What time is best to play online slots to win big up to RM900

What time is best to play online slots to win big? W88malayu experts suggest the 5 best times to play & win slots online + 3 times to avoid slot gaming online!

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Online slot gaming is super fun if you use sites like W88 because here you get up to RM600 bonus on slot games however if you want to earn even more then you should take into consideration the best time to play online slots. So, with the help of our expert team, we put together this article on what time is best to play online slots to win big.

best time to win slots online casino

Top 5 best time to play online casino slots

Diving straight into the main topic, there are in total 5 best times at which you can play online slot games to win big profits. However, using a proper online betting site to play these games is equally important. So, before we get into this, we recommend that you create an account in the W88 Register as here you can get to access some of the best online slot games which you can try for free.

1. Play slots between 8 PM to 3 AM

  • First on the list is the timing 8 PM to 3 AM which is considered to be the best gaming time for slots online as well as other famous online casino games.
  • The reason behind this is that there are many people who use slot gaming online as a means to chill at the end of the day and so, many people end up gaming between 8 PM to 3 AM hours daily.
  • This is thus considered to be the best time to play slot games online because thanks to the many players, the slot’s RTP rates increase to wholesome amounts which is something you definitely should not miss.

best time to win slots games online

2. Take advantage of the Festive seasons

  • Unlike the above-mentioned timings, Festive Seasons may not give you a packed slots room with players from across the globe but instead, it could provide you with some cool bonuses that you can claim.
  • These bonuses are often pocket-friendly and help boost your slot gaming wallet with a list of cashback bonus deals.
  • Some bonuses are also given out as free spins during festive seasons. Regardless, RTP prates tend to go higher during these Festive times which makes it a good gaming time.

3. Play more at the end of the month

  • Another great time to consider playing slot games online is at the end of the month. Although it is important to note that you should consider the above-given time slot to play.
  • End-of-the-month times at casinos are something that is not festive, however, online casinos tend to renew their bonus offers monthly, and so when the month is near the end, the RTP rates go slightly high.
  • That being said, it is important to consider whether your online casino renews its bonuses or not monthly. The W88 Promotion bonuses tend to get renewed every month.

best time to win slots games online casino

4. Special casino bonus slots availability

  • If your online casino bonuses do not renew monthly, then it is advised that you look for online slot bonuses that are given out occasionally.
  • These usually happen when the online casino site is celebrating an anniversary or a particular event unique to them. They also give out birthday bonuses to its customers, especially if you play the W88 Slots Online.
  • Moreover, if there are new sponsorship deals, the online casino site gives limited promotions bonuses, and free spins for its customers which makes it the best time to play at the slots

5. Chill and play slots during the weekends

  • Last but not least, you can try playing slots most of the time during the weekends as this is when people have more time to spend gaming.
  • Moreover, during the weekends you may find afternoons a good time to play at the slots too however, it is advisable to tune in between the 8 PM to 3 AM hours.
  • It is also important to note that Friday evenings and Saturdays are good times during the weekends to give slots a go for big wins.

best time to win slots games at online casino

Avoid playing slot games online when:

So far we explained why the above-mentioned points are considered to be the best timings for slot gaming online so now it is important to address when you should avoid slot gaming online. Unlike the best time to play slot games online using your best Slots Winning Strategies, there are only 3 times you should be mindful of avoiding the slots online.

  1. Have a low budget: If you are low on income then you definitely should stay away from playing slot games online. The reason is that slot games are fast-paced and require you to have a huge bankroll if you want to play continuously although the prices of slot games are lower compared to other casino games on the internet.
  2. Bad Internet Day: If your internet is bad for the day then you definitely should avoid betting on slot games or as a matter of fact should avoid playing any online casino games. This is extremely important because to game online, especially slots, you should ensure that your internet connection is steady.
  3. No casino bonus: Lastly, even if you are low on budget using online casino bonuses is something you can resort to as sometimes they offer free spins which can help you play the games. But if the online casino site does not have any slot bonuses, then you should avoid playing there even if you have some money to spare on slots online.

best time to win online slots games


So, What Time is Best to Play Online Slots? There are 5 in total but the top answer remains between 8 PM to 3 AM, and to do this you should use online casino sites like W88 where you can get slot bonuses up to RM600. For more useful betting tips, tricks, strategies, and tutorials, visit W88malayu, Asia’s top-friendly betting guide online.