W88 Club Palazzo review- Sign up & win 20% bonus up to RM600

Looking for the best online casino club? We present you with an honest W88 Club Palazzo review. Know 5 top games and reasons to play. Win 20% bonus up to RM600!

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Introducing W88 Club Palazzo

If you are Malaysian and don’t know about W88 then you are living under a rock as it’s the most prestigious online gambling website in the market to not only gamble at live casinos but bet on sportsbook and slots machines. It’s a safe, secure, transparent, and known online gambling site.


W88 Malaysia has so much to offer but today we’ll be talking about W88 Club Palazzo only. Let’s get started with knowing the credibility of W88 Club Palazzo, 5 reasons to choose W88 Club Palazzo to gamble, get acquainted with the top 5 live casino games available at W88 Club Palazzo, and learn to play in 3 simplest steps. The best in the last, claim whopping welcome bonuses.

Is it safe to play at W88 Club Palazzo?

We are aware of your concern and now it’s time for you to get aware of reality, many players often wonder about the credibility of W88 Malaysia. We are here to present you the truth of W88 with proof. License is the most crucial part of any online business to run legally and W88 has proven it.


W88 is licensed by First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation and operated by Marquee Holdings Limited. Fifteen thousand and more Malaysian gamblers visit W88 on and daily basis. Valid SSL certificate of W88 allows it to keep your information intact and safe payment options.

Crystal clear your doubt with our honest W88 casino review article and understand it better before you start making money with W88.

5 reasons to choose W88 Club Palazzo to gamble

Among all other online casino games providers, why should you choose W88 Club Palazzo to play and gamble? The answer is simple yet elegant enough to give goosebumps of excitement. Know 5 reasons to gamble at W88 Club Palazzo.


  1. Minimum gambling stake: Players need only RM1.5 to gamble at W88 Club Palazzo, stating that the minimum gambling limit at W88 Malaysia is RM1.5, making it the most affordable.
  2. Greater betting odds: W88 Club Palazzo presents greater odds especially for the tie betting option, even though that is rare to happen. But whenever it happens the ratio is 1:2000.
  3. Multiple betting options: There are different games with multiple betting options and the one with the most is Roulette. Multiple betting options increase the chance of winning at W88.
  4. Lesser house commission: Even though online gambling is a business and one way to earn is through the house edge, W88 Club Palazzo ensures least house commission than all others.
  5. RM600 welcome bonus: Join W88 Malaysia not only to experience next-level online gambling but get benefits through the whooping welcome promotion of a 20% bonus up to RM600.

Get additional bonus points to increase your winnings through casino tips and tricks at W88 Club Palazzo and many others.

Top 5 live casino games to play at W88 Club Palazzo

Play with W88 Club Palazzo and grab the chance to earn a loads amount of real money with luck and skills. Mentioned below are the top 5 live casino games to play at W88 Club Palazzo, discover and explore them all until you find your favorite one.

#1. Sic Bo – Minimum betting stake RM1.5

Sic Bo is a simple game of dice, based on pure luck. It is one of the most popular, loved, and played games at W88 Malaysia in W88 Club Palazzo. Give a chance to numbers to turn your luck upside down.


  • Objective: Players are supposed to bet on betting options given in the table and the dice are rolled after the bet has been placed, you win the bet if the outcome of the dice is like your bet.
  • Betting option: It has the greatest number of betting options like blackjack and spin a win.
  • Minimum betting limit: Players require only RM1.5 to place their bets on W88 Sic Bo.

#2. Roulette – Minimum betting stake RM1.5

W88 Roulette is one of the most popular live casino games at W88 Malaysia because of its multiple betting options and greater odds. It allows the players to bet on vast numbers by betting on just one betting option.


  • Objective: The ball spins within the spinning wheel in the opposite direction until it stops on a number embedded in the wheel and players are supposed to predict the nature of the number.
  • Betting option: Players can bet on even numbers, odd numbers, red numbers, black numbers, numbers between 1 to 18 or 18 to 36 and so much more at Roulette Quantum.
  • Minimum betting limit: All one needs to bet on Roulette is RM1.5 at W88 Club Palazzo.

#3. Baccarat – Minimum betting stake RM2

Simplest online casino game with the least house edge. Whenever you are in doubt to play which game, just choose W88 Baccarat and bet on a banker to play safe and huge profits of real money in the simplest way.


  • Objective: Live dealer draws the cards from 4-5 decks of cards for player and banker. The one with the largest single-digit value, that is, 9 after totaling the value of cards wins the Baccarat.
  • Betting option: There are only 3 betting options at Baccarat: Player, banker, or tie.
  • Minimum betting limit: Baccarat requires only RM2 to play at W88 Club Palazzo.

#4. Blackjack – Minimum betting stake RM2.5

Like Baccarat and yet different. Blackjack is triple of Baccarat in numbers. It is also known as twenty-one and has many cool variants from slow to speedy until you can afford to play and win cash.


  • Objective: Alike Baccarat, Blackjack is played with 3-4 decks of card between dealer and player; whoever gets the highest total value in cards wins the game, 21 is a natural win.
  • Betting option: Players are supposed to bet for their own cards and against the dealers in Blackjack.
  • Minimum betting limit: RM5 is the minimum betting limit for Blackjack at W88 Malaysia.

#5. Spin a win – Minimum betting stake RM2

Win with thrill, spin a win is like a spin the wheel. It’s less like a game and more like a game show with an interesting host throwing jokes and tips at you. Bet on numbers rather than cards and win more money in a live casino.


  • Objective: Spin a win is a game show where the host spins the wheel embedded with numbers and players are supposed to guess the number on which the needle will stop at last.
  • Betting option: There are many betting options such as roulette, like numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, or 40 then you can also bet on even numbers, odd numbers, or a multiplier at Spin a Win game show.
  • Minimum betting limit: Players need less than RM5 to bet on Spin a win at W88 Club Palazzo.

How to play at W88 Club Palazzo – 3 steps guide

Ah, all these amazing games increased your excitement huh. Well, we won’t keep you waiting. Let’s learn to bet on W88 Club Palazzo with a minimum betting stake of RM1.5 and enjoy a decent amount of earning in the 3 simplest steps presented below.

Step 1: Access W88, register & choose W88 Club Palazzo

Follow the points mentioned below step by step to the very end until you reach your destination of playing live casino games provided by W88 Club Palazzo.

  • Access the official site of W88 Malaysia through the link given in the article to avoid duplicated websites.
  • Click on ‘JOIN’ in the top right corner of the homepage to make the W88 register and enter accurate details.


  • Select ‘LIVE CASINO’ in the horizontal panel with all other W88 products under the W88.com logo.
  • Choose ‘CLUB PALAZZO’ to play live casino games provided by W88 Club Palazzo and click on ‘PLAY NOW’ to redirect to the next page.

Step 2: Select the live casino game you want to play

  • You’ll be redirected to a page where all the live casino games are presented by W88 Club Palazzo to choose from.


  • We are choosing ‘Roulette Quantum’ as it is one of the most popular live casino games by W88 Club Palazzo and has the least minimum betting limit is RM1.5.

Step 3: Live dealer appears and place your bets

  • After clicking on the game, you prefer to play, you’ll be redirected to the page where all the action begins.
  • The live dealer will appear on your screen to get you through the game, you’ll get 15 seconds to place your bet.


  • There are 8 betting options available in Roulette Quantum, choose the betting option on which you want to bet on.
  • Select the chip equal to the amount you want to wager in and click on it to place your bets.
  • After placing the bets, the dealer will spin the ball in a spinning wheel embedded with different numbers in opposite direction.
  • Players are supposed to bet on the nature of numbers and if they do accurately then they win the pot and take the money home.

Claim top 2 promotions for new members at W88 Malaysia

If you reached here, then no one can stop you from claiming the W88 promotion. Never lose such a whopping opportunity to win huge loads of real money by sitting at home and risking nothing at all.


  1. Free credit RM30 with no deposit

Make your account at W88 Malaysia via entering valid credentials in the registration form. You ought to complete your verification process in order to claim W88 free credit RM30 without making a deposit.

  1. 20% bonus up to RM600 on 1st deposit

Claim 20% welcome bonus of up to RM600 on first deposit in your live casino wallet after making your first deposit of at least RM30 in live casino wallet at W88. Complete the rollover terms as per W88 to unlock the locked bonus amount.


Play much more at W88 Club Palazzo and grab a chance to earn more fun-earned money. Follow responsible gambling and blow off some heat from your mind. Keep your time and bankroll in mind while gambling online and practice discipline. There’s more to W88 Malaysia than just W88 Club Palazzo. Explore everything and don’t forget to claim W88 promotions for free. Have happy gambling.