Is online Roulette legal in Malaysia – Read Betting Act 1953

Is online Roulette legal in Malaysia? Know CGHA 1953, Betting Act 1953, and Shariah Law with W88malayu & explore 5 ways to ensure legal and safe online gameplay.

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In Malaysia, there are many people who enjoy the game of gambling online, especially by playing games like online roulette but are they doing so legally? Well, Malaysia is one of those countries that takes its laws seriously but since online gambling is meant for entertainment purposes, are there any gambling laws here for roulette and if yes, how seriously are they taken? To know everything about this and whether is online roulette legal in Malaysia, read on!

Is online gambling legal in Malaysia?

Before we talk about is online roulette legal in Malaysia, let us first look into whether is online gambling legal in Malaysia in the first place. In Malaysia, there are gambling laws that are strict and that everyone must obey, however, these gambling laws are almost ineffective when it comes to online casinos. So, creating an account on sites like the W88 Register would work when it comes to online gambling since this site fulfills the criteria of being a legal betting site.

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  • In the gambling laws, physical casinos also known as Common Gaming Houses, which are houses with any sort of gambling equipment are absolutely forbidden.
  • But, thanks to online betting sites, many Malaysian players can log in from their devices at home and access online casino game rooms to play in Malaysian Ringgits as online casinos are not physical casinos.
  • However, these online betting sites should own a legal foreign license which is authorized by an authority from the said foreign country.

This basically means that the online betting site should hold a license that renders it legal in the country of origin so that it can expand its services and products to the players in Malaysia via online means. Thus, the direct answer to whether is online gambling legal in Malaysia is still blurred, but as long as the site you select owns a legal foreign license, then you can play casino games online. As mentioned above, the W88 Live Casino is one of the best options to go with as it is a legal and safe online betting site to play roulette online.

3 effective gambling laws in Malaysia

Above we mentioned that online gambling laws in Malaysia are ambiguous but there are some physical gambling laws that are still effective which could be amended and affect online gambling as well in the future. So, as a gambler, it is important that you are aware of these laws for your own safety and security. Knowing these laws would help you make good decisions about whether or not you want to go ahead with gambling online.

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Common Gaming House Act 1953

The first and most important online gambling law in Malaysia is the Common Gaming House Act of 1953. As the name suggests, this act was first put forward in 1953 and has had many amendments since then with the latest one being in 2006.

This act prohibits any place that is used to play gambling in a physical setting but it also prohibits the use of electronic devices including the computer used for gambling purposes. This means that if further amended, this act could be the one that completely prohibits the use of online betting sites in Malaysia. Moreover, if found guilty, a fine of up to RM200,000 and/or jail time of up to 5 years would be given to the person.

Betting Act 1953

The Common Gaming House Act of 1953 is more rigid but the Betting Act of 1953 allows 2 forms of gambling in the Malaysian country. These 2 forms are lottery and horse racing which is backed by the Betting Act of 1953 and the Totalizator Act of 1997 when it comes to its legality.

But what makes the Betting Act of 1953 more interesting and lenient is the fact that it allows the use of Malaysia’s only physical casino Sky Casino in Genting Highlands which is also a popular tourist spot. This casino operates under its own conditions that the citizens of Malaysia, as well as tourists, should follow. That being said, it is important to note that gambling on Lottery, Horse Racing gambling, or entering Genting Highlands is prohibited for any Muslim citizens of Malaysia.

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Shariah Law

In continuation with the aforementioned point, we come to the last law that is effective in Malaysia regarding gambling, and that is the Syariah Law. This law is mostly based on the religious morality of Muslim teachings which prohibit any form of gambling whether offline or online.

Malaysia is a country that homes many Muslim families, and so they are subjected to the Shariah laws that assure the prohibition of adultery, alcohol, blasphemy, and gambling, the four prohibited things according to Islam. So, if a Muslim is caught in any gambling activity or even indulging in the lottery, horse racing betting, or found in Genting Highlands’ Sky Casino, they would be subjected to a fine of up to RM3000, or up to 2 years of jail time.

Is online Roulette legal in Malaysia?

Let us now address the main topic of the article: Is online roulette legal in Malaysia? Well, to make things quick it is important to understand that whatever is said about online casinos and its legality above, applies to online roulette in Malaysia too as Roulette is one of the most famous games that most online casinos offer in the country. So, joining a betting site and applying some cool Casino Tips on this game is a must!

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So, online roulette is legal in Malaysia only if the online betting site you select is legal to play. This means that it should own a proper legal license from an authority that comes from a foreign company. Moreover, it is important that this company too has a legal background which you must make sure of before joining the site.

That being said, there are online betting sites that do own a license from foreign companies but are not up to mark with their roulette games as many claim that roulette game rooms could be rigged. So, to ensure that the betting site and the roulette game rooms are not rigged, visit this article on Is Online Roulette Rigged.

5 ways to ensure your online Roulette is legal in Malaysia

Now that you know most of the things about the question of whether is online roulette legal in Malaysia, it is important to note that some responsibility lies on the players’ shoulders to ensure that they play online legally. So, here are the 5 telling clues of how to ensure your online roulette site is legal and thus safe to play in Malaysia.

is online roulette legal malaysia

  1. Offers links to legal licenses on every page: As mentioned above, any online casino site is allowed in Malaysia as long as they own a license from foreign companies. That being said, it is important that the link to access the online license should be available on all the online betting site’s pages. Moreover, the license should be up to date to ensure proper legality and legitness of the online roulette site you select. For instance, W88, where you can get the W88 Promotion for new accounts has links to their license on every page.
  2. SSL certified for security purposes: Next, the online betting site for roulette you select should be SSL certified as this ensures that your details on the website are safe and secure so that they are not shared by any other parties. Moreover, a certified SSL site would ensure that your transactions are safe and secure without any illegal links interfering with the process. In the end, online gambling sites can be used as online wallets so the site having an SSL certificate is extremely crucial to every gambler.
  3. Impressive sponsor partnership history: Another way to ensure that your Roulette Online Malaysia site is legit is by looking at the sponsor history or previous partnership deals the online betting site has indulged in. These days, there are many sports teams and online betting sites partnering up to expand their reach to fans and customers and so, if your online betting site has previously partnered up with top sports teams then indulging in any illegal activities would online harm their reputation.
  4. A lot of active users in game rooms: Next, in continuation with the above point, good sponsorship deals bring more customers, so it is important to see how many customers are playing roulette online on the betting site daily. This is because online betting sites with more customers tend to be maintained well so that nobody faces any problems which also means that they update their licenses when needed. So, using your best Roulette Tips, you can play at the most active game rooms for more earnings.
  5. Read customer reviews online: Lastly, before selecting any online betting site, you should read reviews of it and its roulette game rooms on popular forums. This is a great way to learn about the insides of the betting site without joining it in the first place to be safe. Moreover, reviews often give you insights on which game room providers are better than the others as well as roulette Casino Tips that you can use from pro players on the site to make more money.

Top 3 online Roulette sites that are completely legal in Malaysia

We are almost at the end of this is online roulette legal article but before we leave here are 3 top legal online betting sites in Asia where you can play Roulette Online Malaysia live casino games. Joining these sites as well as applying your best online roulette tips would ensure that make good profits in a legal way by playing roulette online.

is online roulette legal in malaysia live casino

  1. M88: M88 is a legal online betting site that is safe to play online roulette at as here you get game rooms by some of the most well-known game room providers. It owns an Interactive Gaming License which is approved by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development from the Republic of Vanuatu.
  2. W88: The next online betting site is extremely beginner friendly and that is W88 which gives out some of the best online casino bonuses as a W88 Promotion for new members. Joining W88 is completely safe and legal as it holds a license from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation which allows it to expand its products to Malaysia legally.
  3. 1XBET: Lastly, 1XBET is another online betting site where you can play online roulette as it gives you many game rooms to choose from that are completely legal and safe to play online. It also ensures smooth transactions which is safe as it owns a Curacao E Gaming License, a well-known license provider in the betting world online.


This was all about whether Is Online Roulette Legal or not in Malaysia. Using the detailed information here would help you make your decisions on whether you want to go with playing online roulette on legal casino sites like W88 or not. This is because the legality of online casinos is sort of ambiguous as there is no direct given information or new laws put out on these but in the end, the decision lies in your hands on how you can play online gambling legally and safely.