM17.05 in return which is a lot more than the returns for the other team.

That being said, this is only possible if Arsenal manages to complete the handicap condition of winning by 3 or more than 3 goals. If not the betting stake will be lost. Thus, as long as the handicap condition is realistic for the team you wager on, you can bet using the betting stake. But if the conditions are unrealistic based on previous match statistics, then choosing to wager on the underdog team is a good option as there would still be a chance of winning the bets placed on this team if they lose or draw.


This was our simple explanation of the Asian Handicap 2.5 Meaning with examples from the sportsbooks of W88. The reason used W88 for this tutorial is because it is the best site in the betting market online that caters not only to beginners but also pros. Moreover, as a newbie, you could get extravagant bonuses from W88 that go up to RM150 and more! For more easy tutorials like this, be sure to use W88malayu as your online-friendly guide!