4 Best Dragon Tiger Strategy – Winnings booster Tactics

Everything you need to know about Dragon Tiger Strategy is here. Find the best & most helpful dragon tiger casino strategy at W88 & don’t forget to apply them. Discover the basic dragon tiger betting strategy while playing online.

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For the people looking for approaches to earn an edge in their enjoyment of the Dragon Tiger casino game playing with a live dealer, you can keep in mind a few things. So, let’s get started with the Best of 4 dragon tiger strategy.


Top 4 most beneficial dragon tiger casino strategy for beginners

The dragon tiger game is like the Baccarat form of gambling. You get 2 cards on either the dragon or tiger position here, making for an uncomplicated game for newcomers to pull up. This Cambodian game under Online Casino has been growing these days globally. Find the best 4 dragon tiger casino strategy for beginners by scrolling further.

Dragon Tiger Strategy #1. Perform simplistically and bet Dragon or Tiger

  • Suppose you’re fresh to the game. You don’t wish to get into the counting cards or making anything complex. A good dragon tiger strategy is to concentrate on just doing one or the other in that situation.
  • The house edge will still have an advantage, but the house edge is the cheapest of any bet you can make in these sorts of bets. Hence, the dragon tiger odds are going to be more satisfying for breaking through.


Dragon Tiger Strategy #2. Focus on Suits

  • Another dragon tiger strategy that people frequently say is beneficial when you try to practice suits.
  • There’s no getting throughout the luck element of the dragon tiger game. Because oppositely, it wouldn’t even be a game of luck at all, and betting on it would be irrelevant.
  • However, you can use the dragon tiger strategy to improve the odds. One of them is managing how many suits have been dealt with, including which dealt the most.
  • The more you recognize how many suit cards have been executed, over how many decks, the more you’ll understand which suits remain in the deck. That implies you can place a bet on those suits as it’s more likely that these suit cards will be played next.


Dragon Tiger Strategy #3. Try to avoid Tie Bet

  • Many experts state that the Tie Bet doesn’t act very strongly. The main logic behind people wants to try it is that it has huge odds. It can be an 8:1 payout.
  • The difficulty is that the house advantage is undoubtedly huge. It’s over 10 x larger than the house’s edge at the cheap end with the tiger or dragon bet.
  • The number of people who have genuinely won a tie bet is significantly less. There are approximately 80,000 opportunities for a player to lose.
  • This isn’t the sort of bet that’s a great dragon tiger strategy to apply.

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  • It’s all about performing the odds that run in your favor the most utmost, not just glancing at the best potential payout.


Dragon Tiger Strategy #4. Count

  • The dragon tiger game is undoubtedly one of the greatest you can play for counting cards, depending on your place.
  • You must develop the ability for this front and have the spirit for it. Still, it’s not that difficult for multiple people with enough practice.
  • This is holding a safe game for counting is because it’s such a simplistic game. Generally, not many cards are dealt, resulting, it’s easier to learn how many larger value cards have been dealt. Or, in selective, how many 7 cards have been dealt.
  • The cause why this is necessary is that you lose automatically if you get a 7.
  • So, the more the 7 cards have been dealt, the more reliable you understand you are, and the more fascinating it is to bet more further.
  • Depending on the situation, it can help apply any of mentioned dragon tiger strategy based on where you’re playing online.

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Players practice standard card decks of 52 cards, with no jokers nor wild cards. The player intends to determine the winner side, either the Dragon or the Tiger, with the highest-ranking cards. The player can also decide that both sides had a tie on the cards, indicating both sides having the same score. Thus, hoping that you are ready to practice and eager to apply mentioned Dragon Tiger Strategy to win more and more while playing online!