Sic Bo dice pattern – Get ready to learn best house edge

The latest Sic Bo dice pattern 2024 is here for you if you’re the one who favors playing live casino games, especially Sic Bo with a charming live dealer at W88!

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Sic Bo, indicating “dice pair,” is an old Chinese betting game. Now it is one of the lesser-known online casino games and is usually restricted to assigned rooms for Malaysian games.


The game handles 3 dice and a table with various betting choices on the roll of those Sic Bo dice. The Sic Bo odds and table layout may also differ. If you play Sic Bo, W88Malayu recommends adhering to only the “low” and “high” odds.

The List of the available Sic Bo Dice odds

You prefer playing the Sic Bo house edge at an online casino, and it is also true that you desire to win. Therefore, you make and look for precise Sic Bo tips to make the game yours with attractive payouts and more extra fun. Many players look for betting Sic Bo dice patterns as they believe these will enhance their winning Sic Bo odds. Practicing betting Sic Bo patterns will not grow the amount won, but they can support players win more frequently.

By using these Sic Bo house edge, you can apply easily learn How to play Sic Bo online on W88!!

Players put their bets on spots of a table that have been split into named scoring boxes. The live dealer then dents up a small case holding the dice, which they close and shake before beginning the box to reveal the combination. Let’s find out the available Sic Bo odds at W88.

1. 1-3-2-4 Betting Sic Bo Pattern


  • The first of the betting patterns is 1-3-2-4. If the player continues winning, he bets 1.00 credits in the initial roll, 3.00 credits in the next roll, 2.00 credits in the third roll, and 4.00 credits in the fourth roll.
  • Later that, he moves back to 1.00 credit, and the sic bo dice pattern repeats.
  • Despite, suppose the player drops on any roll. In that event, he quickly goes backward to 1.00 credit in the next roll and starts the sic bo dice pattern all over again.
  • If he continues winning, then he gets 10.00 credits for the way. Therefore if the player wins the first two rolls, he will be a clear winner, but winning the first two rolls is not guaranteed.

2. 1-3-2-6 Betting Sic Bo dice Pattern


  • There is also the 1-3-2-6 pattern which is bolder than the first one. The first, second, and third rounds will give the identical result as the first pattern.
  • When the member does not get it to the final round, the game is break-even or zero earned without any loss. Winning the last game makes him 12.00.
  • There is no known equation or code to serve on placing specific bets. It will depend on the member and how he thinks or guesses.
  • Many players are still unproven and will rely on their instinct or how fortunate they believe they are in a given time or day.
  • Players have many forms of discovering and settling their bets.
  • The choice adds on many factors individually based on the player’s decisions while observing the game’s growth.


However, winning the stakes has nothing to do with the sic bo dice patterns noticed in these games.

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Sic Bo dice Patterns in online casino betting are available for people looking for ideas to boost their winning Sic Bo dice odds. Many players religiously chase favorite betting Sic Bo dice patterns. For example, two betting ways are generally used when playing Sic Bo. These are both practiced with Big and Small bets, and these have low house edges and offer even money payouts.


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