6 Top Dragon Tiger Tricks for newbies – Win RM50 per day

Are you tired of searching for dragon tiger game tips? Don’t worry. These top 6 dragon tiger tricks help you win RM50 daily while playing online, mainly at W88!

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Dragon Tiger is a fair card game to learn and play. Given that the game needs players to predict whether the Dragon or Tiger will get the more valuable hand, this fast-paced card game engages players on their toes as they put bets and wait for the result to get revealed.


Assuming you already know playing the game, keep reading the article dragon tiger tricks to learn more!

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6 Top winning Dragon Tiger Tricks to find for beginners


Dragon Tiger has recognized a combination game where every square Dragon Tiger will be split into 2 cards, so the game becomes remarkably easy for most people. The winning scale is high if you get the below 6 dragon tiger tricks.

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Dragon Tiger Tricks #1. Bet on Dragon or Tiger only

Only bet on the Dragon and Tiger spots, these 2 positions have an identical winning rate of 50%, and these 2 places will make you earn more money. This is the main and first dragon tiger tricks to remember. On the other hand, if you insist on placing a bet on the Tie, you will encounter many challenges to look for luck to get high rewards.

Dragon Tiger Tricks #2. Avoid placing a bet on the Tie

The Tie will generally hold an extraordinary payout odds of 1:8. However, it also comes with several risks. The house edge has the benefit of up to 32.77%. The reason why just a few players win when putting a bet on the Tie. There are 86,320 total various card combinations and of which only 6488 can be drawn. So, with the rest of 79,872 times, you will lose. Based on the evaluation, only 1456 draws have been won till now.


Dragon Tiger Tricks #3. Observe the figure and guess the outcome

If you are observant, alert, and competent in complying, you will assuredly undoubtedly recognize the dealer’s rules to get the advantage. Hence, while playing, you must glance at the dealer’s dealing way to predict the result of back-to-back games. Then, based on that result to determine which side to bet.

Dragon Tiger Tricks #4: See the cards dealing by the dealer

Meanwhile, you are just beginning to play a Dragon Tiger game, don’t hurry into betting when you have not analyzed and devised a particular Dragon Tiger Tricks at all. The player requires taking some time to observe the dealer dealing with the cards and discovering the rules.

Next, once you’ve estimated the game’s rules and your playing form, put a bet. One point for assured is that your winning percentage will be more effective than when you do not know. Remember to record the outcomes of every game so that you can make an authentic betting settlement in the next round. You’ll be able to notice more Tips and Tricks on online casinos to get more winning house edges on W88!


Dragon Tiger Tricks #5: Discover to perceive and predict the outcomes

Typically, the Dragon Tiger result will return in a series, indicating it is sometimes a consecutive Dragon, sometimes a consecutive Tiger returns. The player demands to recognize, catch the sequence of results, locate the rules and the straight timings to place a sensible bet. Once the player has discovered the origin of the series, you will win the reward in many back-to-back games!


Dragon Tiger Tricks #6: Pick a reliable dealer to play Dragon Tiger

Most Dragon Tiger players are for relaxation purposes in their leisure. So pick for yourself the most beneficial house edge to settle your liability and learn dragon tiger tricks here. Your rest season also enhances the most perfect. The renowned house edges will frequently have sufficient knowledge for players about the rules or gameplay. All data is genuine and precise. Remember that preferring for yourself is a profitable house edge to engage in the Dragon Tiger casino game online.

Let’s begin to apply these dragon tiger tricks while playing online casino with a live dealer by registering an account on W88!

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Thus, above are the top 6 Dragon Tiger Tricks to win a Dragon Tiger casino game that experienced experts monitor to effect the most solid results. High-grade luck and be the greatest player ever! If you are a newcomer, you need to acknowledge Dragon Tiger Tricks’ rules and approaches explicitly.