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Introduction to gambling and poker

Gambling can be concluded as a setting, where a valuable thing is kept at risk for the possibility of gaining something more valuable. But, isn’t it everything that a human does? Buying stock, investing in real estate, opening a business, Isn’t it all gambling?

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Poker is a card game, where players are supposed to form the highest hand rank possible from the 2-hole cards given to them separately and 5 community cards shared by all to win the game and earn the wager money by all the players. Is poker gambling or not, the heated argument is running for more than a decade.

Legality of online poker gambling

Online poker is technically illegal in Malaysia but online gambling sites are overlooked. Malaysian players can play live casino games available at W88 as long as it is hosted by another country. Many Malaysian inhabitants place bets over the Internet every day, and most of the major international betting sites like W88 accept customers from Malaysia.

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5 Advantages of playing poker online

Nothing is flawless and nothing is flaw-full, it’s always a combination of both. Mentioned below 5 advantages points of online poker:

  1. Multi-table poker playing: Poker has been evolved and digitalized now and hence, players can now play poker on more than one table at the same time.
  2. Unlimited poker action 24*7: Digitalisation has made poker-loving players accessible anytime anywhere to each other. You don’t need to organize a party to play poker, just go online and play.
  3. Inability of opponents to read your poker: There’s no chance of cheating cause no other player can see your cards as no one is sitting beside you in online poker.
  4. Exclusive variety of poker variants: Texas Hold’em is the most popular variant of poker but players often like change in styles which the online gambling website offers perfectly. W88 offers Omaha, 7 card stud, 3 card poker and so much more to play.
  5. Bonuses in online poker: Cheery to the piece of cake is the bonuses that online gambling websites offer to the players to continue playing poker on their sites. Do W88 login and win a whopping welcome bonus of up to RM600 in a live casino wallet.

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3 Disadvantages of playing poker online

Let’s look into some flaws of online poker, we are here to make you acquainted with 3 disadvantages points of online poker in a live casino. Check out the best online poker tips for beginners, implement now & enhance your odds of winning.

  1. Emotion depends on results: Your mood will depend on whether you’re losing the game or winning it. It’s wonderful if you win the match, but sometimes you may end up losing and emotions are loss can be a bit dangerous if you’re short-tempered.
  2. Addiction to poker: Poker is a beautiful and addictive game; you may end up losing a lot of time and money in it if you don’t have control over your urges to play. Smoking and drinking might kill you but poker might make you broke, and money is important to sustain and survive in the world.
  3. Loss of loads of money: No matter how much you deny, money is the primary reason for you to play poker, for poker to excel and for anyone to survive in the world. So, don’t go wasting your bankroll. Keep the money asides for needs to live and spend the extra money on poker.

3 Pointers to support poker is a game of skill

Poker is a game of skill; this statement is supported by many professional players. Why have international tournaments if the game is based on mere luck? Given below are 3 arguments in support of poker being the skill of the game. Look into the best poker winning combinations to win the game.

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  1. The evolvement of strategies in Poker: Poker is a breathing game and evolvement is pretty obvious when it comes to living beings. Meta of poker is changing all the time, as said by Maria Ho. Players often find different new ways to reach beyond expectations and gain an advantage.
  2. Skill gaps are immediately evident: Weak players are evidently easy to spot in poker, they are often called ‘fish’. ‘Beat the fish’ is slang used by professional players to beat the weak player and add up to skilled players’ accounts. A naïve player will second guess his decision and hesitate to bet more than skilled ones.
  3. Best players often win consistently: If you look farther in the world’s poker tournaments, you’ll realize the top-earning players have been earning through their hard work and consistently good results, no luck holds that long. This is the best argument to claim poker as a game of skill and not motivated by luck

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2 Reasons for a pragmatic approach to poker as gambling

Even though poker is best played with strategies, money is put at stake and that makes it gambling. There have been amazing arguments regarding supporting poker as gambling and 2 reasons for a pragmatic approach to poker as gambling are mentioned below.

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  1. The normative expected value of Poker: EV is the typical outcome of poker for an average player. Online gambling games like roulette and slots have negative EV. Cause of its rake, poker also happens to be the game with a significantly negative EV. If all poker masters have the same skill, they would be losers.
  2. Flexibility in the Poker: Some games like roulette have no flexibility, which means you can’t temper with its EV but luckily you can amend poker’s EV by adjusting your bets and reducing the house edge. Games with high flexibility are never thought of as gambling and poker are far out there in that dimension.

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So, Is Poker really gambling or a game of skill?

After what appears to be the lengthy argument on is poker gambling or a game of skill. We land on the conclusion that poker is a game of deep understanding, it’s not just a game of luck and chance.

  • Semantically speaking, ‘yes’ because poker is gambling like most other activities involves taking risks for the possible ultimate reward.
  • Legally acknowledging, the answer used to be ‘yes’ but that’s slowly turning into a ‘no.’
  • Pragmatically saying, it can either be ‘yes’ or ‘no’ depending on the ability of the player to exploit the inherent flexibility of poker.

The primary element of poker is winning or losing money, which makes it appealing to the players. You can play skillful games like chess for fun but you can’t play poker for free for a long time. Poker is not the same without the money at stake, it’s all about playing the right gambit.

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