Is online Blackjack rigged or real – 5 Clues to Look & be Safe

Is online Blackjack rigged or real? 5 Clues to look for 1. License 2. Select well-known providers 3. Keep multi-view on 4. Use virtual Game rooms 5. Read reviews.

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Online casino games these days are fun to play especially games like Blackjack where you are up against a dealer in the live online casino game rooms like W88. But sometimes you may notice that the dealer wins more than you, does this mean that the online casino Blackjack game is rigged? Well, to find out the truth about it all, here is a detailed article on is online Blackjack rigged that will leave you with all the necessary things you should know as a gambler by the end of it.

W88 is online casino blackjack rigged or real

Is online Blackjack rigged?

Jumping straight to the answers of whether is online Blackjack rigged, we can assure you that online Blackjack is not rigged but this statement is only true as long as you pick the correct online betting site to play the game. You see, Blackjack games are good to play only on those online casinos that come from a legal background as these sites are considered to be reputed and so, rigging their games would only harm their name and status.  For instance, creating an account in the W88 Register would ensure legal and real Blackjack game rooms.

W88 license is online casino blackjack rigged
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Moreover, Blackjack is played against skilled and trained live dealers who obviously side with the house so, if you do not have an Online Blackjack Strategy up your sleeve then you would lose more than win thereby thinking that the online Blackjack game you play is rigged. That being said,  it is important to note that in some countries like Malaysia, online casinos only operate legally if they own a foreign license from a foreign authority and so, using such game rooms would ensure that your online blackjack games are not rigged.

Why do people think live dealer Blackjack games are rigged?

If Blackjack games are not rigged, then why do many people claim that they have been cheated on when playing online blackjack? Well, there are many answers to this question however, some of them are extremely interesting so as a gambler, it is important that you are educated on the phenomena behind the feeling of being cheated on when playing online casino games like Blackjack. One best way to avoid feeling this way is by using Blackjack Casino Tips and tricks to play online.

is online casino blackjack rigged or real

  • Internal distrust of online settings: One of the reasons that many people feel that live dealer Blackjack games are rigged is because of their internal distrust of online settings. Many people are skeptical when it comes to online transactions and to play Blackjack online, you must make a deposit for real money withdrawals. If people lose their money then they assume that online blackjack games are nothing but a scam.
  • Reckless betting without strategy: As mentioned above, many people assume that playing Blackjack only requires you to learn the basics of How to Play Blackjack Online Casino when it takes much more than that to win. This mentality makes people bet recklessly on the hands that are dealt to them without even applying any advanced blackjack tricks to win.
  • Negative events are recalled more: Lastly, our brains itself are designed to remember negative events more than positive ones. So, in blackjack game rooms you may win 5 rounds and lose 5 rounds out of 10, but you would be inclined to remember the 5 losses more than the wins. This in turn makes many people blame online casinos for their losses and thus call the blackjack games online rigged and fake.

w88 is online casino blackjack real or rigged

As you can see, most of the reasons why people think online Blackjack is fake are related to the psychology of the gambler’s mind just like how the gambler’s fallacy works where a player believes that just because a betting option won more rounds it is unlikely to win again.

That being said, it is important to make note that although Blackjack online games are not rigged there are some online casinos that are fake so in the last section of the article below we will give you 5 Blackjack Tips on how to avoid rigged or fixed blackjack game rooms.

5 Ways to avoid rigged or fixed live Blackjack rooms online

Now that you know the truth about is online Blackjack rigged, let us now help you to prevent being cheated by any fake online blackjack casinos. Although it is the responsibility of the online casino to provide its customers with safe and legal game rooms to play blackjack online, some responsibilities lie with the customers as well to protect themselves from fraudulent activities online. So, here are the 5 clues on how you can prevent rigged or fixed blackjack rooms online.

W88 is online casino blackjack rigged

  1. Look for the online casino license: Firstly, it is important to look for the online casino’s legal license which you can find on their official website. The license link should be available on all their pages and this is something you should make sure of. Moreover, the license link offered should be renewed, so checking the date of the license and when it expires is important as well.
  2. Select game rooms from well-known providers: Next, when selecting a Blackjack game room online, it is important to find one that is provided by top online game room providers. At the W88 Live Casino, you will find blackjack game rooms that are provided by top online game room providers like Massimo, Ezugi, and Evolution, all of whom have physical casinos in foreign countries.
  3. Keep live dealer video with multi-view on: Another way to ensure that you are not being cheated by your online casinos is to keep your live dealer camera on. What is important here is that your live dealer video should come with multi-view options so that you can view the online blackjack gameplay from different angles. Observing the gameplay via the live dealer camera can help you pick up on any cheating methods rigged blackjack game rooms use.
  4. Use virtual Game rooms more than live dealers: The best way to avoid live blackjack rigged rooms is to not play in one. Instead, you can use virtual blackjack game rooms to play online. These game rooms are driven by the RNG system where the cards are digitally shuffled. These systems are difficult to hack and thus, such virtual Blackjack casino game rooms are difficult to rig. So, if you have doubts about live dealer game rooms you could opt for a virtual one. Join W88 to get access to Blackjack virtual dealer games as well as a W88 Promotion of up to RM1,288 on casino games online.
  5. Read real reviews of the online casino: Sometimes checking that your live casino isn’t rigged is not enough as you must also ensure that the site you play at is a good one. So, the best way to ensure this is by reading real reviews of the online casino for blackjack where you get opinions on which rooms are good and which ones aren’t by real players across the globe. Moreover, you must look for expert opinions from pro-Blackjack players and use the site they recommend for beginners.

is online casino blackjack real or rigged


This was all about Is Online Blackjack Rigged or real, the question to which the answer is no as long as the online betting site you select is not fake. This is why we recommend using W88 where you get to play real money Blackjack games online provided by the most trusted game room providers in the betting world online. For more Blackjack-related topics, tips, tricks, strategies, and tutorials, make sure to keep up with W88malayu.