How to win Slot game online every time – 10 Strategies to win

10 best how to win Slot game online strategies that you must apply on online W88 slot machine games every time to master the skills of earning with every spin!

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Online gambling has become increasingly popular lately thanks to safe and secure betting sites like W88 where you can get many amazing products to play. However, there is one product among these that you can play for free or real money and that is slot games. Slot games are extremely entertaining in nature and also beginner-friendly, but if you are wondering how to win slot game online then here are 10 strategies that will help you do so!

w88 how to win at slot games online

1. Understand which slot game is good for you

Slots online are the ultimate casino games that is created to test your luck and it is important to note that there is no real strategy that can help you win unless you take some beforehand precautions like understanding which slot game is good for you as this game will become your playground to help you win more rounds.

  • Many people assume that all slot games are similar however this is absolutely not true as some cost more and some are very pocket-friendly. Thus, as a beginner rule, you should always select slots from the latter category.
  • Not only this but since the payout depends on how much you wager, you should select a slot game that caters to your bankroll in the online casino you select.
  • This is why we recommend creating an account in the W88 Register as here you get to play slot games online for as low as RM0.5 but what is even more cool is that you can play slots at the free trial rounds as well!

2. Create a betting limit for yourself

The next how to win slot game online tip requires you to set a betting limit for yourself since slots are usually fast-paced in nature. Fast pace games tend to be more thrilling and if you end up winning more rounds continuously you definitely may end up spending more than you should.

  • This is why creating a betting limit for yourself is extremely helpful as you can bet on rounds while maintaining the gambler’s responsibility of playing mindfully.
  • Online betting games like slots online do not cost a lot and so, using betting limits here is extremely easy and essential to keep track of how much you pay to play per day.
  • This betting limit must be taken strictly which means that once this limit is over, you should stop playing for the day even if you were continuously winning.

how to win at slot games online w88you

3. Observe some rounds before placing bets

These days there are many online casinos that are rigging their games, and sometimes it is easier to do so with slot games. To immediately tell which online slot game is rigged all you must do is sit back and observe the games for a few rounds.

  • Observation is an important skill you must acquire as a new gambler as it will help you in many ways, like predicting which option would win after how many intervals it can also come in handy when trying to figure out if a game is rigged or not.
  • Observing slot games may seem like a hassle but since these are fast-paced in nature, you would not get bored and would observe more rounds in under 2 minutes than other online games on casino sites.
  • This is why we recommend trying this at the W88 Slots, where you will find games using the difficult-to-mess-with RNG systems and also those that offer free trials for slot games to make your observation process fun and budget-friendly.

4. Go for slot games with high RTP

The next how to win slot game online is a strategy that will help you use any gameplay strategy but would result in high payouts when you win and that is to select a slot game with a high RTP rate. Here RTP stands for Return to Player rate which basically is the payout percentage you can receive if your bet wins.

  • The payout you receive on any online gambling games is calculated in relation to your betting stake, so even if you choose the lowest minimum stake to wager, if the RTP is high, you will end up earning more.
  • Using slots with high RTP is thus ideal if you want to maintain your bankroll while also earning more every round you win.
  • Slot games that are Progressive in nature are usually the ones with high RTP of up to 98%, like Da Lan Deluxe, Jackpot Raiders, Age of Gods, etc. At W88 Slots, you can get all of these game rooms for a free trial! For more details that cater to your gaming style, check out these 6 Types of Online Casino Slots to play!

w88you how to win at slot machine games online

5. Try out any free demo slot games

  • As mentioned above, using sites that offer Free Demo slot games is something that you should consider going for as it will help you maintain your bankroll and also help you enjoy the thrills of playing slot games online without spending a lot of money!
  • Moreover, free slot games online are a great way to practice your observation skills in the game rooms as it helps you try and test your observations for free.
  • Even if you are not ready to place bets for real money or even deposit real money on online casino sites then you can create an account on the site and play the free slot games purely for entertainment purposes. Joining sites like W88 would give you a W88 Free Credit of RM30 upon verifying your account online.

6. Make use of online casino bonuses

Joining good online casino betting sites can help you gain many benefits but one of the coolest member benefits you can opt for is the online casino bonuses which you can claim upon registering an account on the website.

  • Online casino bonuses which you get as a welcome bonus are the best ones to go for as a beginner as they will give you a good kickstart to boost your online gaming wallet.
  • Moreover, with online welcome bonuses, you usually get additional free spins on online slot games which comes in handy when it comes to spending less money from your own pockets.
  • The new member W88 Promotion bonus gives you a 100% welcome bonus of up to RM600 on all slot games that you can claim by making a first deposit of a minimum of RM30!

w88you how to win at slot games online

7. Bet with progressive betting systems

Maintaining a betting system is extremely important when it comes to online slot games as emphasized above and the best way pro gamblers do so is by applying betting systems to their gameplay. Doing so helps them earn more for the amount of time they decide to play with a bankroll. In the betting world, there are two kinds of betting systems progressive betting systems and non-progressive betting systems.

  • Progressive betting systems are those which require you to increase your wagering amount every time you experience a loss so that when you win a round, you receive the lost money back as the payout.
  • Non-Progressive betting systems are those which require you to maintain the same betting stake throughout your entire gameplay regardless of your wins or losses.
  • Although non-progressive betting systems are much more beginner-friendly with lower risks, using Progressive betting systems is a good online slot game strategy that you should apply to your gameplay to end up with more money in your bankroll than what you had when you joined.

8. Set the lowest amount as the initial wager

Although we recommended using Progressive betting systems when it comes to using betting systems to maintain your bankroll as one of your Slots Winning Strategies, we also acknowledge that these systems can be riskier as they are meant for high rollers. So, keeping a huge bankroll is slightly necessary here.

  • However, this does not mean that you must use the entire bankroll when playing slot games online to win. What it means is that you should have enough money use increase and decrease your bets when you win or lose accordingly.
  • One of the best ways to use such systems is by keeping the lowest amount as the initial wager, so when you are increasing or doubling up your wager, it isn’t a huge amount you are wagering.
  • For instance, in the D’Alembert progressive system, you can set the minimum amount as the initial wager and when you lose you can increase the initial amount by a unit so that when you win you get back the money as payout and when you win you can again decrease the amount by a unit and go back to the previous betting stake.

how to win at slot machine games online w88you

9. Play slot games online in the evenings

If you have been gambling for a while you will notice that there is a certain timing that people prefer to play online and this time is usually in the evenings or more specifically after 8 PM. The reason behind this could be many however, one thing is sure, after 8 PM hours is the best time to hit the slots according to some Online Slots Reviews.

  • Regardless of which online casino product or game you select, you will notice that gambling in the evening is more fun than the other time of the day and this is because many people use gambling as a form of winding down for the day.
  • Since there are more players in the evenings more betting stakes are put in and the prize pools and RTP rates usually increase during this time.
  • Of course, since this is a good time to play you have to play reasonably online but with slot betting sites like W88, you can game responsibly for free or real money!

10. Claim special bonuses given by slots

In the first how to win slot game online strategy above we mentioned that choosing the correct online slot game for yourself is extremely crucial as it should provide you with a good time with low betting amounts and a good RTP rate. But another aspect you should consider adding to your list is the special bonuses.

  • In online betting sites, you will find that not every slot game is played the same way as there are many other factors that differentiate one slot game from another.
  • Special bonuses often come to slot players as surprises where they randomly hit a jackpot or bonus round unknowingly. These bonuses can be claimed or used to win a small amount of extra cash.
  • Slot games like the Age of Gods game have such offers where there are random bonus offers given in spins that take you to special rounds which you can play.

how to win at slot games online w88


These were the 10 How to Win Slot Game Online strategies that you can use to boost your winning rate in online slot game rooms like the ones offered by W88. What makes W88 stand out as an online betting site is the fact that it offers free online slot game rooms from top game room providers which you can use to play online. For more such betting tips, tricks, strategies, and even tutorials, visit